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LOS ANGELES - Lorenzo Romar, Ken Bone, Isaiah Thomas, C.J. Wilcox, and Reggie Moore all spoke with the media after Washington's come-from-behind 89-87 win over Washington State in the quarterfinals of the Pac-10 Men's Basketball Tournament, held Thursday night at the Staples Center.

Post-Game Notes:
- Klay Thompson set Pac-10 Tournament records with 43 points and eight three-pointers. Thompson also tied UCLA's Reggie Miller for most made field goals with 15. The previous record for points was 41, by Cal's Leon Powe in 2006 against Oregon in 2OT

- Klay Thompson's 43 points tied his career high, and is tied for the fifth-highest single-game points in Division-1 this season.

- Isaiah Thomas had 21 points and 11 assists for his fourth double-double of the season.

- The Huskies had five players score in double-figures (Thomas, Ross, Bryan-Amaning, Wilcox and Holiday).

- Justin Holiday recorded his third double-double of the season with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

- This was only the second time this season that Washington won when trailing at halftime. (At home vs. UCLA)

The two teams combined for 21 made three-pointers, which ties the Pac-10 Tournament record for a single game. That was when Oregon (14) and USC (7) played in 2007.

Coach and Player Quotes:

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening Statement - "Well obviously, that was a heck of a college basketball game. Just very proud of our team having gone down eight in the first half, and coming back in the second half and laying it all out there on the floor. Our guys scrapped and game every ounce of what they had for us to come back and get that victory.

"Our seniors stepped up. Justin Holiday didn't evenknow he was going to play until he was OK and cleared today (from concussion). He sat out all week and come out and got a double-double on the boards…rebounded.

"Isaiah (Thomas), I would like to sit down with all of you and show you the film and point out some of the things he did without scoring that helped us win that game. He came out and just willed this team to win. Special players can do that.

"Our two freshmen in the starting lineup really stepped up. C.J. Wilcox and Terrence Ross, knocking shots down. C.J.'s two that he hit in the second half were crucial, got us over the hump. But I just couldn't be prouder of our guys. And Klay Thompson is really good."

On putting two frosh in the starting lineup - "We didn't see it as two freshmen in the starting lineup. C.J. was already in the starting lineup, and we were going to play defense a little differently in terms of switching everything. We wanted more like-sized players in there so there wouldn't be any mis-matches."

On Thomas playing forty minutes - "He's been waiting to do that since he's been here, play 40 minutes. He's pretty durable."

On playing the right way and still being down the first half - "We played better in the second half. We were playing better than we had been in our last three home games early on. If we had played the ay we played in our early home games, we would have been down by more than eight. We playing okay, but not great. In the second half, I thought the press really got us going. It just loosened up everything. Guys began to put up shots and make shots. Whenever you're making shots, the always becomes a little easier."

On Oregon - "They're a tough team to play against. That is a true team in every sense of the word. They play well together. They play hard, they play with a lot of intensity. It's going to be a tough ballgame for us. We need to come ready to play, because I know they will."

On Ross - "Terrence Ross, on any given day, could get 20 points. That's the kind of player he is. Again, he didn't play the SC game due to circumstances, but I had all the confidence in the world that given the situation, he could come in and do a nice job.

"We went smaller, we were switching everything early. We felt like if we went bigger, we might get caught up in some mis-matches. We could have put Scott Suggs in there instead of Terrence, but we wanted to have a better rebounder in there in Aziz's absence. And that's how we came to that conclusion there. He did a fantastic job today."

On Wilcox having a green light - "When he signed, he had the green light - put it at that. When he signed, he had the green light to shoot."

On halftime speech - "We just talked about doing a better job, not wanting to go home yet. The beginning of that second half early, I think Isaiah got us going. He just pressured the ball and we got a five-second count really early, and we began to press them. Everyone kind of followed his lead on the defensive end.

