Williams ready for UW career to start

One player champing at the bit, ready to start his Husky football career is Brent Williams, a superb pass-rusher as a prep who greyshirted this fall, and he recently told Dawgman.com that he's been adding size and strength over the past few months in anticipation of being ready to enroll in January...

"Things are going as good as can be expected," Williams told Dawgman.com earlier this week. "I was upset when the coaches asked me to greyshirt because I wanted to get started and you sorta feel left out of things.

"You see your friends, your teammates, guys you signed with and you watch them play games and you see them win or lose and you aren't part of it. It's frustrating."

While the frustrations mounted, the Husky coaches had good reason to greyshirt the athletic, but small defensive prospect.

As a junior in 2008 and senior in 2009, Williams was a 210-pound pass-rusher for a Taft (Woodland Hills, Ca.) that played against some of the top talent in southern California on a weekly basis. However, when he showed up at Montlake in June with the rest of the 2010 recruiting class, Williams only weighed 188 pounds and he attributes that to some personal issues he was dealing with before he left home.

"I don't really want to go into specifics about it, but I was having a rough time before I left," Williams said. "I wasn't eating, I wasn't working out, I wasn't doing the things I needed to do because I had some real bad personal stuff going on.

"Getting up here to Seattle and being with my team helped get my mind right and it kept me focused and that's why I stayed up here, because I wanted to show the coaches I was serious about doing what I needed to do to get ready to come in and be a good addition to the team."

Williams said his daily routine consists of workouts that can last up to three or four hours when you include running and agility drills.

"I'm at 202 pounds now and I'm hoping I can be at 210 before January," Williams said before adding with a chuckle, "I'll probably eat some extra plates of food over the holidays to help me get there too."

Williams said he's already registered for classes at Washington and will be enrolling when winter quarter begins in early January.

While occupying his time recently with workouts, he said he's also watched some of Washington's games and recently attended the Stanford game and spoke to the coaches.

"They just checked up on me and asked how I was doing," Williams said. "I think they can still get a bowl, but they have to win these last three.

"I think they have the talent to go and you want them to go because that helps you going into the offseason and getting ready for spring ball and playing next year."

Williams is also helping to recruit one of his best friends, Taft senior DT Antwaun Woods, who Washington is trying to get up for a visit at some point over the next two months.

"I'm going home for a couple weeks here pretty soon, so I'll get some good home cooking and I'll get to see my family and friends," Williams said. "I'll definitely be talking to (Woods) about things. He wasn't happy when I was asked to greyshirt, but as frustrating as it has been, it will probably be the best thing for me.

"I'll keep talking to him. I know he likes (Washington) a lot and is interested, so we'll see what happens."

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