Trip Report - David Garness

Hailing from the state of Alaska, CCSF OL David Garness is used to the cold weather and he likely felt right at home while watching Washington defeat UCLA on Thursday night. While waiting for his flight back to the Bay Area, he told that he met with the coaches and could be getting some good news over the weekend...

"I had a great time," Garness told "It was only the second college football game I had ever been to and it was a really great time.

"I loved listening to the fans chant 'Go Huskies' and the game was really a lot of fun to watch."

Garness' host was Drew Schaefer and he said the two spent some time getting to know each other.

"It was such a fast trip, it was hard to really get to know guys really well, but I really enjoyed it," Garness said. "I met some of the other offensive linemen too, but I spent most of my time with (Schaefer) and got to know him a little."

Garness has yet to be offered by Washington, but he said he thinks some good news could be on the way soon.

"I talked to coach (Dan) Cozzetto and he told me they are trying to finalize some things and going over some paperwork," Garness said. "He and I are supposed to talk on Sunday and that might be when I know more about (an offer)."

Garness also has an offer from USC and New Mexico and said he plans to visit the Trojans next month.

"I had been talking them about visiting on December 11th, but my team might be playing that weekend because it's the state championship game," Garness said. "One way or the other, I need to visit them soon so I can make my decision."

Garness was a full-qualifier out of high school and has been a two-year starter at one of the top JUCO programs in the entire country.

He said he plans to sign with a school and enroll in January and wherever he winds up he will have three years to play two.

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