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Wow. How bad did the game last weekend suck? That was the worst display of offense I can remember by a Husky team and I was there the day Washington tallied THREE first downs against Oregon in 1984….and WON. This week, the Dawgs get to go travel to Eugene to take on the #1 Oregon Ducks, who no longer view the Huskies as a rival. Will the Ducks take the Huskies too lightly?

Pat Thrapp – Numbers Guru
Season Record: 3-5
This Oregon team if frightening efficient on offense. They earn their TDs in about half as many plays as we do. They have been scoring huge amounts of points on everybody in the conference. We need to somehow stop them. Keep that offense of theirs off the field, or get them off with some defense. We have to score on every drive when we have the ball. We also need those drives to be long in duration. Whatever it takes to keep our offense on the field. That is the recipe to winning. Tall order in my book though.

Prediction: Oregon 54, Washington 23.
Jay Torrell – Creative Director, Sports Washington
Season record: 4-4
Win or lose, I hope that this team is strong enough to rise to the challenge and make Husky nation proud. As a Husky fan who grew up in Oregon, I hope this team understands what THIS rivalry means to so many in the northwest. I hope that the NCAA investigates how many improper benefits Oregon receives from Uncle Phil. I hope the Duck meets a cook from Beijing. I hope that Jeremiah Masoli texted Sark the playbook. I hope that the the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams...I hope. I just can't pick Soylent Green over the Dawgs. Prediction? No prediction, just hope.

Prediction: none
Scott Eklund – Recruiting Editor
Season record: 4-4
I see no way for Washington to even come close to getting a win this weekend. Poor Keith Price gets his first start in one of the worst road environments imaginable. Throw in Washington's 100th ranked defense facing the top-ranked offense in the country and this one should be over pretty early.

Prediction: Oregon 65, Washington 17
Chris Fetters – Editor in Chief
Season record: 4-4
Like Clubber Lang predicting his first fight with Rocky Balboa, it's hard not to equate Washington's chances with Balboa's - dead meat. And sure enough, Lang KO'd Rocky in what was supposed to be his last fight. The only thing UW fans can take solace in is the fact the Rocky eventually came back and beat Lang, so if the script plays out the Huskies should beat Oregon at some point. Who knows when that will be, but the longer it goes, the better the odds are in their favor. Other than that, it's hard to really go much beyond the surface points; UW is on the road, breaking in a brand new QB, in a stadium considered by many to be the toughest to compete in in the Pac-10 conference. Oregon has the No. 1 scoring offense in the country; UW has the 106th. The oddsmakers have a line giving UW more points than they normally give up on average, so that can't be good. My score represents the game UW played after 911, when they traveled to Miami and it was clear five minutes into the game that no one from Seattle wanted to be there. The same won't be said of this group of Huskies, who will no doubt scratch and claw for anything they get, but the Ducks will make it seem that lopsided and sad.

Prediction: Oregon 65, Washington 7
Dick Baird – former UW coach and recruiting coordinator
Season record: 3-5
You know, I am a firm believer that you have to support the kids. I mean, to predict against the Huskies and those young guys out on the field I see every week is just too hard to do. I feel like I'd be letting them down, but I'd be lying if I thought the odds for a Husky win were good this week. To put it lightly. I'm sorry but I have to go against my norm and pick the Ducks. They are the #1 team in the country for a reason. Those guys are good.

Prediction: Oregon 48, Washington 20
Kim Grinolds – Business Operations and Managing Partner
Season record: 5-3
I'm tempted to put a white towel on the car for the drive down to Eugene. For those making the trip, remember, the radar traps start at about 6am between PDX and Eugene. They love the out of state " tourists". Set the cruise control and be careful. I'm still pissed off over the $256 ticket for an "improper " U turn. Not illegal, but improper. I hate Oregon, The game? UW will keep it close for a bit………..but then Oregon will hit the throttle and kick it into passing gear. It won't be as bad as some think, but it will still be a long ride back home.

Prediction: Oregon 49, Washington 17
David Samek – The Dawgman
Season record: 4-4
My God. I thought the Huskies would upset Stanford. I feel really stupid now. The Husky team I saw on Saturday was a shell of the team I expected to see, and that is sad. The rebuilding job is much bigger than I thought. I kind of thought Sark could scheme around the major talent and depth gaps on both lines, but I think I was asking too much. This bunch has no chance against Oregon. The only one that will stop the Ducks offense is Chip Kelly, and he'll shut it down at halftime out of boredom. Sark will have three weeks to win three games and get to a bowl after this beat down.

Prediction: Oregon 56, Washington 3

Sabrina Kelly Squires – Dawgman.com Intern
Season record: 3-4
This entire season I've been optimistic about the Huskies, but I'm sorry guys, this week it's coming to an end. Any weakness that Oregon may have is going to look like a strength against the Dawgs this weekend. The Huskies would've been blown out with Locker, and without him it will be worse. If the Huskies can make it out of Eugene without being entirely broken, that will be a victory within itself. This one is going to be worse than last week's debacle.

Prediction: Oregon 66, Washington 7

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