Flor comes away impressed with UW

The state of Washington is loaded with talent along the offensive line this year and, because of that, O'Dea's Sam Flor has gotten a bit overlooked. That being said, schools from up and down the West Coast have asked the talented line prospect to stop by this spring and summer and one of those schools is Washington and this past week he took in a day of practice and came away impressed...

"It was a good practice, definitely," Flor told Dawgman.com. "The coaches all have a lot of energy and you can see how the linemen really get after each other.

"It was fun just being there and watching what they do and seeing (former Irish OL) Dan Kanczugowski in there playing was fun too."

Flor said he spoke with the coaches and continues to develop a relationship with them.

"They are really easy to talk to and I spoke mainly with coach (Dan) Cozzetto and we just talked about the normal stuff -- what am I up to, stuff like that," Flor noted.

In addition to his interest from Washington, Flor said he continues to hear from schools in the Pac 12 as well as the Mountain West.

"I'm going to go to a lot of camps because a lot of schools want to see me at them before they will offer," Flor said. "I went down for Stanford and Cal's Junior Days and had a great time there and I'll probably hit their camps for a day and then probably UCLA's camp and most likely U-Dub's and Washington State's too.

"It's going to be busy and I'll probably be tired, but if that's what I need to do, then I'll do it, plus it will help me improve and get better and I will be competing against other top linemen."

Flor said he hasn't really made a lot of decisions on what he's looking for in a school other than finding the right opportunity for himself.

"I'm open to everyone right now," Flor said. "Washington is my hometown school, but I want to keep an open mind about where I might end up."

We'll have more from Flor in the future as he continues to make his way through the recruiting process.

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