Better late than never for Moses Lake star

Jordan Reffett was all revved up to get to campus last year. The 6-5, 280-pound defensive tackle was probably more excited than any other recruit when talking about his career in football after high school, but then he hit a bump in the road. Actually, it was more like a wall. He wasn't able to enroll.

In short order, Reffett was able to tear down that wall. It didn't hurt that he was working construction this fall, but more importantly, he passed the standardized test that proved to be the true roadblock on his path to Montlake.

Jordan is now on campus where he belongs, and he talked a little bit about the swift transition he's had to make acclimating to the strict regimen of football at Washington.

"Coming into now, they call it the off-season, but it's really the toughest season of the year," Reffett told "But it's been great. The guys have been really helpful. It was kinda of slow for me moving into things in the beginning but right now I feel like I'm right in the middle of what's going on. And coming in at the toughest time of the year was the best thing for me, so now I'm ready to go."

And as you might expect, the first conditioning sessions tested Jordan's mettle. "At first the mat drills kicked my ass," he said, matter-of-factly. "I came in out of shape, not having done much like that for 6 months. But every mat drill after that, it kept getting better and better. And the last couple have been just like, 'Go do it and get it done'. Not a problem."

But ironically enough, conditioning hasn't been the biggest hurdle for Jordan. "I think the hardest part so far is just getting adjusted to the fact that it's full-time," he said. "You've got no free time, it's a full-time job. You're here for four years, and that scholarship money - you're here to work that off. It's big time.

"I've got a lot of work to do. Obviously there are a lot of guys with me that have have been here for a few years, so I definitely want to work on my technique and get ready to compete for a spot next year. I want to get in the games. We have some vets, like Terry (Johnson) and Rome (Jerome Stevens) that have been helping me out, and hopefully I can get into some games here and there, help the team out the best I can."

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