Rick Neuheisel quotes - 4/18 PM

It took a little bit for Rick Neuheisel to come back to address the media Friday evening after the team's scrimmage, but he was able to address injury concerns, as well as his thoughts on the running game.

On the injury to Tusi Sa'au's left ankle: It looks to be just a sprain. They were going to do an X-ray but they were pretty sure it was just a sprain.

On the chances of Sa'au returning for the last week of spring ball: It all depends on how he responds to treatment and what kind of sprain it is. They won't know that until they see the swelling tomorrow morning.

On the runningbacks' performance in the scrimmage: There were some really good signs when a couple backs slashed it up, but we still have a habit of running to the sideline and we've got to get out of that. The one disappointing run that comes to mind was when Chris Singleton got the ball on third-and-one and he cut it outside and ended up not making the first down. The positive is that our defense did a great job of stopping them on third-and-one. The unfortunate thing is that I thought there was a yard (to be had) there. Those are the kinds of things that we need to continue to coach and continue to get better at if we are going to be a good running football team.

On who played well: It's difficult to make that kind of determination. I did see some improvement in terms of the line surge. I'm anxious to study the film before I make that kind of determination.

On disciplining Rich Alexis for his legal troubles: Rich and I are going to deal with his punishment privately. I'll be happy to share it at the appropriate time.

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