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Today is the day Lorenzo Romar and the Washington Huskies have been waiting for; on Wednesday, November 10, Romar will be eagerly watching his office's fax machine as letters of intent should be rolling through Montlake. Who will they be? What's the latest on these prospects?

4:15 PM:
Lorenzo Romar Signing Day Notes:

Romar came in about 35 minutes late - presumably because the school was waiting for Jernard Jarreau's letter of intent. We also heard there may have been a clerical issue with Andrew Andrew's letter, but we weren't able to confirm that. Either way, all four letters have been received.

Romar gave a quick run-down on each:

Jernard Jarreau - Was 6-3 as a frosh in high school, grew seven inches. Was a guard up to that point. Broke his wrist his junior year and missed the whole season, so he flew under the radar. Thin like Justin Holiday, but Romar is very excited about his skill set. "He fits in perfectly with what we want to do." Said that they found out about him when coaches Shaw and Chillious fielded some calls about Jarreau floating under the radar. Shaw went to see him in New Orleans, and then the staff saw him on the AAU circuit. First time Romar saw him he was unimpressed, mostly because Jarreau's team didn't do much to get him the ball. Second time, he was nearly giddy. He said that Jernard is built like Pippen, Durant and Lamar Odom - a skilled big. But you wouldn't call those guys guards. Said he'd be more like Holiday and Gant instead of MBA. The sky is the limit on his potential, and he's a great complimentary piece in the sense that there isn't a lineup Romar could think of where he couldn't provide something to the mix. Romar did say that he will have to put on weight when he gets to UW, but he's more concerned with making sure his strength is there, as opposed to just putting pounds on him. But he will have to put on some bulk.

Andrew Andrews - Compared him to Will Conroy in terms of his competitiveness, leadership and passion for the game. He has a passion to be the best. He can run the team, but can also score in bundles if you need it. Romar said that if a scholarship is available for next year, Andrews would have it. Said the interesting thing about Andrews' recruitment is that, even though he doesn't live in Seattle, he really wanted to be a Husky. Said he was willing to make it work no matter what he had to do. Said that if he has to go the prep school route, it isn't because of academics; he's a good student and would like to study engineering in college. Romar said that really, really good point guards are hard to find, and when they realized just what Andrews was willing to do in order to become a Husky, they knew they had to take him.

Hikeem Stewart - Romar said he's a versatile guard, very good athlete - a combo guard with a winning mentality. He's a good student. He's a good player now, but his best days are ahead of him. Romar said he's obviously known the Stewart family for a long time, and he can remember seeing Hikeem and Wroten hanging around forever, and from time to time Hikeem would remind Romar that 'some day I'm going to be a Husky'. And then, as he got older, you could see that it just might happen. People want to think that Romar and Bull Stewart don't have a good relationship because of what happened with Lodrick and Rodrick, but Romar said that couldn't be further from the truth. He said that Bull has been great toward UW from the very beginning, and Romar understood that if the timing had been better (now, for instance) they probably would have ended up going to UW.

Tony Wroten - A phenomenal passer, phenomenal player. "Our guys are going to have to be ready when he's on the floor." Said the USA basketball coaches raved about his on-ball defending, and at 6-4, 6-5 has quick feet and long arms. He's a tough kid. Said he does have a flashy game, but he's also a winner and does the dirty work it takes to win. Romar couldn't say enough good things about Wroten's passing. Again, Romar has known Wroten for a while now, and he's seen Tony mature literally in front of his eyes. He said that even if you aren't a big high school hoops fan, Wroten might be the one name you would recognize because he's been so good for so long. He talked about how Wroten has a serious passion to be a Husky. "Will Conroy kissed the 'W' his last game, and Tony Wroten is the same type of player." Romar said that he is very confident that Tony will do everything they ask him to do.

Romar also said that they hope to bring in a player in the spring, and he mentioned how - if they go to junior college and try to get all their credits done in a year, they could sign, but they wouldn't be signing a letter of intent. It would just be a scholarship agreement. Even though Romar couldn't mention him by name, all signs point to that player being Kevin Davis, a 6-9 forward from Beamer HS who went to the College of Southern Idaho before moving back to Tacoma and is now enrolled at Tacoma Community College.

Romar was asked what stands out about this group of players, and he mentioned four things: 1) They all really want to be Huskies. 2) They are all very good kids. 3) They are all very versatile players. 4) They all fit what the Huskies want to do.

2:50 PM:
Jernard Jarreau Q&A:

On LOI being in yet - "No, I haven't. I'm going to do it when I get home from school when my Mom is free. Right now she's at work, and I wasn't able to sign this morning. So I'll sign at 3:30 (CST)."

