Player Quotes - Oregon

Several of Washington's players chose to look on the bright side after Saturday's 53-16 loss to Oregon and one that had a lot to say was QB Keith Price who made the first start of his career...

QB Keith Price

On the Oregon defense: "Their defense was pretty good. They have a lot of good athletes, but I think we had a shot."

On what Oregon's players did to try to rattle him: "I don't know. I think the crowd was just going. A lot of fans were just yelling my name. I didn't care. I was just out there having fun, that's it."

On the end of the half TD being called back: "Of course I was a little disappointed. I didn't know what happened. I was jumping up and down and the next thing you know they were saying ‘hey stay on the field', but hey, it's unfortunate."

On rating his performance: "I played okay. I left a lot a lot of plays out there, a lot of yard out there, but I just need to grow from it and learn from it."

On chalking up missed plays to a lack of playing time/chemistry with the receiving corps: "I still gotta make throws. That has nothing to do with open people and missing throws. I just need to make some of those throws and you never know what the outcome might be."

On what came fast and what was a little slow to pickup: "I think I was seeing everything well. It was just me rushing things, and me, a couple times I got sacked, and then I started getting happy feet and started running out of the pocket when I really didn't need to. But, I think I did okay."

On what he learned today: "To keep playing. A lot of guys, we get down by a lot of points, and a lot of guys start to hang their heads. There were times when my body language wasn't the greatest. I just learned to just keep fighting and to just keep playing."

On the attitude of the locker room right now: "I think we're still confident. We just walked in here knowing what we were getting ourselves into. We had nothing to lose. We were just trying to pull off something special."

On Oregon being that much better than them right now: "They have a good team. But I also think we have a good team and if we execute of offense the way that we're capable of doing then, hey, you never know." On feeling like they had a chance at halftime: "I thought we had a great chance. I was telling my receivers, my linemen, ‘let's keep doing what we're doing. Let's keep it close and let's just have fun.'"

On how Jake helped him today: "He was just telling me, ‘stay composed, these guys are looking up to you, keep being the rock in the huddle.'"

On how he approaches the future, given Jake's status: "I'm just going out there and preparing like I always do. I don't know what's up with Jake or anything. I'm just going to go out there and just prepare like I'm going to play."

On if the team can roll off three wins and get to a bowl: "Oh definitely. I think we're good enough to do it."

On showing the fans that he has what it takes to be the guy for the future: "I'm not sure. I just take it one day at a time."

On the first play intended to go deep: "Oh man, I wanted to score on that play so much. But we didn't score. I still have to make that throw. I got hit and I have to make that throw. Hey, it might end up 7-0 there, you never know."

On feeling comfortable: "I was comfortable. I was ready. I prepared all week to do what I do. It was just unfortunate how the game ended."

On double moves: "The double moves were planned, but sometimes I had great protection and I just got out and started trying to do too much instead of playing within the confines of the offense."

On what the Oregon D said about his elusiveness in the pocket: "Kenny [Rowe] said something to me. I can't remember what he said but he just smacked my head and I just went back to the huddle, but these guys, they started kind of breaking down, they weren't running full speed at me. "

CB Quinton Richardson

On why this game was different than last week's loss to Stanford: "From the bottom of my heart, I feel like we left it all out on the field. I feel like there's a big difference, we played harder, smarter football."

On defending Darron Thomas: "They're ranked number one for a reason. They're a good team and I can't take anything away from them. We tried to make the plays we could, but they came out and executed and to me I still feel like we left it all out on the field and we stopped them when we could."

DT Alameda Ta'amu

On the key to stopping Oregon and why they are so hard to defense: "Our whole D-line was attacking LAMichael James all game and as you can see, in the second half, the QB kept the ball and he found some open lanes and ran through them."

On Oregon's pace: "The pace we had today was nothing like what we had in practice where we got all our calls in and nobody had any missed assignments."

On what happened as the second-half got under way: "I guess it was kind of hard to get things started on offense and the fact that with the fast pace, you had to get right back on the field, it was hard."

On getting tired: "We kinda ran out of gas, but we will be alright."

On the final three games: "These last three games are winnable games, so all we need to do is stay focused and keep pushing forward."

On UW frustrating Oregon early on: "I guess they weren't expecting us to be as conditioned for this game and they tried to get LaMichael James started, but we didn't have a lot of open gaps."

LB Mason Foster

On matching Oregon's pace: "Our coaches did real well getting us prepared for their fast-paced style and you just have to keep it going and not let them wear you down like that."

