Rick Neuheisel quotes - 4/15

The biggest news of the day was the announcement that the football team will be returning to Olympia. Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel addressed that, as well as many other topics Tuesday evening after practice.

On Jimmy Newell's Spring: Jimmy Newell is doing good things. We're pleased with his progress. I'm happy that he's healthy, knock on wood. We hope that he can remain that way and we can come out of the spring feeling really good about our safety position.

On the injury status of Donny Mateaki and Josh Miller: Mateaki, we're hoping can come back on Thursday. Josh is going to meet with a back specialist tomorrow.

His take on special team's so far this Spring: It's really a fundamental time for special teams. We don't get to scrimmage them nearly to the extent of the other facets of play, but it's a chance for us to really look at some kids in terms of their explosiveness and their ability to fly around the ball. We're just critiquing personnel within the fundamental drills.

On offensive line personnel moves: We've got a new coach who wants to see everybody and try them in different places. I think it's a good thing. We're trying to create as much competition as possible to try to make a frenzy to see who is going to be that first five.

On Dicks at center: Dan Dicks played center today. If you remember he played center all of last spring. You never want to be caught without one, so I don't think it's wasted time. I think it will be a prudent thing. When you're playing center you're talking to both sides of the line so you kind of have to coach yourself to play those interior positions.

On going back to camp in Olympia: We are going to go back to Olympia. The NCAA is contemplating a new fall camp schedule with an acclimatization period. Which would mean, effectively, that there would be no freshmen orientation by themselves. The entire squad would be a part of that. If that gets passed then we'd probably be here for a week, the normal time we'd be here with the freshmen, then we'd be in Olympia for a week just to get that bonding experience I think we missed this year. The rule would only change if the entire team was here the first week or just the freshmen prior to Olympia. I think there are some bonuses to the rule. I think it was a rule designed in the wake of some tragedies at Northwestern and the Minnesota Vikings and things of that nature. We don't have that kind of heat that puts guys at such risk. It's not to say that heat is the only cause, but I don't know that it's a great thing for every program. When the NCAA gets involved that means everyone has to dance to the same deal, whether it's the right thing to do or not. So we'll wait to see the rules and go by it.

On the visiting Auburn coaches: When you're a semester school you can get done with spring practice a lot earlier so you can travel around and see a lot of different places.

On Dash Crutchley: He's trying tight end and we'll probably look at him the rest of spring there.

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