"I think we just tried to make a point, that we're about to go home. We didn't do a very good job of not giving Klay Thompson looks. We did a better job, but he just got in a zone. We talked about…we were down eight and it's 14-4 in second-chance points. We were getting out-scrapped, and you can't spend your summer thinking we didn't make the NCAA Tournament because we got out-scrapped. You don't want that to happen. That's the message we tried to convey."

On NCAA hopes based on this game - "I thought we would be OK, but over the years you watch on Selection Sunday, and you see people that thought they were OK, only to find out they just missed it…and that was a possibility. And this was big to remove that possibility."

On fouling up three at the end of the game - "How about that? There wasn't much of a debate. I haven't talked about it a whole lot, but in my mind I was keeping it a secret weapon, so to speak. If we ever had to use it…I've changed over the last couple of years, that there are times - and I don't think it's every time - but I thought this was an ideal situation to do it with a guy like Klay Thompson out on the floor. Scott Suggs did a good job of executing what we wanted.

"It was more of a debate as to whether or not we would execute it properly. Would we foul a guy in the act of shooting? Would we foul too early? But our guys did exactly what we asked them to do. When that clock got down to five or four (seconds), and Reggie Moore had the ball at half-court with Scott Suggs on him, I said we're in the perfect position. And he fouled him right after that."

On Klay Thompson being in a zone - "I wish I could have been sitting in the stands with a box of popcorn, watching. Phenomenal performance…very similar to 2005, when Salim Stoudamire…championship game right in this building, and he caught fire with 37. Klay was really impressive. He was awesome."

On getting their swagger back - "I think our team has a quiet, solid hope about them right now. I think it's a hope with some substance. It's not false bravado. I think there's some substance there…this is good, let's keep playing this way."

On Ross inside - "When we played at SC earlier in the year, they had smaller guys on him and we posted him up right away. Klay Thompson got a foul, and we went right at him on the box, because Terrence can do that. He's our best low-post scorer, other than Matthew (Bryan-Amaning)."

On MBA getting two quick fouls - "He maintained his focus while he was on the bench. He didn't get his head down, he didn't lose his concentration. He was able to get back in there, and he helped us win the game for us in the second half."

On Justin Holiday and if he's 100 percent - "His legs aren't, but he just hadn't played. He was extremely winded, but man, he's got a big heart to come back out as tired as he was to out there and compete and follow Klay around."
Ken Bone:
On the end of the game - "(Lorenzo) Romar is known not to foul, but it was a good move on his part. It was good strategy. They gave me a technical foul for calling a timeout, because apparently you can't call more than five timeouts a game. I caught myself, but I understand why the ref called me on it. It was the right call."

On the game - "We had a great beginning, but in the second half Washington started scoring on almost every possession, and that really set the tone. We played some great defense in the first half, limited their runs, but Washington's 8-0 run to start the second half really got them ahead of us."

On what happens from here - "I'm disappointed we lost, but I am very proud of Klay. It's always disappointing to lose, no matter if a player scores five points or 50. We are playing good basketball right now, and I hope the season doesn't end tonight. It's just not in my hands."
Isaiah Thomas:
On what he did at halftime, and reminders to OSU last year - "Coach (Romar), that was one of the first things he said. We were down 12 or 14 to Oregon State, and we actually played better this time than we did last year at this point of the season. I yelled at guys, telling them we don't want this to be out last game. We don't want our season to end right now. Everybody kept the faith and played hard. When you do that, a lot of things can happen. We just fought hard and won the game."

On getting inside WSU's zone - "We just spread our offense. We've got tremendous shooters in C.J., Terrence (Ross), (Justin) Holiday, and (Matt) Bryan-Amaning was setting screens. When you do that it offsets the defense, and you've got to respect the shooters. If they're not going to guard the shooters, then I'm going to pass it out. But if not, I've got an open lane. That's all I did. We just played hard."

