Player and Coach Quotes - Stanford

There weren't a lot of happy faces following Washington's 41-0 loss at the hands of Stanford, but some of the players and defensive coordinator Nick Holt shared their thoughts on things and said they haven't give up on the season...

QB Jake Locker

On a loss of words for being so prepared: "No, I don't know what happened. I agree with him [Sark], I thought we had a great week of preparation, I thought we were ready, I thought we were ready to play. For one reason or another, it just didn't come together."

On pressure on you: "You know, they did some different things defensively. But, we did our best preparing for it. They had a good plan. Like I said, it's a—kind of with coach, I don't know kind of where to begin. I think we just weren't very sound everywhere. I know I made a few mistakes, things that really cost us in some big times during the game. I miss some few throws that were—possibly given us strives during the game and could've changed the outcome of it. So it's frustrating."

On what you were feeling after they scored the first few possessions: "You know, we knew they were a good offense. We knew they were talented. I think the toughest thing about that though, is that you are putting your defense in a tough situation going in and out, and putting them back on the field. Not a whole lot of rest for them and not a whole lot of time for us, as a football team, to kill the momentum that their offense was creating. I thought our defense played well. It's just hard when you're out there that much and you're not able to have enough time to rest on the sidelines."

On your feelings when your coach said this is the worse offense performance he's ever been associated with: "I'm right there with him. It's the worse one that I've been associated with as well."

On your health physically: "I'm fine. Just a little sore, but I'll be fine."

On the ribs: "Ya, I'll be fine."

On the locker room: "You know, I've answered this question for you guys, I think every week after we've lost. But, it's a resilient group of guys and I have no doubt that Monday when it comes back to practice, we'll have a lively upbeat, fast-tempo practice, and it will carry into Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and right into next Saturday. So I don't expect anything less than that. And I think everybody will tell you that."

On the season coming to an end, do you see a bowl game slipping away: "No, no, no. We're guaranteed four more. We need to take it one game at a time. We have a big opponent in Oregon next week, a great football team, and it's going to be really important for us to make sure that we focus on that game. I think, if you really look at it, we control our destiny as far as that goes. If we approach every game, the way we're capable of, and play with the confidence, and a tempo that is consistent with when we have had success, I think we'll be just fine."

S Nate Fellner

On Stanford's offense: "They ran the ball and controlled the line of scrimmage. They just set the pace. It seemed like we were n the field for a while. They controlled every possession, that's what it seemed like. They kind of pushed us around in the first half, but in the second half we kind of stepped up but it was too late."

On what needs to be improved: "Being assignment sound, gap-control and being able to stop the run. Third downs I think are big, getting off the field after third down. It seemed like every time we either get a penalty or the offense gets a first down, so we've got to improve on that."

On what the second-half meant: "It shows that we can stop a team like Stanford, if we played like we did in the second half it would have been a different ball game. We showed we can play better than we did. Hopefully we will bounce back and we've got to show this was kind of a fluke, we just didn't play well tonight and it was just like a snow ball effect, kind of like last week too."

OL Greg Christine

On what the key factor was that hindered the offense: "We didn't get done what we came to do. We didn't play with the intensity that we wanted to coming into the game."

On what they wanted to focus on in this game: "We really focused on playing hard and playing physical. We wanted to focus on not getting into third and long and we really didn't get that done."

On what the team takes away from this game: "All I care about is winning the game. All of the little things that went right and went wrong don't really matter to me right now. All that matters is that we win and we didn't get that done today."

LB Mason Foster

On Stanford: "You know they had great calls, a great O-line, a great running back. So I mean, it's tough, we just got to stop them."

On preparing for the game: "Yeah, we got great coaches, they prepared us well. We got to go out there and execute, plain and simple. We got to execute, and make more plays. That is what it comes down to."

On Stanford QB Andrew Luck: "He's everything that everybody talks about. He's a great guy, he led his team well, made a lot of great checks to the line of scrimmage and he's a great athlete. He was making his plays, we have to come out and stop guys like that, can't let them get into the groove like he got in to. Just be on him more, we can't give them those easy plays."

On surprises: "Like Coach Sark said – we were well prepared. We were ready for them – they just came out and executed. They executed better the new did. Well disciplined team, came out, played physical, we just got to match them. We can't let them roll on us like that."

On winning the game after half time: "I felt like we could win the game the whole time. They jumped out on us, but I knew once we settled down we'd be ok. We just got to make plays—that's what it comes down to. We got to execute our calls better. We can't give them busted plays to let them run for long yards like that, so that is what it comes down to."

