Small-School Athlete, Big-Time Prospect

It goes without saying that every year, some very good football players fly under the radar. However, when you combine a 6'7", 320-pound frame with outstanding athleticism, it shouldn't come as a surprise that coaches will give you a long look and that is the hope of Tacoma (Wa.) Baptist OL Walker Williams who is going to have to fight an uphill battle this year to get schools to notice him...

"Last year, I played at about 330 and then with my workouts, I dropped down to about 315 and now I'm up to about 320, so I've been chaning the composition of my body," Williams told recently. "I'm working out 2.5 hours a day, five to six days a week, trying to get stronger and get myself ready to show schools what I can do."

What Williams can do, pretty easily for a young man his size, is run up-and-down the court for 32 minutes in a basketball game, lift over 300 pounds (which is no small feat for someone with long arms) and show the explosiveness to be one of the better discus throwers in the state.

The problem that Williams faces is playing for a small school like Tacoma Baptist doesn't get you much in the way of attention, so he realizes he has a long spring and summer ahead of him.

"I'm basically going to hit every school that I can this year," Williams said. "I want to go to the one-day camps, not the three-day ones, because I need to hit as many schools as possible and I want them to see me in person."

Williams noted that he'd like to hit Washington's camp as well as every Pac 12 school.

"Right now I have no offers," Williams said. "Oregon, Washington State, Boise State, Stanford has been talking to me and keeping an eye on me and Idaho too.

"Washington has come out and seen me, but I haven't heard too much from them so far."

Williams knows he has a lot to overcome to reach his goal of playing D-1 football, but he said he knows if he keeps working, things will happen just how they are supposed to happen.

"I know I'm from a small school, but I love going to school there and I love the people there," Williams said. "I have to show people that just because you come from a small school, you still can get it done and you can excel at the highest level.

"It's about heart and desire and I have that going for me because I want this really bad."

Williams said he'd like to go through the entire recruiting process because he wants to evaluate every school equally and give every school interested in him a shot.

"When you talk to the coaches and see the school, you will know if it's the right fit," Williams said. "I don't want to stick to a timeline just because, if it feels right, then you should make your decision, but I definitely will look at academics, the program and how I fit in with the coaches and the players and once you sign, it's over, so I want to make sure I make the right decision; the best decision for me."

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