Rick Neuheisel Quotes – 4/4

Huskies head coach Rick Neuheisel took time out to address issues such as the setback Justin Robbins suffered today, the "tailback-by-committee," and just when we may see Isaiah Stanback catching instead of throwing balls this spring.

On Justin Robbins' injury: "He tweaked his knee. We won't know the extent of the damage until tomorrow. Hopefully it will be good with a little swelling and be one of those things where you just knock on wood. It's an unfortunate deal obviously but you can imagine his level of discouragement because he's been through a lot of adversity with his health and it's not what I wanted to be talking about and that's a fact. But we'll keep our fingers crossed.

On the tailback competition: "You don't judge tailbacks in shorts. You've got to wait and see what they do with the pads because not only is carrying the ball critical, but so is blocking and ball security so there are a number of things. They certainly all look like they have the part so we'll just wait and see."

On Kenny James: "He's very, very low key and hard working. He's no what you call a ‘gregarious' sort, and that's not a knock on him. He's just a really quiet kid, very reserved, and let's his play do the talking."

"I think red-shirting is good for every freshmen. I only play freshmen in unique circumstances. One on which we need, where there is just an absolute need and they are ready to provide what we're looking for; and the second one is in the case of how Rich Alexis was as a freshmen, where they were so far away from home that they kind of needed to be playing."

"A red-shirt homesickness almost would've been too much. So those are the reasons I do it (burn red-shirt years) but I'm much more inclined to believe that the best college experience begins with a red-shirt year unless there is a unique ability and a unique need."

On Isaiah Stanback being rotated into receiver: "It's simple just to say, ‘Isaiah, go out and play Z." Every quarterback knows what the receivers do on our plays but I'm also excited about his development at quarterback. I think that we're spending our time the right way by having him spend the vast majority of his time with the quarterbacks."

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