Player Quotes - Cal

It took the entire 60 minutes of football to decide the winner of the Washington's game with Cal in Berkeley on Saturday and with the way the Dawgs won the game, the players and coaches were understandably very happy to talk with the media...

S Nate Williams

On the continued improvement of the defense: "Even when they took the lead, we never quit. Quinton had an interception today, he almost had two, and that's one area where we've been trying to improve a lot."

On the sluggish 1st Half: "They were trying to get an idea of what we were doing and they were giving us a whole lot of looks, and I think Coach Holt was just trying to get into the groove of the game. Once we came in at halftime and he made the adjustments that he wanted to make, we adjusted our play based off of that and everything went our way in the second half."

On what the coaches have been preaching on defense: "One of the things that they've been telling us that they want from us is that even though we are in the last two games of the year, he still wants to see us improve. That was one of the main areas where we had to improve, and we took it upon ourselves to get better. We are going to keep on working hard and getting better."

On whether he wanted to go for the touchdown at the end of the game: "No question. I knew that Coach Sark was going to want to go for it, too. I knew no matter what Coach Sark called that he had enough confidence in that play to call it. Everyone just went crazy running onto the field. It was just one of those memorable moments. I wasn't worried at all. I've got a ton of confidence in our entire offensive line, our running backs and even Coach Sark. I knew he had enough confidence in it to run it, and to not kick it."

On the Apple Cup: "I'm excited for it. Apple Cup is always an intense game. It's going to be cold, but when it's cold the offense feels those hits a little bit more so we're definitely looking forward to it."

WR D'Andre Goodwin

On his acrobatic 80-yard touchdown catch and run: "I was actually trying to make sure he didn't pick it off, and I tipped it up and he missed it so I just caught it."

On his thoughts when the ball was in the air: "I was trying to catch it, but I was trying to make sure he didn't catch it."

On what the play meant to the offense: "Offensively we just needed a spark, and that was our spark. Once you get that spark, it's hard to stop us."

On Locker's leadership at the end of the game: "You could just see it in his eyes. He wanted to win, just like all of us. He said that, "we needed to score, we always talk about finishing, and this was our chance to prove that we can finish."

On how meaningful the win is: "It means a lot. I haven't been to a bowl game, and we have the opportunity to go to a bowl game so this is great. We're all looking forward to next week, playing at WSU."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On the call on the long catch: "I believe it was Z-Spear. We have a deep over and I have a post and I converted it to a go-route because he was pressed up. Jake threw the ball and I just went up to go and make a play."

On having a little burst to catch the ball: "That's what everyone's saying…I guess I did. I just try and go out there and make the best of my opportunity. Jake gave me an opportunity and I just went up to go make a play."

On the sidelines after Jake's second sneak didn't work: "We all wanted to go for it and Coach Sark sensed that and we went for it and Chris punched it in and got the win for us."

On the atmosphere in the locker room: "It's crazy, everyone's going wild in there, having fun. This was a big game and we finished and that's what happens."

On the name of the play Polk scored on: "I think it was Power Quad."

On unbalancing the line: "We just unbalance the line and we try to get a speed break and it worked out for us. Chris punched it in, the line blocked it really well and we got the win."

FB Austin Sylvester

On having a key block on the TD: "It was everybody man, everybody got on their man, we all pushed through and Chris (Polk) just went right through."

On running behind a fifth-year senior and a freshman: "It was just one of those things, you can't really draw it out any better than that. Drama, fourth down, their bowl game's at stake, our bowl game's at stake and we just wanted it more."

On what Sark said on the sideline after Jake's second failed sneak: "Just, we're going to go fast, 26 Power Quad, it's either us or them. We ran back to the line, lined it up, broke quick, called the play and punched it in."

On it being better not having to think about the play, just getting right into it: "It was definitely better. It maybe caught them a little bit off guard to where they could get set and try to pinch it, but everything just worked out the right way. Everyone got on their man, we pushed through as a team and got it done."

On who was the most amped up before the final snap: "Everybody was. Everybody was jack up from Senio Kelemete to Jake to Chris Polk, everybody was fired up."

On when he knew Polk was in: "I saw him jump right past me and jumped up and started running around like crazy because it's one of the best feelings I've ever had."

LB Cort Dennison

On the game: "We just hung in there and kept believing, and now we've gotta go beat Wazzu."

On the final run play by Polk: "We call that God's play. We run 9 on 7s in practice and every power play is God's play. So it's always a competition on who can win God's play. The defense normally wins it."

On how'd it got that name: "Just because it's power. It's smash-mouth football. You can't run a better run play, i guess. It's the epitome of the run game. That's what Coach Sark called, and the offense did a great job of executing it."

On watching the final play from the sidelines: "I knew we were going to do it, it was just a little nerve-wracking. I think if you weren't nervous, something was wrong with you. I couldn't be more happy with the offense. They hung in there. They had some plays that didn't go their way today, but they kept with it and I couldn't be more proud of them."

On what the win means: "It means everything in the world. If you want to go to a bowl game, you've got to beat the team that is your rival."

On the improvement of the defense: "Our defense, I don't know what it is, but we're really putting it together. I think we're doing a great job of just sticking to our game plan and the coaches have done a great job of putting in great game plans for us."

CB Quinton Richardson

On the last two big games: "Nothing—nothing new. Nothing has changed, I'm just doing my job."

On not allowing a touchdown tonight and your confidence level: "It's just a part of the game. That is what we're here to do. We're here to play defense and win games, we're trying to get to a bowl game."

On a switch clicking in, and the different Quinton: "Oh, nothing has changed. I've been the same Quinton from the start to finish. I'm just more focused on finishing and trying to get to this bowl game and win. Nothing has changed—in the beginning of the season I wasn't getting many balls thrown to my side, but now it's starting to happen and I'm starting to make plays, that's all."