On positives from the game: "I feel like just the fact that a lot of the guys on the time played hard and played through anything and we kept playing. We made a lot of plays on defense so we just have to tighten up the special teams and keep getting better."

On the focus of the team being on a bowl: "I feel like we know we have to win the last three games, you always want to win the last three games to set yourself up right, and there's no rookies left on the team, we're all veterans now, so I expect us to finish strong."

On the frustration with the big returns: "I try not to think about. I just try to go out and play and do what I can, as a leader, as a person on the team to stop that. When you play on defense you can't always wonder whose job that is or anything, you just have to go out and play."

On being in the game early on: "I don't know if it's the best first quarter or half or whatever, but I felt like we were right there in it and that's what you want to feel like. You want to feel like you're right there in the mix, it's going to be like a heavyweight fight, and we were throwing blows with them and I felt like we were right there."

LB Cort Dennison

On positives from the game: "I think we played really hard as a group. Obviously, the outcome of the game isn't how we wanted it to be, but I don't think the score indicates how we played the game and I think the game was a lot closer than the score would indicate."

On tackling LaMichael James: "Obviously, it's hard to slow down a player of his caliber, he's a Heisman-candidate for a reason, but we did a good job of slowing him down as much as we could."

On the attitude the team brought into the game: "We came out with the attitude that our backs were against the wall so we've got to just fight, that's all you can do and you can't back down from anything and we came out and competed."

On winning the last three to make a bowl: "You have to come out with that mentality and the expectation of winning. We've just got to focus on our next game, against UCLA, and get in and watching film and executing to the best of our abilities."

RB Chris Polk

On what they proved about Husky football, especially in the first half, today: "That we're not going to give up. It doesn't matter what rank you are, you're still you. We're going to go out and play. There's no reason to be scared. Fear no one."

On what people said about their chances before the game: "Quite frankly, no one believes in us but us. It's better to play like that because we don't have to live up to any expectations. We know what we can do and we don't have to prove anything to anybody because no one expects us to do anything."

On Oregon being that much better than them: "No, they're not that much better. We just need to trade our field goals for touchdowns. We just need to concentrate on our assignment and not try to do too much. Quite frankly, the game should have been way closer than what it was, but it doesn't always go in your favor."

On Keith's presence in the huddle: "Keith, for being in the huddle his first game, he actually handled it very well. He wasn't nervous at all. He was actually the one who was most smiley and cracking jokes in the huddle, having us all smile. So, we all moraled around him. He's the one who brought our energy up."

WR Devin Aguilar

On the first half, feeling confident: "We were executing plays and everything, getting Keith into the game and he seemed to be persisting when we seemed to go out there, so I would say we got it going."

On Keith Price: "He handled things good for being his first start in an atmosphere like this, in Autzen Stadium. For his first start, I think he did good enough."

On 50/50 balls: "We have to help him out to make plays. That's what we do. There were a couple balls we know we could have done more with them at the time."

On the atmosphere before the game: "Just being free, thinking about the game but letting loose and not being so serious. Just go out there and have fun and not think about things too much."

On the mood at halftime: "It was the same atmosphere. Just guys getting going. They still had a good mindset and they were playing free."

On being down because of the TD taken off the board: "It's something we couldn't control. We were mad that it was taken away from us, but at the same time we knew we just had to go back out there and make more plays."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On Keith Price's first start: "Keith did a great job out there. We just have to help him out more. The plays were there; he made good throws. We just have to make those plays."

On the dropped passes: "It definitely hurt us, especially on the third downs. You always want to have consistent drives and keep the defense off the field, but we didn't do that - and it hurt us."

On competing better: "I think we competed and battled real well. Our defense came out on fire and we were moving the ball a little on offense - just simple mistakes. We shot ourselves in the foot."

On having the confidence being there to get to a bowl game: "I think so. We still have three games left, and we have the 24 hour rule, so we're just going to fix our mistakes during the bye week, get better and just go for it."

On the first play of the game: "I didn't know he was that close or he caught up that fast - I just thought it was going to come into my arms. He made a good play."

On fixing the drops: "Just loss of focus. We just have to help Keith out with those."

On the personal fouls: "I think it's just being competitive. It got out of hand a little bit. I think it was just both teams going after it, being competitive."

On if UO is the best team in America: "They were a great team. They executed; they have a fast, up-tempo offense, and their defense did a good job." Top Stories