Locker talks Titans

FERNDALE, WASH. - Jake Locker met with the media at the basketball gym of his high school alma mater - Ferndale - to talk to the press after being taken with the No. 8 pick by the Tennessee Titans in the 2011 NFL Draft. And just as you would expect with the low-key Locker, he was excited to talk about the next chapter of his life.

On getting the call - "I can't even explain it to you They called me When they were on the clock…I wasn't even watching the TV I think there was six minutes left when I answered the phone It was their area code I recognized it was from Nashville, and I hoped it was what they were calling about I talked to their GM first, and then I talked to their whole staff after that It was guys I've spent a lot of time with now, and I'm really happy to be working with "

On explaining what he knew about himself that others didn't know about his decision to return to UW - "I don't know I didn't pay attention to that kind of stuff It wasn't going to benefit me as a person or player, and it wasn't going to help me improve my stock in this draft I know what I'm capable of; I always have I'll believe in that forever, no matter what anybody says And I think that's what Tennessee sees in me "

On getting caught off guard by getting picked so early - "I spent a lot of time with them throughout this process…at the Senior Bowl and the combine, the personal workouts, and then going out and visiting their facility I got to know them, and knew they were interested I didn't know if they would take me with the eighth pick, but I'm happy they decided to I got the call…I didn't try to go into today with any expectations, just to try and enjoy it and have fun when you got that call I was just happy it came as early as it did It made it a less stressful day "

On his ears perking up when Tennessee was on the clock - "Yeah, I think all of us involved felt good I spent a lot of time with them, and they spent a lot of time getting to know me and working me out I thought it was a possibility "

On what's going to change for him now that football is a business - "I'm just going to get more time with it I'm not going to change how I do any of it I'm going to play it the same way I'm going to prepare for it the same way I just get more time to do it, more time to watch film, more time to work on the aspects of the game that make you that much better as a player And that's something I look forward to "

On the town of Ferndale living it with him - "It's where I grew up It's where I call home I'm very happy to be part of this community "

On the reaction of his Father, Scott - "There was excitement by everybody It was crazy You can hear his voice over anybody's, wherever you're at I could tell he was pretty excited and pretty pumped up about it "

On how many shirts he brought with him to the Draft party - "The funny part was, this was the only shirt he brought over with him I don't know if he had an inkling, but it worked out pretty good

On having any hats with him - "I didn't bring anything I don't know if he brought anything else, but he brought this shirt and had it for me when I got drafted, so it all worked out well "

On what comes next - "Catch a red-eye tonight, go some media for them tomorrow and kind of spend some time at their facility I'm sure I'll get a better idea of what the schedule is going forward "

On ever having visited Nashville before - "I took a visit out there I haven't got to see the city, but I've heard a lot of great things about it Everybody that goes there and lives there loves it, so I'm looking forward to that "

On if it's important to him that he's now the highest-drafted QB ever from UW - "No Where I got drafted wasn't what I was concerned with I feel great about this not because it was the eighth pick, but it's a great situation, a great football team, a great organization - one that I'll be proud to be a part of

On his understanding of how he'll be used at Tennessee and their personnel - "When you watch their team the last couple years, Vince Young was a mobile quarterback, he moved around, and they utilized that With the running game they have, with Chris Johnson, I think that's something that's effective for them You have to account for him, he's such a good football player They are so good up front to be able to get him to the next level that I think it's part of the game that we'll utilize And then some play-action stuff down the field as well, and you have your drop-back game "

On talking to the Tennessee QB Coach - "Yeah…just kind of today on the phone, talking to him…congratulations, look forward to getting you up here and starting to work "

On being pretty relaxed - "I just got picked with the eighth overall pick! (laughs) It's a dream come true It's something I've thought about as a young kid And now to live it out, it's rewarding "

On being more rewarding with what happened his senior year - "I never had doubts; other people did I knew what I was capable of and was confidence in myself So to be able to have somebody else see that same confidence in you means a lot to you "

On hearing from any of the UW coaches - "I talked to them before earlier today I haven't heard from them since I know they pushed practice back until tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll talk to them the next couple days I look forward to it "

On his day - "I went out today earlier with my Dad and my agent, met my cousins and her husband out on their property, and shot some guns for a little bit, kind of take your mind off it a little bit - pass some time, I guess It worked good, I guess From there I got cleaned up, went over to my Aunt's house where everyone was at, then waited until we got the phone call, I guess "

On the feeling of doing all of this in Ferndale - "I'm really happy I had the opportunity to do it here, because this is where it at started for me It's great when you make a decision, and it goes as it does It reinforces the decision you made It was an honor to be invited there, but why I chose to stay here was all the reasons you saw today…being able to share this with the people of Ferndale "

On being upset the Seattle Seahawks didn't get a chance to draft him - "I'm happy the Titans got me " (laughs) Top Stories