On what today was like for him - "It's been an exciting day. It's been an exciting day for me and my family, who are very happy for me. I'm very happy for myself as well. I have a good opportunity to go to a good school and showcase my talent."

On other schools getting in the mix - "No sir. Not at all. When I committed to the University of Washington, other schools - they already knew. They knew it was an official commitment to the University of Washington. I had about 15 offers before then…VCU, Tennessee-Chattanooga, Tulane, Wake Forest."

On talking to Tony Wroten earlier in the day - "It was good. He let me know some things. He let me know what's up. We talked about how we have to go in there and handle our business. It was cool. He's a real cool dude."

On talking to UW coaches - "I talked to coach Shaw last night. He was just making sure everything was OK when I read the letter, everything was correct. That was about it."

On his height and weight - "I'm 6-10, and I weight 195."

On when his season starts - "November 18th."

On what he'll be working on this year - "Running the floor and rebounding."

On what the UW coaches are asking of him - "What I just said…running the floor more as a big man and getting more touches on the ball, rebounds."

On any plans to come to UW soon - "No, I haven't really scheduled anything yet."

Anything he wants to say to UW fans? - "Let them know that I'll be there in 2011 and it'll be an exciting year."

2:34 PM:
Hikeem Stewart Q&A:

Why nickname Ice Cream? - "I got that nickname in the sixth grade, when I was trying out for my middle school team. Coach said I played real smooth, like ice cream. I just ran with it every since."

Any type? "I prefer sherbet. Rainbow Sherbet."

On what it was like signing the letter - "It felt like I was committing again. It was crazy. I'm officially a part of the Husky family."

On the reaction from his family - "It's been really positive, congratulating me because I worked so hard to get this. Now that it's here, they're just congratulating me, telling me what to do about the college life and all that stuff. I'm having fun."

On if his brothers (Lodrick and Rodrick) have told him about maybe wanting to go to UW if they could do it all over again - "Both of them. They said if they could do it all over again, they would have gone to U-Dub."

On his relationship with coach Romar - "Coach Romar, we've been tight for a long time. He's going to be my coach, but he's also like my friend. He's like having another really good friend of the family."

On his friendship with Tony Wroten - "Yeah. We talked about it, but in a moment I never thought we would have a chance we would go to the same school, because I thought Tony would go to another school and I would go to another school. But we finally sat down and planned it out. It's crazy that it's actually happening."

On why he chose UW - "I think coach Romar. He's a good coach, good friend, life coach…it made it kind of easy. A lot of coaches promised me a lot, but in the end where do I see myself fitting into a program and a school, and the best scenario for me was UW. That was the deciding factor."

On the former Seattle players that went to UW - "When I hang out with Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, Will Conroy - all those guys tell me there's nothing like being a Husky because you're in your home town playing in front of your fans…you've got your home support that you need before you go to the next level. So when those guys kidded me about going to U-Dub - I kind of wanted to follow Brandon Roy, because he's my favorite player to watch."

On what happens first - he assists Tony or Tony assists him - "I'll get to assist Tony."

On a scouting report - "I think they are going to see a very vocal leader, a strong point guard that can not only score but lock down the best player on the court…a team player, competitive who loves to win, who wants to put on a show for Seattle."

Any last words for UW fans? - "Hopefully the next four years will be the most exciting four years in Husky basketball."

11:09 am:
Hikeem Stewart's LOI has been sent:
Stewart - via his Facebook page - posted that his LOI has been sent. Here's the quote - "It's official y'all me and Tone Wroten are officially Huskies leeggoo thank you god for blessing me so much."

10:49 am:
Tony Wroten Q&A:

On making it official - "Yeah. It felt good. Now I'm a real Husky, and it feels even better now."

On what it felt like - "It's all great to sign, but now is when the real work starts. I'm never satisfied. Just because I've been blessed - and I thank God for that - it's really go time now. Now it's time to put the extra work in. At the end of the day, I'm thankful that God has blessed me where I'm talented enough to be able to sign with the University of Washington."

On the future - "I can't wait to play with the team. Hikeem and them…I think about the crowd. The crowd is already loud there, but you know me - I like to play to the crowd. I'm going to have the crowd jumping."

On talking with coach Romar - "He called me yesterday, but I was busy. I'm pretty sure I'll talk to them today."

On being too busy? - "Yesterday I was."

On getting downgraded because of his injury and how that provides motivation - "It's just motivational. The reason I dropped is because of my injury, so now every time I step on the court I think about taking back what they took from me - the No. 1 spot."

