Player Quotes - USC

LOS ANGELES - spoke with Venoy Overton, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Justin Holiday and Isaiah Thomas Thursday night after the Washington Huskies defeated the USC Trojans 73-67 in overtime, in front of an announced attendance of 5584 at the Galen Center.

Venoy Overton:
Game coming down to free-throws:
"Definitely I thought when the overtime hit, that I kind of seen it was going to come down to some free-throws. So, luckily the ball was in my hand and I could knock them down at a clutch time, but I didn't really think about trying to get the ball. I was just whoever between me and Isaiah, he was knocking his down to, so it was like whoever get it, just make sure you go up there and knock them down."

Clutch free-throws:
"Oh yeah, definitely. I guess I am relaxed, you know. It's really just the free-throw line."

On the rebounded free-throw in OT:
"I thought there was no way I could get it. I seen both of their guys jump and put their hands up and they just both put their hands down, like ‘Oh you got it' and it just came my way."

On his original commitment to USC:
"Definitely, just looking at the nice facilities and thinking ‘Man, I could have been here' or just looking at the team they have now and where I would have fit in. But I'm happy where I am now and I'm glad we got the win."

On the team getting zero fast-break points:
"You see after they were shooting free-throws that they had nobody on the line. All their people were back, they weren't even trying to go for offensive rebounds. That's how the game was. After the first-half, it was a slow-pace game and just lucky we grinded it out and got it."

On his injury status:
"After tonight, I'm pretty close [to 100 percent]. I know it's going to hurt tomorrow. It's my knee. It's the outside of my knee when I hyper extended it, but it isn't nothing serious."

On this game being one they weren't supposed to win:
"That's a championship team that wins games like this. You can look at every conference where the best teams are and they are on a roll and win close games. They find a way to do it. That's the heart of a champion."

On Terrence Ross:
"Breakout game. He has been ready to breakout, but it's just been like he hasn't had a chance. But I have been telling everybody, if he plays, he could be done fast. He is a crazy talent, practices a lot, he is just a great player."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
On going up against Nikola Vucevic:
"Strong player. He does a little bit of everything. He shot the three well today. We gave him a couple of open looks that shouldn't have happened, but just a real tough inside player. He shot well from the field and he obviously got a lot of fouls called, but that is going to happen when you're at home."

On the UW fans there making a difference:
"Definitely. We came out thinking that this is just like, I think it was 10 minutes before tip, and they were screaming ‘Go Huskies' and stuff. It felt just like a home game with that sort of atmosphere. And obviously you had the crowd battling the Trojans fans, especially with not being in school it was good to show so much support."
Justin Holiday:
On Terrence Ross:
"He stepped up and he was ready to play. He stepped up with the big shots, getting rebounds. I mean, he came out and played hard and that is what Romar preaches every day and he stepped for us and we needed it."

On it being a tough game:
"The Kentucky game was close to this, but I don't know if it was this tough because we got down from the get-go. And every game that we have played like this, we have gotten back. The Texas A&M game was tough for different reasons, I think, because we weren't taking care of business. But this game, we took care of business and it was tough game because we had to grind it out and do the right thing, and we did that."
Isaiah Thomas:
On being forced to do different things:
"No, just looking for my teammates more. When a defense is designed to stop you, everybody else is open. I was telling people when I drive just space and I'm going to find you. I did a good job of that and my teammates knocked down shots."

On Terrence Ross:
"I mean you see him tonight. A freshman coming into his first Pac-10 game and he is not scared. His talent level is very high and he showed it tonight."

On what's tougher to figure out - Oregon State's defense or USC's defense:
"I figured out the zone now, so that is easy. This is worse just because they are designed to stop you. You're getting face guarded tonight and looking for help defense. So that's what I told my teammates before the game, when I drive, just be ready to be open, I'm going to pass it to you. It's all good. That's respect when teams do that to you."

On not having their best game on road:
"We didn't, but that shows how good of a team we are. We haven't played out best on the road and this game was the definition of not playing your best, but we stayed with it, fought through adversity and got the win." Top Stories