Player Quotes - Long Beach State

SEATTLE - Isaiah Thomas, Matthew Bryan-Amaning and C.J. Wilcox all spoke with the press after the Washington Huskies defeated the Long Beach State 49ers 102-75 Tuesday night at Hec Edmundson Pavilion. Wilcox had a career-high 20 points, while Thomas had 19 and Bryan-Amaning 14.

Isaiah Thomas:
On C.J. Wilcox
"No, what did he miss? Two… that's a bad night for him—but you always got to know where he is, especially him, Terrence and Suggs. You got to know where the guards are, especially when you want assists, they're going to make their shots. As a point guard you should know where your shooters are."

On your free throws… "You tell me. But, I don't know. I probably just have to take my time and concentrate and just repetition. I'm making 100 free throws before every practice so, it'll go away, hopefully soon."

On this being a sleepy game
"You can say that. But at the same time as players, we want to play the same way at all times. No matter if the crowd isn't in to it, if we aren't in to it, we try to bring the same energy. For most of the game we brought their energy, especially the first half. The second half we kind of let our foot down and that cost us on some plays."

On shooting three pointers
"It makes teams really want to guard us. We can penetrate well so it really helps us net that category, because if they run out on us scared that you're going to shoot the three, then just 2 dribble pull up, 2 dribble find someone else—it's working, especially in the games that we've won we've shot well."

On this being the way you guys want to play… "Coach always says if you got the shot and you're open then shoot the ball. And we have a lot of three point shooters that can shoot it well. That's probably how we're going to play. Every game we've won, we've shot a lot of three's and made a lot of threes."

On getting back on the winning track… "Yeah, especially after losing two games you want to do whatever you can to hurry up and get that next game out of the way. We feel alright about this game and we're just happy we won, and got back on the winning track."

On driving to the hole and not getting the foul… "I think I'm getting too buff or something—I don't know what it is. I feel like ever since my freshmen year I haven't gotten the same calls as I did then. I couldn't tell you what it is, but I just have to go make the lay-up and not worry about getting fouled. That's been my game my whole life, trying to make contact, but at the same time if the refs aren't calling it, I just have to adjust."

On Matthew not starting and still getting out to a huge lead… "Yeah, it means we have a lot of weapons. We don't always have to depend on the one person. We know if someone comes out of the game, the next guy is just as good as that player, and they can bring whatever it is to the table. We know we're talented and we know if we play hard we can play a lot of games."

On helping Justin score in the second half… "I—really, I didn't even know he had no points. At the same time he was open and hit shots, that's what he has been doing all year, and he's been consistent with that. With Justin, even if he isn't scoring he's going to do something on the court. He got a couple easy buckets, a couple steals, and it got him going."

On joking about CJ missing two shots, and expecting this out of him… "Yeah, ever since the first day. Like I told you before, he's one of the best shooters I've ever played with or against. I don't think he understands how good of a shooter he is. If I was a shooter like that, I would shoot it every time. Like every time I touched the ball, I would shoot it. I tell him that, he better be glad I'm not him or else I would shoot every time."

On what was good about tonight… "I think we came out and played hard, especially the first half. We got all of the key plays like loose balls and rebounds. The second half we didn't too well in that category, but at the same time we played hard and came out with the win."

On feeling the penetration… "Yeah, I just wanted to be highly aggressive. It's not just me trying to score, but make plays for others. SO I came in with that mindset, that I need to turn it up a little bit from the first five games and just be aggressive and make plays, and make plays for others and myself."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
On not starting… "Yeah, I found out, first practice after Maui. It was just—Coach said I needed to be more of a leader, and be smart about my decision making, and put more effort in when I'm on the court."

On seeing what coach was saying… "Yeah, I obviously watched a lot of the film in the games in Maui, and he took me aside through out the week to show me different stuff. So I definitely knew where he was coming from, and leading the team and that stuff—it doesn't matter, we have so many different offensive threats, and obviously our emphasis right now is on rebounding. Justin is going to crash and Aziz is going to crash, and just trying to get everybody to put forth the same amount as effort as everybody else."

