Notes and Quotes - Georgia

CHARLOTTE, NC - Here are notes and quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Mark Fox, Isaiah Thomas, Justin Holiday, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Darnell Gant, Terrence Ross, C.J. Wilcox, Venoy Overton, Scott Suggs, Aziz N'Diaye, Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie, as they talked about Washington's 68-65 NCAA second-round win over Georgia Friday night at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Washington Game Notes:
- This marks the first meeting between the two teams.
- Washington is making its third consecutive appearance in the NCAA Tournament and sixth overall under head coach Lorenzo Romar. The Huskies are 8-5 in the tournament during his nine-year tenure and have reached the Sweet 16 three times.
- Washington earned its first-ever win in the state of North Carolina after going 0-8.
- In 16 overall NCAA Tournament appearances, Washington holds an 18-16 record.
- For the third-straight year, the Huskies won their first game of the NCAA Tournament.
- Washington extended its winning streak to four games.
- The Huskiesmoved to 1-1 this season when tied at halftime.
- With his 19 points in today's game, Isaiah Thomas eclipsed 1,700 points for his career. He now ranks sixth all-time at Washington and needs 35 more points to take over fifth. Thomas also reached double figures for the 91st game of his career. With his seven assists on the day, Thomas now has 407 for his career and moved into third in the Washington record books. It also marked his 21st game of the season with at least five helpers.
- Washington moved to 4-6 on the season despite being outrebounded by Georgia 36-29.
- The Huskies' bench outscored the Bulldogs' 28-0, improving to 18-7 on the season when accomplishing that feat.

UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
Opening Comment:
"We're fortunate we're able to come out with a victory tonight and advance. We were concerned about Georgia's inside play and Trey Thompkins had a good game. He's a really good basketball player. We also knew that they do a good job at defending. We had some good looks at the rim at the rim in the first half. We weren't able to convert, but we came back in the second half, the guys did a good job, beared down, we were able to get the win.

"They're a good basketball team. We came out and played hard, played aggressive. We were able to get the win."

Coach, you were able to deny the entry passes better and make them start their offense out top and force them to run some clock with your trap and stuff. Can you talk about how you probably did that better in the second half than the first and what effect that had for you?:
"I think in the second half we just kind of adjusted to how they were playing against us and it's what we wanted to do. They were very set oriented. They're the type of team if they get in a rhythm by running their sets, they can be pretty good offensively. So we tried to keep them off balance the best we could."

Coach, is it gratifying that you won in the style that everyone says that you can't win, like if they had a scouting report they followed it to a T and they still won?:
"It's gratifying we won. For me, as a coach, you better have some thick skin. You can't get caught up in the criticisms all the time. I'm excited that we did a good job tonight. That's a good team. They executed very well, and if we wouldn't have executed, we wouldn't have won the ballgame. So I'm excited that we've made progress that way as far as our own team is concerned. I thought we made progress that way in the PAC-10 Tournament."

Can you talk a little bit about Isaiah Thomas's demeanor on the court. I can't recall seeing a player smile literally for 40 minutes through an entire game.:
"Isaiah is one of those players. It's a game within the game. He's not just playing the game, but in his mind he's having fun. At times he's entertaining himself. But it's not -- it's not a case where he's just going out there as an individual worried about himself. He is a true winner. And I've said it a thousand times, maybe 999, but this is his third championship in three years. PAC-10 Championship, two Conference Tournament Championships, been to the Sweet 16. He's a winner. He loves to play. We have to make sure that there's a balance there when he gets out there, but he's having fun when he's playing out there."

Can you talk about that balance between having a good time, but also don't forget we're actually playing a game and you have a role?:
"It's a balance that he has become much better as recognizing. A lot of times kids watch television and see certain things that are going on on television and they try to emulate them. I think as he's grown up and matured, I think it's more the good side of that balance.

"Magic Johnson -- and I've told this to our team -- Magic Johnson celebrated as much as anyone. He always celebrated ed with his team. He's always was lifting his team up. He wasn't trying to put the other team down. He wasn't taunting anyone. He just loved to play, and that excitement came out. And I think Isaiah, the excitement comes out at times. I think he does a pretty good job now keeping it on an even keel."

