Sarkisian On 2011 Recruiting Class

Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian was finally able to talk about the 2011 recruiting class after 22 players faxed in their letters-of-intent. was there and got his thoughts on each player...

Vista Murrieta (Ca.) QB Derrick Brown - "Really unique kid and the process with him was one I think we all wished could've happened a little sooner, but at the end of the day, we got a guy that possesses a lot of the physical qualities that we were looking for. Big kid, all of 6'3", tremendous arm strength, good athlete, basketball player, possesses a lot of the intangibles we were looking for and then something that might be a bonus is that he's a tremendous punter as well. So he brings a lot of the qualities that we wanted. Great family, good people, and I think he brings a real physical presence to what we were looking for in the quarterback position."

Dorsey (Los Angeles) WR/PR/KR Marvin Hall - "Real speedster out of Dorsey High School in LA…can really fly, comes from a storied program of producing wide receivers so we're very excited to have him."

Graham-Kapowsin (Graham, Wa.) WR Jamaal Jones - "In-state kid who unfortunately wasn't able to play his senior year of high school because of a shoulder injury, unfortunate because I think he would've had a huge senior year. Long kid, basketball player-type, 6'2", 6'3" type, really good range, excellent punt returner, a guy that we're expecting big things out of."

Gahr (Cerritos, Ca.) WR Josh Perkins - "Another receiver we're excited about but different. All of 6'4", 200 pounds, tremendous leaping ability, excellent hands, long arms, he brings a little different nature than what we've had here but something we'd like to move towards with really bringing in- If you're not going to be a speed demon, let's get long, let's get physical and I think Josh brings that and we're obviously very excited to have him."

Skyline (Sammamish, Wa.) WR Kasen Williams - "To think if this guy would've made his announcement today we'd be the front page of national news, but to have the Parade Magazine National Player of the Year in Kasen Williams in this class is fantastic. I think it speaks volumes about what we said since day one about putting a fence up around the state of Washington and to have this player come to the UW and be part of our program is very exciting. That being said, he's a tremendous athlete. He can run, he can jump, he's physical, extremely competitive, very good defensive player, excellent basketball player, tremendous track athlete, comes from a great family. His parents have been fantastic throughout the process where he could've handled it a different way I think they did a great job keeping Kasen humble and we're just very excited to have him join our program and I think he has the potential to have an immediate impact."

Gonzaga Prep (Spokane, Wa.) RB Bishop Sankey - "A kid who had a fantastic career, and again a delightful young man. This kid has got a level head on his shoulders, he's been very honest with us throughout the entire process, he's got a lot of versatility to his game and I don't know if everyone knows about that. They used him as a wildcat quarterback- he threw the ball, he ran the ball, he's got excellent straight-line speed to go along with his elusiveness. I think he's going to fit in great with the style of offense we're putting together here."

Gardena (Ca.) RB/FB Dezden Petty - "He's got the ability to run the ball and for I think over 1400 yards his senior year. Also brings a real physical nature to his game at the fullback position. He's very reminiscent to me of a young man by the name of Stanley Havili who we recruited at S.C. - a guy who really came out of high school as a running back but molds himself into a fullback that gives us a lot of versatility. Very good young man, great parents, I know he's very eager to get here."

Stanwood (Wa.) OL Dexter Charles - "Big, physical kid who we had earmarked very early on. He's been a great Husky all the way, forming the camaraderie among the in-state players and I think Dexter's got a very bright future in front of him. I think Dexter's still growing into his body but he's got the right mind frame and the right work ethic."

Jordan (Long Beach, Ca.) OL Siosifa Tufunga - "This guy hasn't played a lot of football. It's a credit to coach Nansen to find him. Extremely athletic. He's going to be an inside guy for us, very bright young man, great student, but I think his best football is definitely ahead of him. I think as we really start to work with him you're going to see this guy really go. He's got great upside."

Gig Harbor (Wa.) TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins - "Austin is an extreme talent. It's a real tribute to Austin and his mother Linda in going through this process and being straight up with us. It's not easy for them when they have the top teams in the country coming after you. At the end of the day, I think the pride of Washington held true and for him to take pride in being from this state and wanting to wear purple and gold and be part of the other players from this state speaks volumes for the type of leader that he is. Not to mention, he's a freakish talent. Really just under 6'6" and 260 pounds, he's a fantastic athlete and I had a chance the other night to watch him play basketball. Amazing feet, amazing hand-eye coordination, his ability to time jumps, to have him in camp this summer and to see him release at the line of scrimmage, they just don't make guys like this all the time and that's what makes him special. There's obviously still a lot of work to be done. He's played so much at WR in HS that the transition into the complete tight end position will be challenging for him but I know he's embracing it and I think this is the type of guy that can have immediate impact on our program to help shape our offense the way we want it to be shaped."

Skyline (Sammamish, Wa.) DE Connor Cree "A really versatile kid. A kid that played tight end and defensive end in high school, but I think Connor possesses a lot of the defensive end characteristics that coach (Nick) Holt is looking for – the long arms, a real physical nature, tremendous amount of effort in his game, but still enough athleticism to play on the edge, to contain the football, to get his hands on tight ends, not get blocked by tight ends and then being able to get off blockers and make his plays. Love the kid because of his length, the work-ethic and the program he's coming from."

