Commitment Impact: Thomas Tutogi

Washington received some outstanding news on December 14th when Southwestern LB Thomas Tutogi, one of the top JUCO linebackers in the country, chose the Huskies over USC. The talented linebacker, who put up huge numbers for the Jaguars on defense this past season is slated to play the WIL spot, so here's a look at what he brings to the table and how his signing affects the 2011 recruiting class...

Tutogi is outstanding pursuing sideline-to-sideline and he's very physical when he arrives that the ball. His Football I.Q. has been raved about by his coaches and with his quickness and athleticism, the Husky coaches are hoping he can do something to make up for the loss of senior Mason Foster.

As a true freshman at Southwestern this past season, Tutogi posted 120 tackles including 17.5 tackles for loss, with two interceptions, and two fumble recoveries.

Tutogi will likely battle Jordan Wallace for the open WIL (weakside) position and could combine with Cort Dennison to be one of the top tackling duos in the conference should he win the position.

So, how does this affect the rest of the 2011 recruiting class?

Not a lot really.

Washington is still looking at Leilon Willingham, another solid prep linebacker, and with Tutogi, they have a player ready to come in and play due to his size and strength.

Also keep in mind that Dennison will graduate after the 2011 season and Tutogi has the ability to play inside and take over that position in 2012.

Washington has taken smallish linebackers over the past couple years, hoping to add some speed and quickness to their linebacker corps and in the 2011 class they have Scott Lawyer, Matt Lyons and Corey Waller already committed.

Waller is an ideal fit at the SAM (strongside) linebacker position while Lawyer is a perfect WIL candidate down the road as he adds strength and size.

Lyons is the wildcard since he has safety size, but may not have the quickness and flexibility necessary to play safety.

A lot will depend on what Willingham decides to do.

Should Willingham commit to Washington, he may end up being a MIK (middle) linebacker in the Husky system or he could play outside. With his size though, Willingham appears built to play inside.

Also keep an eye on players like Serra's Woodson Greer, Colton's Rodney Hardrick and The Bishop School's Micah Seau -- the son of Junior Seau -- who had an outstanding senior season and has started popping up on some recruiting radars.

Hardrick has an offer from Washington right now, but Greer and Seau are still waiting for one and likely will until Willingham makes his decision. Top Stories