Milsten in the middle

At 6-5, 275, Puyallup's Dan Milsten looks ready to contribute this spring after a year of redshirting, getting stronger and getting used to life as a college student at the University of Washington. But with a defensive line loaded with potential and athletes, Dan knows there's only one thing separating himself from some potential playing time - hard work. It's something he's become accustomed to.

"It's totally different, a lot more time consuming," he said when asked about comparing Washington's strength and conditioning program with the one at his alma mater, Rogers. "But it's fun because the whole team has to do it.

"After the first time you do it, you get better because you have to. If you don't you go back to the end of the line and do it all over again. (laughs) You pretty much have to tell yourself that you have to do it."

At 275 pounds, Milsten feels good. At that weight he can maintain his 4.8-4.9 speed and also have the bulk it takes to be a stuffer inside. "I'm going to be a defensive tackle," he said. "I'll be playing on the guards and center."

Dan's goals are simple for this spring - get better. "I just hope to get better and compete to play, get some time," he said. "I won't be starting because Terry Johnson is in front of me, but hopefully I can get some plays in, get in there. I'm looking forward to getting better."

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