Trip Report - Siosifa Tufunga

Since he committed to Washington back in August, Long Beach (Ca.) Jordan OL Siosifa Tufunga has been a bit of a mystery man. On Sunday, as he waited at Sea-Tac Airport for his plane to take off, he spoke with about his official visit and said it turned out to be even better than he'd imagined...

"It was a great visit, a great visit," Tufunga told "My host was Princeton Fuimaono and he just talked about a lot of the things that make Washington great.

"He said it was like a family and just a really close atmosphere. You can tell how much the players like playing for the coaches and how they all play for each other."

Tufunga said the most impressive part of his visit was watching practice and hanging out of with the players Saturday night.

"Their practices were hyped," Tufunga noted. "I mean, it was like a game was going on with how intense it was. The coaches are all fiery and they get after it and it looked like they were having fun, but still getting the work done they needed to."

Tufunga played center as a junior for the Panthers and this past season he manned the left tackle spot and he said that versatility is what Washington liked most about him.

"They are looking at me as a guard or center," Tufunga said. "I can play tackle though and they love my feet and how intense I am."

Tufunga committed to Washington without having visited and said since he made his commitment, he's shut down recruiting to the point where he hasn't heard from any schools since he made his decision.

"I'm a Dawg, that's all there is to say really," Tufunga said. "I love the coaches and the players and I feel like Washington is the right place for me and I saw all I needed to see to know I made the right choice."

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