Determined Stevens has an agenda

There's two guys expected to step up this spring to provide some veteran leadership to a young, but talented defensive line corps. One is Terry ‘Tank' Johnson. The other is Jerome ‘Sauce' Stevens, the 6-3, 290-pounder from Oxnard, California. He got his nickname because of the restaurant his family owns, but the only thing he plans on scarfing up this April is plenty of offensive line burgers.

"I just want to try and beat the offensive line up a little," Stevens told "I want to try and make them look sorry by trying to get my defensive line and myself ready. I also want to improve on all the keys that I worked on in the off-season and utilize it during spring ball by letting it all out on the field."

While that kind of talk might sound devisive, Jerome talks about the winter conditioning as a real bonding session for offense and defense alike. "Off-season drills went extremely well," he said. "We are all coming together as a team and holding each other accountable and be there for each other or for ourselves and try to make the whole team better as a unit.

"Once we get ourselves right as one, we start clicking together like a heartbeat."

"Mat drills went great. It was my last one. I'm just trying to go all out this season. I got the mats out of the way so that's just one step down. The next step is spring ball and I'm just going to try and do the best I can."

So what has Jerome done to prepare himself for his final spring as a Husky? "I feel I've improved my quickness and my hands and I'm a whole lot better at seeing things," he said. "I can react faster and read the line schemes quicker."

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