Waters focused on return to Seattle

As part of a talented in-state group of prospects, former Lakes and current Arizona Western LB Darius Waters, had hoped to be playing for the Huskies this past fall. However, academics derailed his plans so he headed south and spent the 2010 season redshirting with the Matadors while he learned how to play a new position all the while staying focused on getting back to Seattle to play for UW...

"It's gone really well down here so far," Waters told Dawgman.com recently. "I really got focused on things, school and just getting ready to play football.

"When I got down here, they had me set to play linebacker, but I had never played with my hand up, so I was basically learning a whole new position and they felt redshirting me was the best thing they could do for me and for my career."

While redshirting, Waters said he and his roommate, fellow Washington signee Chris Young, focused on working out, getting better and getting their schoolwork in order.

"Being down here has allowed me to focus on the things I needed to focus on," Waters said. "I'm down to 226 right now -- I was 240 when I graduated high school -- and I feel stronger and faster and I feel a lot more confident in school.

"It's all on me to get the work done, but I've had people to show me which classes I needed to take and I've been able to learn things quicker here."

Waters maintains he and Young both plan to return to Washington and he even took in a day of the Huskies' bowl practices while he was in town for Christmas Break.

"It was cool watching them get after it, you know, guys you signed with and were ready to play ball with," Waters said. "It was hard because I could totally see myself out there playing with them and getting ready for the Holiday Bowl, but I can't change the past so I gotta just focus on what I can control and that's getting back up to Seattle to play for them (in 2012).

"They placed me at Arizona Western and they've told the coaches what I need to take and what I need to do. I know I can't really take any PE classes which is fine and they've told me which English classes and Math classes are needed so I can get in.

"I'm planning to come back home for the summer and I'll be going to school up there, probably taking a full load of classes, because I want to be able to sign in December like Chris is planning to do."

At this point, Waters and Young do not have offers from Washington, but that should change as the Husky staff sees their academic progress over the next few months.

We'll have more from both Waters and Young in the future as they progress toward reaching their goal of becoming Huskies.

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