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Mitch Reffett is a 6-1, 235-pound NT/FB prospect from Moses Lake, Washington, and Mitch is the younger brother of freshman DT Jordan. It was always Jordan's dream to become a Washington Husky. Is it Mitch's dream to follow his brother and play football in the Pac-10? Well, Mitch did attend Washington's junior day, and here's what he had to say.

"I enjoyed watching the players," Reffett told Dawgman.com. "When they started hitting, I got excited. I wanted to pad up." Mitch also got an opportunity to meet Husky head coach Rick Neuheisel. "He's a real nice guy. He just talked about how my brother is doing good."

While Reffett was 1st team all-league and all-state on defense, Mitch believes fullback will be his calling at the next level. He runs a 4.8 40, benches 385 pounds, power cleans 315 pounds and squats 450. As a junior in 2002, he had 47 tackles, 17 for loss and 11 sacks.

"They say I'm tenacious and tough," Reffett said, describing his style as a player. "I love to fly around the ball. And I like to hit. I love the contact. I love to win. I'm really competitive. I always try to work harder than everybody else."

Washington, Michigan State, Oregon and Montana are the schools that have been paying the most attention to Mitch, but none have stepped up to the plate with a scholarship offer. He'll be attending his team camp at Central Washington, Washington's and probably Washington State's as well. "But they might be at the same time," Reffett is quick to add.

Mitch will also be attending the Seattle NIKE camp.

When you're talking with a Reffett brother, talk invariably moves toward the sibling rivalry. "We're pretty competitive," Mitch said. "We're starting to be better friends, but he's not in high school anymore."

That led us to an impromptu Q&A:

Who is going to be the better football player? "Mitch."
Who is more competitive? "I am. I think I've got a better work ethic."
Who is meaner? "Me." (laughs)
Who has the better-looking girlfriend? "I do, for sure."
Who eats more? "Me."
Who does Mom like more? "Me."
Who does Dad like more? "Me."
Who has the better hair? "He probably does. I like to keep mine nice and short."

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