On Stanford's size: "I didn't really feel like they were too big, they just ran their plays well. I felt like we've played a bigger O-line, and bigger people than that. They just ran their plays well, great, quick O-line, big, strong, fast, so we got to stop them. We just have to make more plays, you got to get better."

On reaction to the game, after beating a team like USC: "You don't want to lose. I felt like we've had a good chance – I feel like we can win every game. It's disappointing to lose like this, but you can't harp on it. You just got to keep on getting better, because we play a great team next week too. So we're just going to keep rolling and keep getting better and keep practicing hard."

On why this is happening: "No, not really. I don't really know why. Everybody is playing hard. Just got to keep getting better. We have great coaches, a great scheme, we can't make no mistakes against teams like that, you make mistakes like that, they bust touches on you. That is what it comes down to."

On resembling the '08 season: "No, I don't think back to the '08 season at all. We got a good team. Everybody plays hard and nobody quits, so we're just going to keep playing."

LB Cort Dennison

On his injury: "I'll be fine. It's a triceps thing, but I'll be fine."

On the loss: "It's hard. They beat us in all aspects of the game. You gotta give them a lot of credit, they're a great football team, a very physical football team. They did a good job, but we can't do anything about it now. We need to keep our heads up. I'm positive we're not going to get down. We need to keep fighting."

On the difficulty of staying up: "I don't think it's a challenge. We have plenty of leaders on this football team. I know we'll keep everybody up. If you're a competitor, these kind of losses hurt because you want to win, but we'll be able to keep fighting. We want to move past this game and look at Oregon next week."

On Luck's 51-yard TD run: "He made a good read on that play. There's a reason why he's one of the best players in the country. He's a smart player, he made all the right reads tonight. Those kind of plays hurt, but they didn't just beat us there but they pounded the rock all night and they're a very physical football team. You gotta give them a lot of credit."

On having good preparation, but it not carrying over into the game: "I thought we had a great week of practice. We came out and competed all week, were physical all week, brought it day in day out whether it was a running drill or a passing drill or a team drill. We had a great week of preparation, it just didn't work out tonight."

On Stanford being bigger and better: "I wouldn't say that. You can't think that way, because that automatically gives you a psychological problem and you're going to lose a game if you play like that. I don't think they're bigger and better than us, they just did the things they needed to do to win."

On Stanford's size: "They're big, they'll put in three tackles in the game at one time, try to outnumber you. Their raw size is big when they put all those big guys in the game. They do a good job putting all of their beef in the game."

On the difference between winning at SC and this game: "If I could figure out what we did those two games differently…I wish I could but I can't. The PAC 10 is one of the best conferences in America. You have a bunch of good teams so you have to keep playing, keep grinding out and move forward."

On the approach toward Luck: "We know he's smart and we knew he could throw the ball and we knew he would make a bunch of good reads and that's what he did."

On being ready for Luck's running: "He was running all over in the different games. We knew that if he didn't see his first read he was going to take off, and that's what he did."

On bowl prospects: "They don't change, we can still go to a bowl game. We just need to take every game one at a time, keep fighting and competing."

LB Victor Aiyewa

On feelings after a loss like this: "It's always tough, being a senior and to go out like that when you're trying to build something from the bottom to the top. We just need to get back to the drawing board, can't lose confidence, you need to believe in everything the coaches are trying to instill in us and that's what I'm going to be preaching, that's what we're all going to be preaching. It's hard but you need to get back to the drawing board and get back going."

On bowl prospects shrinking: "I'm so hungry for a bowl that I can't lose focus on a bowl. I'm going to make sure that everybody feels the same way. I'm never going to give up on a bowl, it's in my heart and we need to find a way to get it done."

On keeping everyone focused and hungry: "I think for the most part we always stay focused and hungry. The coaches keep us consistent, focused. I think for the most part it's not going to be hard to keep us focused and ready to go at it. We love to play and we're very competitive so we're just going to keep on fighting."

On the confidence going into next week: "For me and the seniors, this is a great opportunity next week. We don't shy away from competition and we're looking forward to handle up and try to do the best we can. It's a great opportunity, I can feel it. Next week, we just need to get back to the drawing board and get ready to play."

On using the game against USC as a confidence booster for Oregon: "In the PAC 10, anybody can win and anybody can lose. Looking at SC, we're just going to look at the film and try to capitalize on what SC did good and what Oregon did bad. We love to compete so that's all we're looking for, to compete and be ready to play. Like I said, it's going to be a great opportunity."

On being surprised to have a result like this in a home game: "It's very surprising, but like I say, we're focused. Although we went down like we did, it doesn't define how the rest of the season's going to go. Every week is a defining moment for the season, we're just looking forward to next week and be ready to go."

