Sample discusses his future as a Husky

It didn't receive the same amount of fanfare as Sean Parker last year, but when Grant (Sacramento, Ca.) S James Sample decided to put on a Washington hat during the US Army All-American Game, he became an important cog in the 2011 recruiting class. Now, a week after his commitment, he's spoken to about why he chose to become a Dawg and how long he's known where he wanted to go...

"I've known for a long time, almost three months where I wanted to go, so all along I have wanted to commit, but I wanted to do it at the (All-American) game," Sample told "I had told them early on I would do it, but eventually I decided where I wanted to go and it was hard to keep everyone in the dark, but eventually I picked up the hat and I'm really, really happy to be a Dawg."

Sample had offers from schools up and down the west coast as well as across the country, but said his commitment to Washington had to do with the direction of the program as well as his love of the Husky coaching staff.

"Man, when I came up there for camp back in June, they were all hyped and acting like you were in a game," Sample said. "Guys 10, 15, 20 years old than me were running around with a lot of energy and just showed me how much they love the game. That was really what sold me."

Sample's official visit came when the Huskies played host to the Nebraska Cornhuskers back in September, a game that resulted in a 56-21 drubbing for the Huskies. However, he got a chance to watch the entire Holiday Bowl, a rematch between the two teams and he said it showed him how much Washington had improved as well as how good the Husky staff is at game-planning for a team.

"(Washington) didn't look too good that first game," Sample said. "They looked tentative and they just didn't look very good, but then when it looked like a completely different team when they played them (December 30th).

"That defense was awesome. They really flew around and hit people. They weren't taking any prisoners and that's the way you want to play as a player -- no fear -- I loved it."

As a big contributor the past two years for one of the top programs in the state, Sample has totaled over 250 tackles from his safety position and said he expects to come in ready to play when he arrives this summer.

"I'm 6'2", 190 pounds right now and they want me at one of the safety spots for them," Sample said. "I'm just working out now and getting myself stronger and bigger so that I can come in there and push for time. I'm not coming in there to sit. I want to play. If you don't feel that way, you probably shouldn't be playing Pac 12 football."

Sample said he has no plans to visit any other schools and wants people to know he's a Husky.

"They were everything I wanted and what I needed, I don't need to see anything else," Sample said.

Sample claims he's already been qualified by the NCAA Clearinghouse, so he expects to enroll with the rest of the 2011 class when the LEAP Program begins sometime in late June or in early July.

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