Eriks to take his shot

The last time Ty Eriks went into spring practices, he did not know exactly what side of the ball, let alone what position he would be playing. After becoming one of the key in-state tailback recruits out of O'Dea High School the year before, Eriks was given a shot as a safety last spring and linebacker in early fall, but eventually wound up as Zach Tuiasosopo's back-up at the fullback position.

This spring, Eriks hopes to showcase his talents in hopes of earning a shot at making more of an impact this upcoming season.

"It was good," said Eriks when asked to recall offseason mat drills. "I thought it was good conditioning. Everybody worked together and we got through it."

Eriks has noticeably gotten bigger since last spring. Twenty pounds larger to be exact and is now at a chiseled 235 pounds. The extra weight has not hindered his speed, as he is still able to clock a mid four-second 40-yard dash consistently.

"I feel I'm in pretty good shape. I feel really well at this size and feel I'm at where I need to be to contribute and I feel everyone else out there is doing pretty good as well."

Just like the rest of the team and many team supporters, Eriks has high expectations for the team this season and hopes to be a difference-maker.

"We obviously expect to continue improving," said Eriks. "We have a lot of things to work on but everybody is going to come in with a great attitude, play well, and everybody is excited about improving during spring ball.

"We're going to practice with Ohio State in mind and work towards that goal."

Most observers may have missed Eriks in action last season if they blinked. Mostly used in goal-line situations, a great off-season and his work on improving his pass-catching ability may have moved him up a few notches in the eyes of the coaches.

As he headed off, Ty left us with one guarantee.

"You'll definitely see a lot more of me this year," Eriks said with a smile.

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