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Keauntea Bankhead is a 5-11, 200-pound athlete from Seattle (Wash.) Ballard, and even though it's still early in the recruiting process for seniors-to-be, Keauntea can be satisfied with a pretty unique achievement. He currently has scholarship offers from Washington and Washington State, a feat that not a lot of other in-state high school football players can say right now.

"I think I'll play defense in college," Bankhead told Dawgman.com, despite being a legitimate threat on either side of the ball. "I think it's just my desire to win, my heart and my aggressiveness that makes me a better player."

Bankhead's last 40 time was a 4.53. He benches 275 pounds and just maxed out his squat at 396 pounds. He's not playing any other sports at this time, concentrating on his schoolwork to keep his grades in order.

"I'll be going to Washington State for our team camp," Keauntea said when asked about his summer plans. "And some of us are going to a camp at SMU too. It's a way for me to get out of the area and see some other competition. I've never played football outside of Washington before, so that should be fun."

The Beavers also made a trek up to Canada last year to participate in the Big Kahuna passing league. Bankhead wasn't available last year to play, but expects to be up there this summer.

He's been to two Junior days, Oregon's and Washington's. "Oregon's was good," Bankhead said. "I got to meet all the coaches. It was nice."

And Washington's? "I got to see practice, so that was nice. It was intense. I liked it a lot."

Keauntea has recently been to Pullman to check the Cougars out unofficially. "I just went over there and I like the campus," he said. "My sister goes there."

When it comes to favorite schools, Bankhead is decidedly pro-West Coast. "I'd like to stay in the Pac-10," he said. "And I'd like to stay close to home too." While he has offers from the hometown Huskies and the cross-state Cougars, Keauntea isn't close to a decision just yet.

"I'm pretty open," he said. "I'm just waiting on things. I don't want to make a decision now and then regret it later."

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