On being ready for Luck's running: "We saw it previously. They were able to use what they saw on film on us and capitalized on what we didn't do well previous games."

On Stanford doing things they hadn't seen before: "We'd seen all of it. They just switched it up. Instead of running like we thought they would, they were passing initially then went back to running so they did a good job of switching up but pretty much what they did is all we saw on film."

On being surprised by Stanford coming out passing: "Not surprised, they just switched it up. We knew they were a good passing team based off of the stats but they switched it up and were passing instead of running and it went back to running instead of passing."

On the size disadvantage: "I don't really know. For me, the way I play I just try to use me speed so I don't really deal with anyone that's bigger than me because they can't really catch up to me. We were just battling out there, it was a war."

On where this ranks among the losses he's been a part of: "When you lose like this, they all feel the same. It hurts, but you have to stay focused, that's the number one thing."

Husky DC Nick Holt

Opening Statement: "We didn't do what we were supposed to do on the quarterback in the little red zone, and got a touchdown, and after that, we kind of scrambled and stuff like that—stuff we need to clean up. We have guys that are supposed to be on the quarterback on that call—not doing what they're supposed to be doing."

On gashing with runs: "Ya, you know. They got in a lot of two tights, and an extra offensive linemen, number 80. Kind of exactly what we're expecting, if you know, we got behind, like we did, and we couldn't take them out of it. We got knocked around a little bit, a little light upfront. I thought our effort was good, which is hard."

On personnel in the second half: "A couple of things, when they went to their bigger personnel, we want to a corner and put an extra safety. So that is why you saw Sean so much. And then, we want to get some other guys in the game, give some experience. Not because the other guys were playing bad, it's just Greg deserves some shots, and get him ready to go, and he did ok. It's just unfortunate that the game kind of got out of hand early. And defensively, we need to get some third down stops, that shouldn't have gotten out of hand, but did. After that, when you play in their hand, because they come in pretty conservative around the ball, 3, 4 times. It 3 &2, 3 &1. It's tough to get out of drives when you know, you are undersized at some places."

On how the two young guys played: "Well he played—he's 235, 240lbs. I thought he played his butt off. It's just physics. His weight got knocked around a little bit. I thought the other guy played well. It's just unfortunate they have to go in there and play at such an early age. It's not really fair to ask them to do, but they try and they played their heart off, they really did."

On keeping the players' heads up after these past two weeks: "We watched the film. The kids had a good attitude, they really did. In the second half, they were playing hard. They did a good job in the second half of not losing their composure. We told them to just play one down at a time—and they did some really good things. When they do that, and they play with good effort, that is all you can ask, and they did a nice job at that in the second half. We'll go back and watch the film on Monday, when we meet and point out some things that need to be corrected, and they'll learn, they're good kids, and they'll try to get better and we got to come back again this next week, because we're playing a good offense."

On being over it emotionally "I hope so, I think they are. I'd like to think that they are. Ya, absolutely—and the ones that aren't, those guys are probably not playing."

On Oregon and first impressions: "Well, off last years' film, and obviously kind of watching the game here, tomorrow we'll start on Oregon, get this stuff corrected and kind of move on to the next game. We got to throw away the rear view mirror really quickly here and get started on Oregon, that is for sure. They pose obviously a lot different problems than what Stanford gave us. I think we'll be ok, as far as playing hard and stuff like that."

On weight issues: "No, they're getting better. It's just when you get caught being behind, you can't take them out of that offense. That's the unfortunate thing. You can't put 40, 50 pounds on guys—that quickly. You just got to do a nice job on 3rd down early to get out of drives. And hopefully, don't get behind like we did."

On a helpless feeling: "When they're late in the 3rd quarter and 4th quarter, when they're kind of walking up to the line of scrimmage and what they're going to do. But you just got to make sure that early in the game, it doesn't get to that point. No I never—you just have to keep battling the battles, that didn't really crossed my mind, when you're helpless. You just keep getting better at this stuff."

On expectations being so high, is it surprising to have an outcome like this: "I thought the last 2 weeks—I thought Oregon State we would play better on defense, and you know, we just got some guys banged up, but that's not an excuse. But we'll come back, we'll play better."

On Mason Foster not giving up: "I think a lot of those guys aren't giving up. And Mason is one of those guys that shows up on film, and shows up on Saturday because he is a great player, and makes great plays. He and the other guys - I think there are a couple of other guys that were out there trying too. But he just sticks out because he's such a good player and he plays hard out there every Saturday." Top Stories