On the interception: "Thank god for the safety or whoever was around me, because whoever said ball, I just happened to look up and back and made a play on a ball. We've been working on that drill everyday at practice so just thanks to all of the coaches. I just worked and played the drill."

On how hard it was being on the sideline on the past few plays: "It was hard, I was scared, I didn't know what was coming next. All I knew was all I could do was pray and have faith."

On Washington State: "WSU—I have to get ready. It's Apple Cup."

On practice being stepped up "Oh ya. There is a lot of stuff up for grabs for both teams. It's not just Apple Cup, it's a bowl game and a lot of people's last games. So we're just going to stay focused, keep playing and just finish strong."

LB Mason Foster

On the feeling: "It feels great, it feels great. You know what I mean. A big win, it just feels great to be a part of something like that. A great team effort."

On the linebackers coming together: "Ya, Victor Aeiwa, Cort Dennison and me hang out a lot and spend a lot of time together on and off the field, we feel when we can make a lot of plays, our defense will be good. We take it upon ourselves to go out there and play as hard as we can and get everybody going."

On Victor Ayeiwa game on compared to now: "He's changed—he was good in the beginning too, making a lot of plays. But now he knows when he can take his shots and when he can't. Coach Cox has been working with him. He's always up there watching film and asking me and Cort questions and now it is starting to show."

On playing with confidence: "You know, they are still a great team, we knew they were going to get their yards, but as a defense we knew we had great schemes coming in and great practices and we were ready for them."

On the huddle before the last play: "No, there was no doubt. I knew they were going to go for the win. I could tell by looking in the offensive line's eyes. The way they looked, I knew they were going to get it. I knew they were going to give the ball to Chris, and he had been running the ball hard all day, so I was confident."

On Washington State: "Ya, I feel like now, we're just going to enjoy this win—the 24 hour rule that Coach Sark always says. We have to come in on Monday ready to go."

On the importance of a bowl game: "It's big. I've been here for four years and I definitely want to get to a bowl game. Hanging out with the guys during Christmas time, that is what I'm looking forward too."

RB Chris Polk

On wanting the ball: "I always want the ball—I'm the running back. But I'm just a player, so whatever they call I'm going to roll with it. I'm going to block or do whatever they need me to do."

On getting the ball on the last play: "I knew it was going in. I wasn't going to be denied. I knew if I kept my legs moving I had no choice but going forward."

On who made the block: "It was the O-line. I get the credit for it but I basically just walked in. It was blocked really nice, perfectly."

On the difficulty of the timing of the play: "It's not difficult for us because we run it every day in practice. So we're used to speed racing, we know we catch the defenses off guard. It's something that we practice, so it's real easy."

On catching the defense off guard: "Ya, I think we caught them off guard because they thought we were going middle and we ran wide right, so I think they just didn't know where we were going."

On who you ran behind: "I just remember I lowered my head and just get in there any way possible."

On hearing the play call: "I knew it was going to be a touchdown, I knew it."

On the defense thinking it was going to be Jake: "Ya, because they were really stacked in the A gaps and they thought we were going to run a quarterback sneak again, so when they called that play I knew it was going to be perfect. We had no choice but to score on that play."

On the feeling on scoring: "It's a great feeling. We still have our hopes of a bowl game, and we just have to go out there and get our 3rd win."

On being on the bottom of that pile: "Ya I was, sadly. It really hurt, but it was a good hurt though, you know."

On knowing you guys were going to go for a touchdown: "Ya, I knew we were setting in up, I knew we were going for a touchdown. It was just a matter of when we were going to get in."

On the huddle before the last play: "It was fun, we were in there making jokes, laughing and smiling. We all knew we were going to score, and we knew we were all confident. We weren't nervous at all, we knew we were going to drive the ball down there, we are a clutch team."

On Apple Cup: "It's going to be a great one. It's a heated rivalry, it's going to be cold. They are not going to want us to get to a bowl game. They are really going to go out there and bring their bowl game. So we just have to enjoy this win and then get back out there next week."

On what these past wins says about the team: "That when we play up to par and do everything that we can, we can't help but be successful. If we listen to our coaches and take it and be critical and do everything the way they want us to, we can't but be successful."

On WSU having the incentive of knocking you guys out: "Ya, because they want to be able to say that they took our bowl hopes away and get the Apple Cup back. So it's going to be something very hectic. They're not just going to lay down and let us stomp all over them in their house, they're going to come and bring their 'A' game. So it's going to be a real good one."

On running the last play multiple times today: "No, we didn't run it today. But we do it a lot in practice. We do it a lot in goal lines situations. We've probably done it more than 100 times."

On what is going through your head during that last play: "Just send these seniors out right. They've been through a lot and they've worked too hard to not be able to go to a bowl game. So I'm just going to go out there and give it everything I can. Even if that means that I get hurt, it's for the team. There is no individual in team."

On the weather and thriving off of it: "Ya, it's Husky weather. I don't think they are used to the rain, it's all we get up in Seattle, so we really thought the weather was in our favor."

On the progression of the program: "It's a complete 360. When I got here, we were going down, but now we're trying to work our way back up and trying to get where our University was. So we're just trying to become a part of history."

On thinking the progression would be this soon: "No, I didn't think it would be this soon. But I'm just glad that I'm able to be a part of it and have my name in it. And just keep it going. None of us want to go out as losers. We want to get to a bowl game just finish the season and send these seniors off right. They deserve it."

On how much has changed: "It makes me feel great. Just know that like—don't give up, no matter what way the tides are turning. Just always give 100% effort, you never know what will happen." Top Stories