Coach, down the stretch, you know, you're missing some foul shots, you're turning the ball over, probably making your skin crawl. What's going through your head in the final four seconds there where they've got a chance to tie it up?:
"We got to get through this. We have got to get through this. We turned the ball over down the stretch. We missed free throws. And those were two things that we always talk about down the stretch. You have to get stops, make your free throws, and take care of the basketball. Two of those we didn't get. So it wasn't a lot of the fun down the stretch there, but we're fortunate. We came out with a victory and we're advancing."

Do you feel like you guys are playing your best ball right now, and are you at a level where you feel like you could make a run here?:
"Was I sitting next to you during the North Carolina game? Yeah. We have to take it one game at a time. I'm sorry to be so basic in my response, but I think in our situation, if we're fortunate enough to do so, we look up and all of a sudden we realize we've made a run. I don't think we can go beyond North Carolina and we couldn't go beyond Georgia tonight. I think we're playing pretty good basketball, and I think we're playing it at the right time. We'll see what happens Sunday."

That's what I wanted to follow up on. Get you to talk about playing UNC on Sunday and particularly in this state.:
"They have great size. There was a lot of Carolina blue at that game. We all know they're well coached. They have three guys I guess scored over 20 tonight. They can be a pretty imposing basketball team. So we have a lot of respect for North Carolina, but we like our team as well. So we're going to prepare, see what happens."

Tonight a lot of the North Carolina players actually played their first tournament game, but your guys have played a lot of Tournament games and have that experience. Do you think that's going to be a big advantage for you or how big of an advantage?:
"Well, our guys I thought were pretty confident out there playing tonight. Sometimes you can see the stress on your team's face. Sometimes -- we've been in situation where we came out and didn't play with a level of comfort out there and we were playing too fast early. I thought we did tonight. Now, I think it helps us. That's for sure.

"Now, North Carolina, I think they're a really good basketball team. I think they went through the ACC and played some pretty good basketball. So experienced or not, they're a pretty good team."

This is two years in a row where you guys kind of had that mid-season swoon and then you're peaking at the right time. What is it about this group of players that this time of year they're really kind of playing their best ball?:
"One thing about this group is when its backs are against the wall, usually excels. And that's happened two years in a row, our backs have been against the wall and our guys have responded. And if I knew how to make sure we didn't have our backs against the wall the entire time, then I could help a lot of other coaches, I'm sure."

Why Darnell tonight?:
"They were bigger. We had to go with a bigger lineup in there. Today Darnell is one of our best, if not our best, post defender. We wanted to make sure we started the game off being able to attempt to guard those guys. They're a load down low."

Georgia Head Coach Mark Fox:
General Comments:
"That was a hard-fought-game. It was a hard fought game that we felt like if we could control the tempo, we'd give ourselves a chance to win. Washington, I have to give them credit. They made the plays in the second half. We made too many mistakes to finish the game, but we lost to a good basketball team and there's no shame in that. But it certainly was a hard fought game and one in which I thought for the most part we did a solid job controlling tempo, and I thought that was one of the big keys to the night."

I think it was about ten-point difference with about three minutes left, and in a fairly low scoring game, that seems like quite a margin. How did y'all beginning cutting into that?:
"Our defense really wasn't nearly as effective to start the second half, so we dug ourselves a hole. I think they shot over 50 percent in the second half. We were playing from behind. A lot of it was our second shot defense, because we had some offensive rebound baskets but we got late in the game and we avoided foul trouble and we wanted to play, you know, a pace that would slow Washington's offensive attack.

"But late in the game we into knew we had to play a little faster. We had some fouls to give. We just -- we're just not deep enough to play that way all the time. For the last three minutes we were able to play a little faster and got some things accomplished."

Coach, first half you guys held Isaiah Thomas to four points. Did you have an inkling he might find his rings there and start heating up?:
"We fouled him on a three-point shot with less than five seconds on the shot clock I think on their first offensive possession, and we got him started. You cannot do that against a quality player in an NCAA game. That's a tough play.

"So he made all three free throws, gave them the lead and probably got him jump-started. That was a tough, tough play."

Mark, can you share what your message was to the team afterwards?:
"Well, what I shared with them was that, you know, in basketball, once you understand the consequences of little things, you realize there are no little things. And there's a lot of little plays when we go back and watch the tape that were extremely costly and the consequences were great.

"As our team continues to grow and learn, we have to understand that. So we talked about that. And then I addressed our season and the fact that this team has come a long way. I felt like all year that they would be good enough to compete and win in the Tournament. We gave ourselves a chance. But losing in the Tournament there should be no shame in that. We lost to a good basketball team, a well-coached team, and there should be no shame in that.

