Grant gets visitors from Montlake

A few Washington coaches headed to Fullerton College Tuesday afternoon to meet with DT Uriah Grant (6-1, 285) and the top JUCO defensive line prospect said "it was like a reunion". got the scoop on how the meeting went and where Grant is in the decision-making process, especially with his hometown school getting more aggressive...

"It went real well, real well," Grant told Tueday night. "All of the U-Dub coaches know the Fullerton coaches, so it was really like a big reunion which was really cool and it made it really comfortable.

"Coach (Steve) Sarkisian, coach (Nick) Holt and coach (Mike) Cox were all down and they spent time talking to me about how they see me fitting in up there.

"They talked about their season and their bowl game and also about 2011. They want me lining up next to Alameda Ta'amu and those other guys and dominating. We'd be really tough to run on if I came up there."

Grant is a player who could play the the one-technique (nose tackle) or he could play the three-technique (pass rushing defensive tackle) at the next level and led the state of California with 16 tackles-for-loss to go along with 41 tackles and 5.5 sacks.

"My first step is what gets people," Grant said. "Most guys I face don't realize how quick I am until I'm by them and into the backfield. When you get back there, anything can happen and it's usually bad for the offense.

"I love causing problems and being a force inside and I feel like at either Washington or Ole Miss, I could definitely help them."

Miami is the third school in the trifecta trying to woo the talented defensive tackle, but he said the Hurricanes might be too late.

"When it comes down to it, I just have developed a great relationship with the Washington and Mississippi coaches," Grant said. "They are both high-energy and they both have great programs.

"Washington is a little ahead of things right now, but Ole Miss has a lot of talented players.

"Miami is still in it a little bit, but honestly, it's going to come down to U-Dub and Ole Miss."

Grant maintains that he will visit the Rebels this weekend and expects to make his decision early next week.

"I don't want to leave the school that I don't choose hanging," Grant said. "If I commit to a school right away, then that gives the other one a chance to go find someone else."

Grant plans to sign with a school on February 2nd and he will have two years to play two with whichever school gets his letter-of-intent.

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