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SEATTLE - Lorenzo Romar, Venoy Overton, Isaiah Thomas, and Scott Suggs all spoke to the media after Washington's 62-60 loss to USC Saturday night at Alaska Airlines Arena, and they all had takes on the game, as well as where the Huskies are right now heading into next week's Pac-10 Tournament.

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
Opening Statement:
"Their guards came out very aggressively, especially Fontaine. They came out in attack mode and had us on our heels early. With a team like USC that plays such good defense, you get down and dig yourself in a hole that early, they make it really difficult to come back. Despite that, I think these guys dug in and found a way to dig in and come back. I commend our guys for that, but we got down by a pretty big margin early. Made it very difficult."

On frustration with shot clock:
"We knew that is how they play. That is how they played when we played them at their place."

On start of game:
"Last time, Terrance Ross hit three three's in the first half. It helped us really gain momentum. By half time, I think we were up two against them, and then continued to go up from there. We didn't really shoot the basketball like that. No one really was able to knock shots down to get us back to the game."

On Terrence Ross tonight:
C.J. Wilcox came off an unbelievable game and we were hoping he could get going. He still only played sixteen minutes. Venoy Overton started and I thought Venoy played a tremendous game tonight. He played a lot of minutes. Scott Suggs came in and did a really nice job in the first half. He came in and played and sometimes there just aren't enough minutes. Those guys that played it contributed and again C.J. If we had not have played C.J. I would have been vilified I am sure. Sent me to a guillotine tonight. I probably would have sent myself for not playing C.J. He just came off from playing one of the best performances ever. But again, he didn't play thirty minutes, he played sixteen. So it was just difficult to find minutes.
Venoy Overton:
On his game tonight:
"I'm trying to play as hard as I can to try and help the team win games and tonight I think, not to speak bad about anyone else, but I played hard and there were just a few people out there playing hard with me. It's got to be everybody. It's got to be more than just three players playing hard."

On it being hard to fathom that everyone isn't out there playing hard:
"Yeah, definitely. You're going to make the three seniors made when everybody's not ready to play. They know what kind of time in the season it is. We preached this from day one that we got to handle our business in the regular season if you want to be playing in the postseason."

On Fontan's game tonight:
"His coach, they spread us out and just drove us. Drove us and made us help and found his bigs."

On why UW couldn't do that to them:
"Their defense is a pack-in defense. They don't really come out and guard you too far. They probably don't do that to everybody. They're going to do that to stop the teams that pressure them and they know we're a pressure team and they had a better game plan than us."

On being frustrated by USC taking so much time on each possession:
"It's not really frustrating. It's frustrating that we can't get better starts."

On whether there's something missing that is contributing to their recent poor starts:
"I don't know, maybe Abdul (Gaddy). I can't even say it. There's nothing really missing, we just have to do it. You can say it over and over we just have to do it."

On what USC did well against the Huskies:
"They kind of spread us out and made our guards defend. They went one on one and they kinda got us off balance."

On the emotions of it being senior night:
"I just wanted to go out with a win—to beat these guys and go into the Pac-10 Tournament feeling confident, but hopefully we can be on a run and go from there."

On what Washington is going to focus on going into the Pac-10 Tournament:
"We've got Washington State—they've beat us twice already so we've gotta be ready to play against a zone. The zone has been getting us you could say. We've gotta get in the gym and everybody's gotta get to shooting and we've gotta be ready. It's the big stage, and I think we'll play good on the big stage."
Isaiah Thomas:
On the game being frustrating:
"Just because we couldn't get any stops. It's never fun when you are down, basically the whole game. That's the reason why. But we fought back, trying to get back in to it. We just have to start games and halves off, better than we have been. Because we get ourselves down and the new always come back, but it's a little too late."

On the regular season leading to disappointment:
"You could say that. We thought we were going to do so much better. We haven't been as consistent as we would like, and that has cost us seven games. Every game was different, but we have to deal from this and be ready for the Pac- 10, because it's do or die now."

On playing the Cougars:
"Yeah, try to get them back. It's hard to beat a team three times, in any sport, so we'll focus on them and get ready for them, and hopefully we'll have a good game.

On every game having stakes:
"Not really, every game has their own meaning. There have been games where we could've taken advantage of it, and we didn't. And this was another one—we could've ended the Pac-10 on a good note, but we didn't. But we just have to turn the page and really be ready for this Pac-10 tournament, and try to make some noise. Like I said, it's do or die. If you don't bring it, you are out."

On having a blueprint from last year:
"Yeah we do. We have guys that have been in this situation. Everybody just has to be ready and play their part and do it really well. I mean it's March, no more excuses. Everybody has to be held accountable with what they are doing, including me. We just have to be really ready and focus one game at a time, and try to make some noise."

On explaining the slow starts:
"I couldn't explain—if I could, there wouldn't be any slow starts. We just have to be mentally ready—I actually don't even know if it's that, it's just the first four to eight minutes, we just have to pound teams and take the first punch. I feel like we've been letting them take the first punch the last couple of games, and it has hurt us. We dig ourselves a deep hole, even though we know we always come back, but it's the end of the season now, you do that, you lose a game, you are done."

On the confidence of the team:
"It's not very high right now. But I told the dudes in the locker room to soak it in tonight, and tomorrow is a new day and turn the page, because we have bigger things to try and accomplish and it's pac-10 tournament, we have to be ready. So we can't soak our head on this loss until Thursday, we have to turn the page after tonight."

On seeing this confidence on the court:
"I mean probably, because guys aren't hitting shots usually. I mean guys aren't hitting their normal shots, and when you are not doing that as a ball player, your confidence level kind of goes down, and you don't want to be aggressive as you usually are, take the shots that you usually take. We just have to turn the page. Any given night, like Thursday night, we didn't shoot it well, but we played great defense, and that is why we won. We just have to be consistent in all areas."?

On confidence being a problem for you personally:
"No, I mean I've been in the gym. Shots just haven't fallen the last two or three games. But we have a little break until next Thursday when we play, so hopefully shots will fall then."

On this being the best game for Venoy:
"Probably, I mean he's building on his games. Like the last two and three games, he has been playing really well. He's back, he's 100 percent and he's back to the old Venoy. He's just being aggressive. And he knows it's the end of the road, like I keep saying it's do or die. Our seniors don't want to go out to where you lose each last game."

On a certain part of the team you can rely on:
"It would be defense. We just have to be ready for Washington State. But, we didn't get the stops we wanted this game, but we played hard. You can't tell us we didn't play hard. We just have to do a little more."

On thinking about the NCAA tournament:
"I mean, we're just trying to do whatever we can to do to get there. And we know at the end of the day, you have to win games. So, we really—I haven't seen where we're ranked and where we are. But I think we are in our right position, but we have to assure that, and win some games in this Pac-10 tournament."

On thinking about Selection Sunday coming and your name not being called:
"Yeah, the last two years I've been here, we've had parties, we had everyone here celebrating, because we knew we were going to be in the NCAA tournament. I want that feeling again, I mean, who doesn't?
Scott Suggs:
On UCLA securing the second place conference spot with a win today:
"Obviously, we wanted to get as high as possible. We've got Washington State again and I'm sure they're excited to get us too."

On there being a little something extra on the match up with WSU:
"Yeah, there better be. I mean, we've lost to them twice."

(Scott Panitz and Sabrina Squires contributed to this story)

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