"This team has -- they've achieved an accomplishment by getting here, and J.P. and Chris have been great seniors. When they come back 15 years from now with their children, that will still be noted in the arena. And that's something to be proud of, and they should never be happy in defeat. But as the season ends, I think that they took some real step forwards for our team."

I don't know how much you know about this North Carolina team. I know you know about Roy Williams coached teams. What kinds of problems do you think Washington might cause them?:
"You know what? Washington scores it from so many places. You know, they have a great shooting team. They have a low block scorer. They have a lead guard who can create his own shot and hand shots for other people. So they're a really tough matchup as you try and build your defense.

"Carolina has a long team. We got two tiny little guards. We got two tiny little guards -- I know Isaiah is not very big. You look at the starting lineup. We have one guy that's outsized by six, seven inches. Carolina's longer. I think they'll match up pretty well, but Washington is so good and they're so balanced offensively that they'll take advantage of whatever the defense gives them and should be a heck of a ball game."

Coach, you talked about Washington's defense coming into the game, how it was overlooked. Right there in the first ten minutes of the second half, they looked like they had their offense pushed all the way out to half court. Can you talk about the first ten minutes how the offense almost kind of stagnated?:
"You know, we didn't start the half -- we started the half well, got a basket the first possession of the half, and then we gave up the three free throws and then we weren't as effective in getting deeper into our possessions but maintaining some execution. And, you know, I think that one of the things that was tough for us, we couldn't get Jeremy Price going. He's a great kid, he was foul trouble. We needed him to score a little more for us, and we just weren't balanced enough there early so they were able to push us out. You got to credit their defense. They try to pressure us and take us out of some things."

Mark, Is it frustrating to get the game you wanted style-wise, score-wise, and then not be able to win it?:
"Well, I feel like for us to have a chance to win, we had to play this way. It doesn't mean if we got the game this way, we were automatically going to win, but it was something that was necessary for us to give ourselves a chance to win.

"So we got the game like we wanted to, but we didn't defend well enough in the second half. We gave up, almost 54 percent in the second half, and didn't rebound it well enough. Even though we got the game like we wanted to, you still to make the plays at both ends and we didn't do that. So, yes, it is frustrating."

We asked Travis, can you take us through the last shot, going through your mind after you get the missed free throw and everything.:
"Well, we emptied our timeouts because we had such a tough start there at the half, but, you know, we got the ball down the floor like we've worked on, and it just didn't -- he didn't get a great look. It wasn't awful. I thought he shot it on line. I thought it had a chance, but that's -- you know, that's just -- sometimes the breaks of the game."

Mark, do you expect the next several weeks will be different this time around with Trey and Travis and their NBA decisions, given you've been through it last year, and how will those decisions impact how your program looks for next season, do you think?:
"Well, those decisions will have great impact on our team, you know. They got to come back and have a great team. They both could leave and we would have a young team. One might stay, one might go. I don't know.

"What I will advise them to do is listen to the right people and that will be the 30 General Managers that make a decision on draft day. And they both have handled that entire situation with great maturity, and it has had zero impact on our season, and that's to those kids' credit, but we'll advise them to make educated decisions and get the right education in that process."

Isaiah Thomas:
For Isaiah. You three guys aren't the only ones. There's so much post-season experience on this team. You guys seemed pretty calm and pretty relaxed out there.:
"It helped a lot because I know teams are going to go on runs in the NCAA Tournament. We feel like we have a lot of experience that we can stop them runs, and our guys did a great job, because Georgia made a couple runs but we settled down and just got some stops and scored a few buckets."

Isaiah, could you talk a little bit about the period about halfway through the second half when you seemed to really figure out that you could make some moves and get yourself some space. Seemed also maybe that you celebrated a little bit by looking at your dad, how important it was to have him there, and then finally the last play when you got the finger on that inbound ball.:
"I just started seeing what their defense was doing. I told guys, "Once you make a couple passes and we rush the ball, it's wide open." I felt like we did that a couple times, and I had one-on-one matchups and I took advantage of it. My teammates did a great job of finding me. I look at my dad a lot in the game. I don't know why. Just always have.