On his reaction… "Nothing—obviously we got back last weekend, so I knew from like Saturday, or whenever we started practicing again. So it's nothing right now. I just know I have to bring it. He already told me it's nothing permanent, it's nothing for the rest of the season. If I start what I'm supposed to show then I'll be back in the starting five."

On what he saw when he watched the tape… "Obviously you don't see it when you're in the game. You think you are putting in as much effort as you can. But he just knows the level that I have been playing at, at the end of last year obviously—and a couple of games this year. Instead of being lackadaisical I'm just bringing it the whole time I'm on the floor."

On the new role suiting him against LBSU… "I know regardless whether I'm starting or not I'm going to play the same amount of minutes, that is just the way the team is set up. But at the same time, obviously everyone loves to start so I just have to put forth the same effort day in and day out, and it starts with practice, not just the games."

On what's next… "Just got to bring it every day in practice. It starts with myself, I can't look to nobody else and I can't make any excuses, I've been here long enough and know what I'm supposed to do."
C.J. Wilcox:
On the bench players making a spark… "Yeah, coach wants us to be ready to come off the bench whenever, so you have to be ready and keep your head in the game, and luckily we came out and produced really well."

On this year's team being used to having a guy like you… "Yeah, we practiced the whole year last year, so they kind of figured out what my tendencies are and where to look for me, and now it's paying off. They're still going to drive but they know they have me circling around, or something like that."

On thinking about the Michigan State game… "After the game, my dad said that was a tough position they put me in. I only played 3 min. and kind of took my head out of the game and I didn't figure I was going to go back in, but he called my name so I had to take the shot. It is a tough shot but I still think I should have drew some rim, but it's alright."

On going in to tonight and thinking about that game… "No, you know the coaches told me to put it behind me. HE apologized for putting me in that tough position and he just said to look forward and turn the page, and that is what I did."

On your dad teaching you and still critiquing you… "Yeah, it's not the same since I'm not home, but he calls me every other day to tell me—he still watches film also, so he just tells me the little things he notices and the little things to critique my game."

On your dad's basketball background… "University of Utah Valley for two years and then he transferred to BYU."

On the beginning of your dad teaching you… "About fifth grade is when I started."

On having the ability to move around… "In high school my dad told me I never moved or anything, I couldn't find an open spot, but now I guess it's just natural. It's easier when you have guards like Isaiah and Venoy that drive a lot so you just kind of fill the open lanes. It's nothing that I really worked on."

On your reaction about red shirting last year… "Actually, it was my decision. Ever since I was recruited we had been talking about red shirting. So I kind of knew in the back of my head that I probably was going to. And as soon as workouts started I realized I needed to. It wasn't too hard."

On the reason why… "Just slow learning the system and everything. And everyone was bigger and faster and I wasn't quite used to that. By the time the season got here I just didn't feel like I was ready."

On the ways your dad helped you learn how to shoot… "Just hours and hours in the gym. I did a lot of form shooting, never really worked on three's as surprising as that is. I just stayed in the mid-range and worked on my form a lot and just kind of transferred out to the 3 point line."

On the amount of time you spent… "I definitely don't shoot as much as I used to. I just kind of keep my shot going. When I was younger I used to work on it—like 1000 shots a day or something like that. I got a lot of shots up."

On being in the zone… "I don't really feel like I've ever been in the zone, I just keep shooting. People just say to keep shooting and that's what I kept doing."

On Isaiah saying that if he was like you he'd shoot every time down the floor… "Yeah he's told me that before. I just laugh at that because it's not that easy. I've figured that I'm not going to make them all, my dad always said that I'm going to miss half of my shots, and you just have to go in with that mindset that you can't shoot every time."

On Coach saying that you played unselfishly tonight… "I just like to play basketball. I'm going to take the shot if I'm open, but if someone else is open I'm going to pass it up." Top Stories