On Klay Thompson - "Great player. Some shots he hit, I was like, 'Man, is that Kobe (Bryant)?' It felt like we had a hand up and he was hitting them from everywhere. When a player can hit shots like that and get on a roll, it feels like the basket's like the ocean. Everything's going to go in. He played a great game and fought hard. This season he played three games that were real good for himself, because the games the previous two years he didn't play too well. I know these games he marked the calendar, and he had a great game."

On playing two freshmen in the starting lineup and the minutes he had to play - "When they're hitting shots, it's hard to guard us. You have to respect them. They're great shooters. Terrence is a little more aggressive to get to the hoop, and C.J.'s been working on that. They're just two great players. This is their first Pac-10 Tournament playing in it, and they're just out there having fun and playing basketball. They're not thinking too much and just going out there.

"Forty minutes, whatever coach needs me to do, whatever I can do to help this team win. That was my first 40 minute game. I was kind of happy. As long as we won, that's what made it that much better."

On being concerned they needed to win the game to get to the NCAA's - "Yeah, we always said it's win or go home. This could be the last game of the season if we had lost it. But we just fought hard. We didn't want to lose. Everybody had that mindset…even the guys that weren't playing, they were on the bench yelling, just having a lot of energy. We fought back and I'm proud of my teammates."
C.J. Wilcox:
On his confidence - "Yeah, you know, after you hit a couple of shots, coach (Romar) starts drawing up plays for you, and you feel you have a responsibility to step up and knock down shots. Early in the game, I wasn't hitting them, but they just tell you to keep shooting, and they started falling."

On how he felt - "Early, I don't know what's going on…we've been having some rough starts shooting the ball. But we kept our faith, and pulled it together in the second half."

On him shooting the Technical Foul shots - "Coach told me before during the walk-up, and then they got in the huddle…Isaiah kept walking to the free throw line. I guess he wanted to knock down some free throws. We're roommates, and we critique the whole game, so it'll probably come up."

On Klay Thompson - "Heck of a player. Every time he shot the ball I thought it was going in…definitely someone I look up to for future seasons and all that. I respect him totally…great shooter and a great player. He had a great game."

On their resolve being tested early - "Since it's the seniors' game, we had to rally together. It's nice to have Isaiah, because he's the one that always gets us together, rallying us and making sure we're playing hard, scrapping - so we can get the win."

On Thomas' mindset, especially since he played 40 minutes - "He just said he needed to win, he didn't want to go out like this. He just wanted to make sure that we were winning the game, and you saw in the second half how he started our runs and everything…he's just a great leader."

On him and Ross switching off making threes - "It's good when shooters are hitting shots, and especially Terrence making plays like that…as long as we play together and we play defense, I think we'll be fine."

On Oregon - "Tough team. I remember playing them at their place, and they are just a really tough team. They are really together. They do whatever they have to do to win. It's going to be a tough game."

On playing knowing they had to win to help their NCAA post-season chances - "We knew…that's what we were thinking. We were thinking that if we didn't win this, we were going to go home. So we had to get the win."

On playing his first game at Staples - "I've played in an NBA arena before in Utah, but just playing here where all the great players play…and sitting out last year I got to see what kind of environment it is - and it's a different experience."

On time to prepare for the Oregon game - "We'll probably watch film tonight, and wake up in the morning and watch film again. Then we'll go through our walk-through and see what we can do. We've already played them two times before, so it's not like a bunch of new things that we have to know…just get toned up and remind our players."

On if the prep is different than WSU - "They don't have that one go-to guy like Washington State has that we have to focus on. They are a team, so we all have to play together."
Reggie Moore:
On the last play of the game - "I was fouled about five feet outside the three-point line. I tried to get out of it, but couldn't. My ankle hurts, and I probably shouldn't have played, but I love this team and I am dedicated to this team. I wasn't going to let them be without me tonight."

On Klay Thompson - "Klay is an awesome player, best in the league. I just wish I was healthy enough to help him out like I did last season." Top Stories