"And the last play I just wanted to get a hand on the ball and I did. I almost hurt myself a little bit, but I just wanted to get a piece of the ball so they couldn't get a good look at it."

This is for all three players. Throughout the year, everyone has sort of said you guys don't play well in these kind of low scoring, slower-paced games, but you guys had gotten better throughout the season in doing that. Do you think that maybe you silenced that criticism tonight by winning on this stage in this way?:
"We just -- we're getting better at things like that throughout the whole season. We've had games we felt like we should have won but we didn't execute down the stretch, and when it comes down to these type of games, you -- like Holiday and Matt said, you got to play defense. Tough play defense, rebound, and execute on offensive end even though shots might not be falling. It comes back to playing defense."

You know, conference tournaments sometimes take some criticism. When you win one in the style that did you, can that carry over to this tournament in terms of confidence? Could you feel that when you were taking the court tonight?:
"Definitely. I mean, today -- how we won that Conference Tournament was pretty cool. We rode into this game with a lot of confidence. Guys weren't making shots early. I kept telling them, "Keep shooting. You're getting wide open shots." Guys made some big plays in the second half and we got the win."

This is for Isaiah. That stretch you were talking about, you hit that one shot and kind of chuckled at the guy guarding you and looked over towards the fans. Was kind of going on with you? Is that just a confidence thing?:
"Yeah, shots was falling. I was feeling it a little bit. My teammates got me the ball in a great spots to score and I knocked down the shot, so I was just doing whatever it takes to get my team a win."

On falling on the last play:
"I had to jump a lot higher than I thought I did when the ball was in the air. I just wanted to get a deflection, but I did hurt myself a little bit on the fall, but it's alright."

On the Wilson ball being different:
"It is. I mean, this time of year, it gets hard to get used to a different type of ball. We try to get as much shots up as we can in practice and try to get used to it."

On the slow start:
"We knew we had a lot of open shots, but we just didn't knock them down. We knew in the second half, we have a better chance of knocking them down. I kept telling our guys to shoot it with confidence, if you're open, make the shot, and they did a good job of that in the second half."

On what shooting is like there:
"It's pretty good. I thought it would be a lot different, but it's pretty nice. It didn't really affect me."

On North Carolina:
"It's right there in front of us. I mean, it would be great to get a win against Carolina in their own backyard. We have to be ready. They are a great team, well coached and they're going to be coming after us."

Justin Holiday:
To Justin, what has made this team such a good post-season team the last two seasons?:
"I think we understand we have to play defense to win games. Maybe, you know, throughout the season, sometimes some guys might not be focusing on defense, but now towards the end, that's what we make sure we do. We play defense, we feel we have a good chance to win games."

This is for all three players. Throughout the year, everyone has sort of said you guys don't play well in these kind of low scoring, slower-paced games, but you guys had gotten better throughout the season in doing that. Do you think that maybe you silenced that criticism tonight by winning on this stage in this way?:
"I don't know -- I think we came out and played the way we know how. I mean, we've gone through the season ups and downs, and maybe it could have been the games we have lost, the close games, that we learned. I think it finally hit us that we're able to win close games and not always be able to score. Once again, that falls back on defense. When we stop worrying about what we're doing offensively and playing dense, that helped us in winning these close games. Realistically, it's not going to be a whole bunch of games we're going to come out flat shooting, hitting, and just blow by everything everybody. You have to be able to play in both atmospheres.

"As far as the criticism goes, people say what they want. They can still think that now, but it doesn't matter to us."

For Justin, about a double-digit lead, with about three and a half minutes left. That's a fair amount of points. How did Georgia come back? Do you think you guys took your mind off the matter at all? And if not that, how did it happen?:
"They're in the Tournament to try to win the game, so just because we're up with that amount of points, you know, it's not going to be easy to keep a team from coming back. Also we didn't make free throws down the stretch like we should have. At the end C.J. did, Isaiah did, which helped us out. I think that's what helped them coming back."

Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
For Matt, you if you can spin forward to Sunday, Georgia obviously had a lot of size. You guys handled yourselves inside against them, but Carolina's longer and taller. How do you match up in trying to compete in the backcourt against them?:
"We've got a lot of guys that gang rebound today. Guys 6-5, -4. So it's a whole team effort. Once everybody comes down and aggressive on the boards, we have a good chance. We're always going to crash hard, myself, Aziz, Darnell, we're trying to be aggressive. As long as these guys block out and get long rebounds, we'll be fine."

