USC Nike camp profile - Norris Malele

Norris Malele is a 6-3, 294-pound defensive lineman from Carson, California, and as the younger brother of Cal signee Matt Malele, you would think the road from SoCal to Berkeley would be a no-brainer for Norris to make. But hold on a second. Nothing set in stone yet for the younger Norris, and he's racking up Pac-10 scholarship offers almost as quickly as the sacks he's responsible for.

"It was alright," Norris said of his Nike camp experience Sunday. "I did great on the one-on-ones. That's what I was looking for. I think I improved today." He did 24 reps of 185 pounds on the bench and ran a 5.0 40.

USC, UCLA, Washington, Arizona and Colorado have already offered Norris a scholarship, but there's another school outside the Pac that's piquing his interest. "I'm trying to focus on Notre Dame or stay close in the Pac-10, stay close to home," he said.

The entire Pac-10, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico and Notre Dame are the schools that have been recruiting Malele the hardest of late.

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