Archbishop Murphy (Everett, Wa.) DT/DE Taniela Tupou "A kid who we've had in camp for two years now. A kid with a tremendous work-ethic, he's got a lot of versatility to his game – he can play inside, he can play outside – he's gotten a lot of accolades as he comes into the University of Washington and well-deserving of such. He's dominated games at his level, but in camp he's dominated as well. I think the addition of Tani, to go along with some of our other guys, is huge.

Auburn (Wa.) DT Danny Shelton "A real beast. This guy is the real deal inside. As we move forward here with Alameda (Ta'amu) being a senior and Danny being a freshman, he's a real force, a real factor. Again, a guy who could have gone to any school in the country, but decided to stay home and be part of this program and I think that speaks volumes for the character that he has. He's a tremendous student and again a guy that should have an immediate impact in our program because of his strength, his style of play and how bright he is on the football field."

Juanita (Kirkland, Wa.) DT Jarrett Finau "6'3", 235, d-end, tight end, outside linebacker, played a lot of stand-up, outside linebacker for Juanita. Has the ability to rush the passer, play in coverage, very versatile guy. We had us in camp, he showed us a lot and if coach (Mike) Cox made him take one more drop, I don't know if he would have come back, but he came back and kept doing it and showed us a lot of the character and heart he possesses."

Poly (Long Beach, Ca.) DE/LB Corey Waller - "His instincts, the first thing he really knows how to do well is rush the passer. He plays with amazing effort, very similar to Hauoli Jamora, a guy who is relentless the way he plays the game, but has the versatility to play, played some middle linebacker for them this year, was able to move around and do some things in coverage so, again, getting a versatile type linebacker was big for us, but also to have the speed off the edge."

Oak Grove (San Jose, Ca.) LB Scott Lawyer - "Real speed demon. If there was one word that would describe him, it would be ‘speed'. He's a tremendous edge-rusher. He really brings it off the edge and as we watch him and he grows into his body, his dad is a big man, we're excited about Scotty because of the edge presence he can bring with the speed factor."

Dorsey (Los Angeles) LB Matthew Lyons "They nicknamed him the ‘Hit Man' and I've never seen so many helmets get knocked off on one guy's highlight film. He's a physical kid out of Dorsey High School, again a lot of great linebackers coming out of Dorsey, so we love the physical presence that Matthew brings, again another tremendous student that possesses a lot of the characteristics that we're looking for from a defensive front type guy."

Pinole (Ca.) LB/S Travis Feeney "Freakish athlete, extremely physical for the wiry body that he possesses, again another guy that I think is really going to kind of grow into his body. The speed, the power, the explosiveness that he possesses is something. I think his future's so bright. This guy he's got the right makeup to be something very special down the road."

Southwestern (CC) LB Thomas Tutogi "Thomas possesses the real inside-backer type mentality, he's a tremendous athlete. He's got great hand-eye coordination, very good feet, but he's going to hit you in the mouth. He's a power run stopper that brings a lot of true, real leadership qualities."

Grant (Sacramento, Ca.) S James Sample "U.S. Army All-American out of Grant High School in Sacramento, CA. He's a big, beautiful looking man. He's all of 6'2" if not taller, 195 pounds, long, rangy, can play man-to-man coverage in the slot, and then knock the guys helmet off the very next snap. He possesses all of the characteristics that you want in a safety and comes from a tremendous high school that is continually putting players out and James is that type of guy."

Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) S Evan Zeger "When we first started recruiting Evan he was at Skyline. Another big, physical safety. Can really run, a true middle-3rd safety that could play down in the box and defend the run and with the blood lines with his father playing here at the UW and I think he'll be a great addition to us as well."

McClymonds (Oakland) CB Marcus Peters "It was a dog fight to get him here. At the end of the fight, everybody in the country was calling on him. Coming from McClymonds High School in Oakland, California where they had a tremendous season and the biggest reason was because of Marcus Peters. He's a very well-versed football player, he's coming here to play corner. I think he returned 6 punts for touchdowns last year in his senior year and he played QB, running back, receiver, he's all of 6 feet tall, 180-185, but plays the game with a real physical nature at the corner spot which is what we're looking for. We want to play more bump-and-run, we want to play more man-to-man coverage, and Marcus possesses that."

Ventura (CC) ATH Antavius Sims "He played quarterback at Ventura College, he's out of Georgia. This is why you forge relationships in the coaching business- his head coach recruited me when I was coming out and Antavius played corner for them all summer long and was far and away the best guy they had on their team and maybe the best guy around in Southern CA. They needed him to play quarterback so he said OK, I'll play quarterback and was first-team all-league QB for them as well. So, we're bringing him in as an athlete, again he possesses the characteristics we're looking for in the corner spot, big, physical, strong, be able to play more bump-and-run coverage. We were finally able to get this thing done and you never know, he'll probably be returning kicks and we'll probably have some quarterback stuff on the call sheet for him as well." Top Stories