Looking Beyond the Holiday Bowl, Part I

Washington won their last three games in a row, and not only earned a trip to the Holiday Bowl, but they got a huge measure of revenge in beating Nebraska. That is a great reward not only for a team that worked so hard to overcome a three-game losing streak, but also for a program that has not been to the post season in nearly a decade.

Besides the win, perhaps the biggest boon to the school was the additional 15 practices that they took advantage of, both in Seattle and in San Diego. In those practices, not only were offensive sets and defensive schemes being honed and refined, but the battles for next fall began in earnest.

Bowl practices are where young kids get their chance to really step up and show how much they've learned this year.

With that in mind, I decided to look ahead to 2011 and forecast the potential two-deeps at each position. Today, I look at the offensive side of the ball. And I like what I see. The way I view it, if the offensive line can run block and this team can run the ball, say, 60 percent of the time, this team should be able to score enough points to win football games if they aren't asked to get into a track meet.
WT Senio Kelemete 6-4 290 Senior
WT Skyler Fancher 6-5 300 Senior

Kelemete will enter next season as a three-year starter. He struggled at times early this season but by the end he was pretty consistent. Watch for him to have a huge senior season. He has all of the tools to succeed at the next level. He is quick, strong, explosive, and his arms are long.

WG Colin Porter 6-4 310 Sophomore
WG Nick Wood 6-3 287 Senior

Porter is a man-child, and when it comes to moving the point of contact downfield, he is the guy Sark calls on. His talent belies his youth. Very strong and very talented, Porter is starting to remind me of Benji Olson when he was a redshirt-freshman. He was a beast early on as well and enjoyed smashing people's faces into the ground.

C Drew Schaefer 6-4 285 Junior
C Mykenna Ikehara 6-2 260 Junior

Schaefer has found a home after struggling as a tackle last year. He has a very high football IQ, a nice quality to have on the middle of the line. He isn't overpowering but he showed a lot of improvement over last year.

SG Daniel Kanczugowski 6-4 330 Junior
SG Colin Porter 6-4 310 Sophomore

Kanczugowski was a situational player last year, used in the jumbo packages as an extra tackle and as a depth player at guard. He is one of the stronger kids on the team, and with some experience, he might be ready to step into a starter's role. Probably not as athletic as some of the others on the roster, but I believe that this team will be built around Chris Polk's bruising running, and that would seem to favor Kanczugowski in the line up.

ST Erik Kohler 6-5 300 Sophomore
ST Skyler Fancher 6-5 300 Senior

Kohler played through mononucleosis last year somehow. He is one tough hombre. I love what he brings to the line. He is quick, explosive, and very agile. He will pick up more strength as he matures but he is a star in the making. Very possibly an all-American in the near future.

In the depth:
OG James Atoe 6-6 355 RS-Freshman
OG/C Colin Tanigawa 6-3 310 RS-Freshman
OT/C Michael Criste 6-5 280 RS-Freshman
OT Ben Riva 6-6 275 RS-Freshman
OT Micah Hatchie 6-5 275 RS-Freshman

All should be left on the practice squad if at all possible, unless injury forces them into action. All are progressing well and should be great additions to the line in 2012. If Hatchie can put on about 15-20 pounds, he might be ready in 2011, but the best bet would be to let him take his time and learn the ropes and then take over after Kelemete graduates. And all incoming freshmen offensive linemen should definitely redshirt in 2011. If not, something terrible has happened in terms of injury or attrition.

WR Jermaine Kearse 6-2 208 senior
WR Cody Bruns 5-11 177 senior

Kearse, when he is on, is one of the top receivers in the Pac-10. Look for a big senior season from him where concentration lapses won't occur so frequently. He now needs to be consistent, because he puts up some huge numbers for the Huskies. He will need to help out his young quarterback in 2011. Bruns doesn't have the quickness or size of Kearse but he has nice hands, and with the departure of D'Andre Goodwin, might find the field more next year.

WR Devin Aguilar 6-0 195 senior
WR Jordan Polk 5-8 160 senior

Aguilar is smooth. He blocks, runs good routes, and has been very consistent as the possession receiver opposite Kearse. His hands are probably the best in the receiving corps. Look for him to replace Goodwin as the No. 2 receiver behind Kearse and to improve on his 28 receptions and 2 touchdowns from 2010.

WR James Johnson 6-0 200 junior
WR Kevin Smith 6-0 200 sophomore

This is the position where someone must step up, just as Goodwin did last season. If Smith or Johnson cannot, watch for incoming freshman Kasen Williams, who is an athletic freak of nature and quite a bit bigger physically than both Smith and Johnson. Johnson when he is healthy is cat quick, and Smith is probably a little faster down the field.

TE Michael Hartvigson 6-6 246 RS-Freshman
TE Marlion Barnett 6-2 215 sophomore

This is a position that is ripe for improvement. Watch for incoming freshman Austin Seferian-Jenkins to have an immediate impact in 2011 as a guy that can stretch the field with his receiving abilities. Washington can definitely get more production out of this position next season, which would only help a young quarterback trying to find his way.

TB Chris Polk 5-11 215 junior
TB Jesse Callier 5-10 205 sophomore
TB Deontae Cooper 6-0 195 RS-Freshman
TB Johri Fogerson 6-1 207 senior
TB Demitrius Bronson 5-10 228 junior
FB Zach Fogerson 6-0 238 sophomore

Wow, the Huskies have some serious depth here with everyone returning. Polk is one of the toughest runners in the Pac-10, Callier provides a nice change up with his speed on the fly sweep. He gets to the corner quickly. Then with Cooper returning, if he regains his speed, he provides the home run threat whenever he touches the ball. He was the fastest of the three when healthy. Hopefully Zach Fogerson can step up and provide the lead blocking necessary to be a good rushing team.

QB Keith Price 6-0 195 sophomore
QB Nick Montana 6-3 195 RS-freshman

This will easily be the number one battle everyone will be watching this coming spring and next fall camp. Price improved quite a bit through the season and was able to edge ahead in the competition as the year went on, but Montana probably has more upside. As Nick puts on more muscle, he will be tough to keep off of the field. His arm strength is well above average and is a stronger thrower than Price. Both bring different tools to the table. Price is excellent at keeping plays alive with his elusiveness, and his arm is capable. Summer will tell a lot. Husky Stadium might be a fun place to hang out when these two guys are throwing to the receivers during unsupervised drills. No matter who wins the job, the offense will be built around the run.

Incoming quarterback Joseph Gray should be redshirted, most definitely. There is no way he will be as far along as either Price or Montana.

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