Coach Quotes- Nick Holt

After blowout losses the past two weekends, Washington defensive coordinator Nick Holt had a lot to prepare for this weekend against Oregon who still managed to post 53 points and over 500 yards of offense even with the Husky defense playing much better...

On the defense coming out and attacking the UO offense: "First half I thought was really good effort and for 3 and a half quarters it was good and then we just got a little bad field position and guys got a little winded and they got it rolling there late in the game."

On the difference between this and last week: "We played with great effort and I'm really proud of them for the most part. The whole game. It's just too bad that we gave up 53 points. They deserved it, they're a good football team, no question. The running back's a heck of a football player, but, with a couple of short fields, quite honestly, it's hard to not give up points to the number one offense in the country when they have a bunch of short fields. I think our kids felt that they did a good job, they battled. We just got to keep getting better and not get down, especially this week, can't get down, go back to work and work on the stuff we need to work on and get ready for the last three games of the year."

On the substitution scheme: "We didn't substitute a lot as far as the backups. I don't think the tempo early or them substituting or being the quick, high paced offense, that didn't really affect us early in the game because we stayed with the defense that was out there. We got our calls in. our kids felt really comfortable because I think in practice, they were kind of ready for the speed of the offense, so I never felt that it was a problem. The problem is making sure what you're supposed to be doing and tackling. There were a couple of missed tackles, and it happened late in the game, guys out of their gaps and theings like that. I'm really proud of the secondary, I thought they played an excellent game considering the circumstances. They stayed on the deep balls. These guys had to work for a lot of things. There were just a couple runs that got out, especially on the edge on the QB. The QB kind of hurt us. The running back's going to get his yards. The QB kind of hurt us on a couple scrambles."

On why the Thomas was able to put up the numbers he did: "Us not getting off blocks. I thought there were a couple holds there, but obviously we're always [thinking that] when guys don't get off blocks. And the QB's a good athlete, he did a nice job on a couple of those scrambles."

On feeling like they controlled the line of scrimmage: "I thought our front seven played really really solid football for most of the game, until late and then we got some guys out of there, and then we had some backups in there. Some backup young guys in there, trying to get them some experience and rest our guys that had played the whole game and I think their last touchdown was against a couple young guys in there not doing what they're supposed to be doing. But it's a learning experience late in the game."

On the defensive players being worn down by playing special teams: "When you have some of your good players on special teams, that can happen. That's unfortunate that we don't have the depth yet that we don't feel good about some other guys going in on special teams. I think that's just where we are in the program. That will change here in the next year where we have some depth so the starters don't have to be on those coverage teams. And that's unfortunate that those guys have to do that. We have to get the backups ready to go on some of that."

On slowing LaMichael James: : "I think late in the game he broke some runs that, we had him. We missed some tackles, but he's a heck of a running back. He runs extremely hard for a little guy and he's hard to find because he's not very big, and they have a great scheme for him. I still think he's a heck of a running back and I thought our guys did, for the most part, did a heck of a job." Top Stories