Husky Pro Day: The Experts' Take

SEATTLE - The Dempsey Indoor Facility hosted a plethora of NFL scouts, coaches and GMs, along with quite a few NFL and Draft analysts, who were on hand to watch Washington's 2011 Pro Day. spoke to several after the workout to get their thoughts on how Jake Locker and the rest of the Husky prospects did...

Nick Holt Husky Defensive Coordinator

On Mason Foster and Victor Aiyewa: "I wish they looked like that for a couple years for us. But in all honestly, they looked great and they really prepared themselves for today and hopefully they really helped themselves out today with how they performed."

On pluses and minuses: "I saw a lot more pluses than minuses. I thought they hustled, they did the drills correctly, they looked good, they looked in shape, they were attentive, they followed directions and they did the little things that (scouts) are looking for. Then you look at the measurables, and Vic did (30) reps on the bench press, which is excellent for a linebacker. Mason ran well, and better than he did at the combine, and he was bigger. In their drill work they looked good. The caught the ball well, they moved well, they didn't look stiff, and I think they helped themselves out today."

On how younger players can view a day like today as a cue: "There were a lot of comments today by the scouts and the people that are here watching where they were saying ‘boy, it looks like you are getting this thing back to where it was with a lot of prospects' and a lot of compliments like, ‘you're getting a lot of great kids here and we hear from around the country that Washington is doing a nice job' so that's good to hear."

Doug Nussmeier Husky Offensive Coordinator

On Locker's performance: "He's had time to just continue his development. I've said all along that I think his best football is ahead of him. I think today was just another indication. You watch how crisp his drops were, his footwork, all of the things everybody says he doesn't do well, but you watched the improvement and the progression...he's a special, special player."

On the difference from this season to now: "I think his footwork is really good, I think his confidence is where it needs to be, but I think you're seeing what type of player he really is and now he's had four months of development since we last saw him play, so he's had more development and it will keep getting better. As I've said his best football is still ahead of him."

Yogi Roth Fox Sports College Football Analyst

On Jake's performance: "I thought he was awesome, and I'm not surprised at all. I was telling a couple of guys from the NFL three years ago when Sark took the job, and I was going to come up and work with the QBs. I remember watching Jake and saying this might be the guy, and you watched his fundamentals, and you watch where he was as a quarterback as a kid in high school and then his first couple years here at UW. And then to see him last year and then this year from being with the program from training camp to the last four games where he was finally healthy, then watching him at his workouts in southern California with Kenny O'Brien, who is one of the premier individual quarterback coaches in the country, and finally giving him those three months where he gets to just be a quarterback...where you have three-step drops, five-step drops, seven-step drops, and movement in the pocket and throwing the out route, throwing the seem route, finding your timing and then going back and watching all of those, looking at ‘where's my elbow, where's my shoulder, am I clicking my feet at the top of my drop' and we got to watch all of that and see how he's developed."

On the difference between Jake in the Holiday Bowl and Jake today: "Incredible difference, I mean light years. You have to remember, when you watch that kid throw, he never got to watch himself and study himself as solely a mechanical quarterback. And just work on those individual things that are highlighted here when everybody's watching and it's just two guys – the quarterback and the receiver – and when you watch him today from his drop to the bounce in his feet to his shoulder not rising, making some of his throws tailing on him like last season and throughout his career, it gives you a nice view of what you'll see from him. Today he looked like a franchise quarterback, and there's only a few guys in college football you can say that about."

Rob Rang Draft Analyst

On where he sees Locker going: "Once you get past the 16th pick, then there's not a lot of teams looking for a quarterback. The Seahawks are a team that is, but at the same time once you get past the 16 pick, he could fall out of the first round. But with teams in the top of the second round, if they haven't addressed things at that point, then there will probably be a mini-run, and with that being said, there will be a lot of incentive for teams to trade back up into the end of the first round to get a player like Jake Locker."

On Locker's performance: "If I had to give it a grade, I'd give it a B-plus, A-minus. I had chance to go to the pro days for Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford and those were guys who skyrocketed after their workouts and I wouldn't say Jake's was that good, but that's comparing him to two players who skyrocketed. To me, what this showed was that given time, Jake is a player that could absolutely be the accurate passer that's needed to be a starting quarterback in the NFL."

On Mason Foster: "The workout was important, but I thought the way he performed in the linebacker drills was much more important than how fast he ran or how high he jumped. He showed the fluidity to drop back in coverage and showed good hands - he only dropped one pass - and then you put in his film and you see a player who is instinctive and uses his hands well. I still see him as a third round, maybe a late second round guy."

Doug Farrar Yahoo Sports/Sports Press NFL Analyst

On Locker's progression as a quarterback: "I was at the Senior Bowl, and when I watched him that week I was thinking, ‘this is a third round draft choice'. And then I saw him at the combine and he was spinning the ball better, and the trajectory and the velocity were more consistent. Out here, from January to February to March, that progression is what's so impressive to me. What I saw here was he was able to make the roll-out throws you'd expect him to make, but he also made some of the bail-out throws in the flat and he's getting better with shoulder fakes and the intermediate velocity. The accuracy from 7 to 17 yards was much better, and he looked much more like an NFL quarterback."

Brock Huard ESPN College Football Analyst

On the day in general: "Overall the two guys you were here to see – Mason Foster and Jake Locker – and by all account Mason had a brutal first 40, but he came back and a had a really good one (4.67). If that's accurate, then by all accounts I'm hoping he sneaks up into the late second round...Lofa Tatupu-esque, and I think he really helped himself today.

"With Jake, it was important for him to be accurate today, to be consistent. This conversation about him tweaking his fundamentals, you saw that played out today. His feet were underneath him, he finished his throws, he threw with great touch and accuracy, so I'd probably give him an ‘A' grade."

On the other guys: "I thought Aiyewa looked good, but he's a little stiff, and I'm not sure how he translates because he's a ‘tweener, but I think I could see him in the CFL. From talking to the scouts, I know a lot of teams love Nate Williams and the kind of leader he is, and what type of football player he is. Yeah he's not the most athletic guy, but he's an in-the-box safety that if he finds the right team he could be a nice addition."

John Clayton ESPN NFL Analyst

On Locker: "I thought he looked excellent. He has really worked on his mechanics and showed how much he's improved since he arrived at Washington, and since he's been able just to concentrate on things like mechanics, reads, placing the ball and other things that maybe go by the wayside during the season."

On where he could go: "Oh I think he could definitely go in the first round, but I think you'll see some teams looking to trade up for him since not a lot of teams later in the draft need a quarterback." Top Stories