Nick Holt Quotes - UCLA

Husky defensive coordinator Nick Holt's charges played their most complete game in two years as they held the inept Bruins offense to just 163 yards of offense in Washington's 24-7 win Thursday night...

Opening Statement "Our kids battled, they played physical, they tackled well. I'm really proud of the Assistant Coaches, they did a great job at getting their kids ready. I'm proud of the whole defense, they did a great job at playing tonight. Kind of what we expected, we've had a nice week, or 10 days of practice. The seniors have done a nice job at being leaders—it was a great win against a good, physical, running football team."

On being "simple": "No it's because what they give you on offense. Some of the pistol—you can't do a lot, because then you start getting gashed on stuff. So we had to be simple, because we wanted to be sound. We had some stuff in the game plan, and they executed it well, we didn't have a lot, but we had some change ups, and when we did the change ups, it worked out nicely."

On the defense using their hands: "Well, we always try to use our hands, and not get glued on blocks. I think tonight—we're just getting better and we're getting some more confidence. We played, Semisi Tokolahi—he had a good night. I just think we're getting better as a defense, and using our hands to get off blocks."

On playing Semisi Tokolahi: "Well, we've always thought he was good football player, it was just that he needed more reps, and more confidence. And the last three weeks, he's gotten that. And his confidence level is up and he's playing at a good level right now."

On their 92-yard drive: "Well their 92-yard drive was because of the long run that we missed tackles. And we were not getting off blocks on the edge and we missed a couple tackles on that play, and let that guy—that's why they scored. They executed a nice play, a stretch play, pulling guys. We just missed a few tackles on that play, and then we cleaned it up."

On Richardson: "You know what, and I've told Quinton this. The last month, 3, 4 weeks—he's really improved. He might be our most improved player on defense. He's played really well, really these last three weeks. And it showed tonight that he's playing with confidence, and he's always had the physical abilities, and now he's just putting it all together. And it's good to see. He played really really well."

On the confidence: "Just confidence in everything. Tackling, and playing the ball and he's prepared really well. He does a nice job in practice—he's had great practices. I'm really not surprised because he's practiced really well these past few weeks."

On his interception: "I think he did a nice job of staying squared and seeing the ball thrown, and breaking on the ball." Top Stories