On what today has been like - "It's a regular day every day at school. I come to learn. But people have been congratulating me for signing, and I've always got the Twitter popping. But today's just a regular day, but I'm a Husky now."

On talking to any other of the signees - "I just talked to Hikeem (Stewart) and Jernard (Jarreau). They both signing today too."

On talking with Jernard - "We just talked about signing today, and how we're going to be doing that. It's go time."

On the MLK day game between Garfield and Beach - "It's going to be one of the greatest games of the century. Hikeem and I both being Huskies in the future, playing in Hec Ed Arena, is going to be crazy. I know that Hikeem and I are going to bring it both, but I can't start my legacy losing in my own house. I love Hikeem to death, but we're going to get that W."

On Beach being nationally ranked, and Garfield isn't - "Yeah, I saw that. It kind of hit me hard. Nothing against Rainier Beach, they are a good team, but I think we have all the intangibles to be up there with 'em. We have a chance to show everybody when we play them at UW. I can't wait for the season."

On it being all about motivation right now - "Not just proving anybody wrong, but just coming out to be a winner. Me and my team, we're bonding, and me and my coach got a special relationship. He just keeps me so motivated."

On the reaction from guys like Nate Robinson and other former Huskies - "They are so happy. They are like, 'This is what we've been waiting for.' They are glad that I'm able to sign, and now it's go time. They are going to try and come to as many games as they can - especially Brandon because he's in Portland, but it's going to be hard - but they are going to try and see me play."

On Andrew Andrews - "Will (Conroy) is a different breed, and Andrew is nice. They are real similar, so I understand why they say Andrew Andrews is a lot like Will."

Any last words for UW fans? - "Thanks for the support, I love you all. The Dawg Pack - I'll be down there in a minute to get it poppin'."

10:22 am:
Andrew Andrews' Q&A:

On when he signed - "I signed it right before I came to school, because my Mom she has work, and I sent it in last period."

On the feeling of signing - "I completed a goal that I set when I was very young. I was happy."

On the relationship with the UW coaches - "Even before I committed, I liked the coaching staff a lot. They were all very nice and welcoming, which is why they stick together. Coach Shaw, coach Romar, coach Chillious, Fortier…they are all very nice."

On who the coaches are reminded of when they see him - "I heard (Will) Conroy, but other than that, not really."

On how much he knows about Conroy - "Not too much, I know a little. When they told me I resemble him I tried to look up some highlights, see how he plays."

On a scouting report - "I'm a scoring point guard when I need to be, but other than that I'm a true point guard and try to get everyone else involved….pretty much a point guard that's trying to get other people shots."

On why he picked UW - "One, because of the coaching staff. I liked them a lot. And my Mom and my Stepdad liked them a lot, and that was a big decision-maker. And also, it was far away from home, but not too far."

On other scholarship offers - "Basically the whole WCC, and Washington State."

On what he knows about the other signees - "They are all great players."

On Tony Wroten - "He's really explosive, fast - everything. He's really good."

On what his plan is for next year - "Either I will be attending a prep school if no scholarships open up, or if they do I'll be attending the University of Washington next year."

On being happy with either scenario - "Yes."

Anything else UW fans need to know - "I'm coming in to do whatever it takes to win."

10:10 am:
Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds just spoke with Andrew Andrews, and Andrews confirmed that he has sent in his letter of intent to Washington.

9:56 am:
Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds just received a text from Tony Wroten, Sr. letting Kim know that Tony Jr. has signed and sent in his letter of intent to the University of Washington. Hopefully UW will confirm this news shortly.

9:03 am:
It looks like one player may have already sent his LOI in - Wroten. He just sent a note out via his Twitter account. It simply said 'UW'. Wroten was expected to just fax his LOI in with little to no fanfare Wednesday morning - just his family with him to seal the deal.

8:30 am:
Getting to know the players: Lorenzo Romar said during his weekly press conference Tuesday was that he expected four letters of intent to be signed and faxed to his office at some point on Wednesday. He can't say who by NCAA rule, but here's our best guess:

G Tony Wroten, 6-4, 170 Seattle (Wash.) Garfield G Hikeem Stewart 6-3, 180 Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach F Jernard Jarreau 6-10, 200 New Orleans (La.) McDonogh 35 Sr. G Andrew Andrews 6-2, 175 Portland (Ore.) Benson Tech

You can click on their names for the latest news on their recruitment.

Andrews, who is also a senior, is expected to sign and then enroll in a prep school for the 2011 season before joining the Huskies in 2012. He explains it all in this story - Andrews will join Huskies in 2012. At least that's where we are at right now. Could Romar be thinking of bringing in Andrews this fall? We'll find out more this afternoon during Romar's signing day press conference.

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