This is for all three players. Throughout the year, everyone has sort of said you guys don't play well in these kind of low scoring, slower-paced games, but you guys had gotten better throughout the season in doing that. Do you think that maybe you silenced that criticism tonight by winning on this stage in this way?:
"Yeah. I just think that it was a long game, and we've been through this type of game and been on both ends of the game. And I think our team kind of knows how it feels to be on the wrong end. Obviously, we had some early and later on in the season and just a learning curve. Everybody on the team has got to learn how to do it and have the strong will power to win the game, and I think that now we've been on both ends. Guys are kind of more composed and understand what they have to do to win these type of games."

On Trey Thompkins:
"Heck of a player. Went out there and did his job. Obviously, had a few and-one dunks, which is important because we try to not give up any and one's. Takes it strong to the rim and is a heck of a shooter for his height."

On Letting guys play:
"We just want to go out there and play. It's fun battling down there and letting us play and got a couple of ticky-tack fouls, but that is going to happen."

Darnell Gant:
On Trey Thompkins:
"He is a great player and he did a heck of a job today, especially with us pressuring him. Usually players don't end up with 26 points and 11 rebounds if we're trying to limit his touches and were making it hard for him to get the ball and he just came out and he is trying to put his team on his back. They got the loss, but he did a tremendous job."

On playing their game:
"It wasn't hard. When we play teams with sets like this, we usually do a good job. We take them out of their sets, pressure them and make them go one-on-one, but that is not what they want to do, they want to run their sets. So, we usually do a good job at that. Like Michigan State, UCLA, teams like that, they want to run their offense, but we take them out of it."

On getting frustrating dealing with Georgia:
"Yeah, they were telling us on the court. They were like, "All you guys want to do is run, that's all you guys do. Can't you all slow it down or something?"

On UW's reaction:
"It was funny because I have been in that situation too many times before where the guys keep telling us we run too much or you all too fast or dudes are bending over because they're tired in the first half."

Terrence Ross:
On the NCAA Tournament:
"It was cool. It was a big stage, lot of people watching."

On how it was different from the PAC 10 Tournament:
"Different teams. These teams are, I can't say better, but these teams definitely know how to play because they're in the tournament."

On how tough it was to get out and run against Georgia:
"They're big and physical so they slowed us down, so it was kind of hard. But once we started running on them it took an effect on them."

On North Carolina:
"They're a good team. ACC team, big league, play a lot of other nationally ranked teams so it should be a good one."

On what it's like shooting in the Time Warner Cable Arena:
"It's cool. It's nothing like the Staples Center, but it's cool. It's actually a lot easier to me."

C.J. Wilcox:
On his clutch free-throws:
"When I was walking up to the line I was thinking back to all the hours in the gym when you just imagine hitting a big free throw to end the game, and luckily I split them. Getting up on the free throw line is pretty nerve racking, so I was luck to be able to knock one of them down."

On being nervous:
"Coming into the game I was nervous because, NCAA, it's a big stage, but once I got out there it wasn't much different than the PAC 10 Tournament, they're both big stages so it wasn't too much of an adjustment."

On wearing Georgia down over the course of the game:
"We felt they that we were wearing down the whole team. They were talking to us during the game saying they don't know why we run so much. We don't feel like we run that much, but to other teams I guess we get up and down the floor pretty well so we knew that we were wearing them down so we wanted to continue to do that."

On North Carolina on Sunday:
"They're a serious team. They play together, their used to winning, playing on the big stage so we know we have to come ready. It's going to be a real tough challenge."

Venoy Overton:
On how it feels to be back:
"It feels good. Definitely with the win it feels even better."

On wearing down the Georgia guards:
"They only played about two or three guards so they didn't have a lot of guard play and they only played about six, seven people that really play and they really had to go deep in their bench and that's what we wanted."

On how they were able to speed up the game:
"Just the press. Picking up full court, pressuring them, making them speed it up a little bit and making their big, somebody that doesn't really bring it up, uncomfortable and that kind of threw them off."

On sensing that Georgia was uncomfortable with the press:
"Definitely. There were a couple of times when they couldn't really start their offense. We knew they were a team that had to run their offense and there were a couple times when they didn't really get to their offense because Trey Thompson still had the ball with eight seconds on the shot clock. We just did a good job of taking them out of their offense."

