Young linebacker sees opportunity

Last year there were some true freshmen that could have seen some playing time for the Washington Huskies if Head Coach Rick Neuheisel had made the decision to play more first-year players than just Nate Robinson. Scott White was one of those frosh that was moved from position to position to see if he could make an impact suitable enough to justify burning his redshirt.

The opportunity for White never materialized, but he's back at his recruited position and focused on helping the Dawgs' defense get better.

"It's hard to say what to expect this spring," the 6-2, 220-pound White told "I just want to come out there and try to learn as much as possible and try to improve everyday and try not to make a lot of the mistakes that I made this past year. I just want to come out and try to be more of a complete player."

"I'm absolutely ready for the spring. I spent a lot of time in the weight room trying to get bigger and I'm in pretty good shape."

Mat drills were something Scott wasn't used to. "Off-season conditioning drills went alright," he said. "Some days it was fun and some days it was a struggle but you have to respect those drills for sure.

"Coach (Randy) Hart is no joke. He has all kinds of hand games while moving his body this way and that. He's just crazy."

And like all of his teammates, White is sensing something a little different in the ‘Mudroom' these days. "There's a lot of optimism around the locker room and people are really coming together as a team, much more than last year," he said.

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