Rick Neuheisel quotes - 4/17

Rick Neuheisel had plenty to say Thursday evening about the health of his team and the expectations going into Friday's second scrimmage of the spring. Here's what he had to say.

On Nick Newton's absence: He's got a sore throat. They gave him a strep test so we just gave him the day off.

On Francisco Tipoti's play: That's another guy who's been given hope because of a new coach. Not that Brent didn't like Francisco or anything like that. Your past sins are forgiven and you're given another chance so hopefully he's making the most of it.

On goals for the scrimmage: More of the same from a week ago. The format will be the same, but we want to see improvement. We want to see young players who had the bright lights affect them last week get over that and now be able to show that they know what they're doing, correct their mistakes and so forth.

On Josh Miller's back specialist: He thinks that the rehab that we're doing is the right rehab and thinks there is great hope for the fall. Justin Robbins will have his surgery early next week and there is also great optimism for that.

On Donny Mateaki's injury: We're being very careful. It's a surgical shoulder and we'll probably rest him the rest of the spring.

On the status of the quarterbacks: I think Cody has been terrific. There are a lot of things we can refine with him. I think we're at the stage where we refine what he does. More and more information about what the defense does rather than what to do on every play. Casey I see improvement, and Isaiah is submerged in the middle of the pool, he's trying to figure out how to swim. Yet, he does so many things athletically that you can see great hope.

On Isaiah Stanback's position: There's nothing definite about receiver. I had made mention to him that it might be something that we think about in the fall, given that we have a senior quarterback coming back, but I don't want to retard his progress at quarterback. I'd say the likelihood is very slim. In the fall we'll just wait and see. A lot will depend on what our freshman receivers are capable of.

On Jordan Slye: We've moved Jordan Slye out to receiver. He's a good tall athlete. I was really enamored with the idea of him at safety, but he's really more an offensive player with his background as a quarterback.

On secondary depth / Newell's health: We're hoping, but we've also got a nice influx of young secondary players coming in the fall. It will be a class, unfortunately, that will have to participate.

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