On allowing the Bulldogs back into the game after being up by 10 with three minutes to go:
"They were competitors. They were scrappy, feisty and they kept clawing away. We committed some dumb fouls, some and-1s, and they hit some shots and got back in it."

On ever seeing Isaiah get up as high as he did on the last play:
"Yeah. After practice, we're dunking and stuff, I've seen him get high. I was watching right there, I thought he was going to miss the ball, but he tipped it and I'm just glad the guy missed."

On North Carolina Sunday:
"They're a team that, when you're a kid, that's what you think about. It's North Carolina. It's going to be a home game for them and they have the total package. They can play their whole team and be good, so we can't overlook anybody. I wish we had more time to prepare for them, but this is a tournament. We're going to really have to come out and play and bring our best game to beat those guys."

Scott Suggs:
On being happy:
"Yeah. Obviously we want to keep going, so we can be happy with the win, but we can't be satisfied."

On this game being different:
"Maybe a little bit different in that it's not another team that's guard-oriented, really Their big man, Trey Tompkins, is really good and he's really effective down there and we knew that coming into the game and we tried to keep the ball out of his hands in the paint-area, but as you saw, he could extend out to the three"

On how tough Trey Tompkins is:
"He's tough. He's big, strong, he's got good hands. He made a couple of really nice catches that I don't know how he really caught, and he was able to finish through some fouls, so he's a tough competitor."

On sensing their guards wearing down:
"Yeah, we feel we have a pretty good bench, with depth and everything and we don't really lose anything when we substitute, so we tried to pressure them on defense and make them run around and then try and get out on offense and try to wear them down a little bit. I think we did that."

Aziz N'diaye:
On dealing with Trey Thompkins:
"He's a good player. But we had trouble finishing around the rim, but I think our guys stepped up today and made a couple of good plays. I didn't have a chance to guard him a lot, but I think he's a real good player."

On how physical it was inside:
"Yeah, they had this other dude, Price I think was his name…he was strong around the rim, you know? He created angles for himself, but he needed to make his shots and stuff. But overall, I think I did a pretty good job of trying to slow him down a little bit."

On hearing from the Georgia players that all UW does is run:
"A little bit, but that's our style of playing basketball. They were trying to slow it down early on in the first half, trying to make us play a defensive zone. But when we kept going, we had to make our run, and we were fine."

On North Carolina:
"That's a pretty good team, and we're going to be playing them in their home. The environment is going to be fun. We're just going to bring it and play one game at a time."

Trey Thompkins:
Trey, how did you explain the fact you did. You guys did dictate the tempo, kind of play the game you wanted, more of a lower scoring game and they were able to win?:
"You got to give Washington credit. They know how to score the basketball. We know the way we played all season. That's how we've been successful. So we're going to stick to it any chance we get."

For Trey and Travis, if you can -- what has it meant to make the NCAA Tournament after not being able to the last couple of seasons and finally sort of putting a cap on crossing this hurdle for this particular part of the program?:
"Being in the Tournament is a blessing. It's an experience that I feel like every ball player should have while they're in college. It takes a lot to get here and we worked so hard as a team. The coach reminds us every day we were good enough to win in the tournament and just fell short."

What do you think happened early in the second half, maybe the first six, seven minutes when they kind of blew away by ten?:
"They're a team that scores in bunches. They know their strengths. They like the play the game fast-paced. They came in the second half and started knocking down shots. They were contested. That just shows the quality of shooters and the quality of team that they have."

This is for Trey. You've seen a lot of good teams this year, obviously. Do you have any theories about where this Washington team might go after playing them or where they may go from here?:
"I feel the Washington team will go deep into the Tournament. They're strong. They know how to score. They got a floor leader in Isaiah Thomas who knows what play to make every single possession, and I expect them to go deep into the Tournament."

Travis Leslie:
Travis, that last shot, can you take us through with your mind. Did it look like it was going in at all?:
"I seen it fell out of Isaiah Thomas's hands. It was open. So I went for it. Tried to throw up a lucky shot. It just didn't fall."

For Trey and Travis, if you can -- what has it meant to make the NCAA Tournament after not being able to the last couple of seasons and finally sort of putting a cap on crossing this hurdle for this particular part of the program?:
"Like Trey said. It's an honor and a privilege. Everyone wants to make the Tournament. You're here for a reason, and there's a lot of good teams here. Tonight just didn't go our way."

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