Post-Spring Review: Quarterbacks

It's time to take an in-depth look at where things stand with the annual Spring Game in the rear-view mirror. First up, the quarterbacks, a battle that will rage until at least the middle of fall camp although one signal-caller appears to have a slight edge as we head into the offseason…

While both third-year sophomore Keith Price and redshirt freshman Nick Montana both got roughly the same amount of reps with the first and second units, it appeared that Price came out the leader, if only slightly.

Price's poise and his command of the offense as well as the huddle appear to be giving him the edge over Montana although there is still quite a bit of time before head coach Steve Sarkisian needs to name a starter.

When he first arrived at Washington back in 2009, Price had an exaggerated over-the-top delivery which looked a bit awkward. Now, his mechanics are sound and he snaps the ball out quickly to his receivers.

One comment from many observers at spring practice was that Montana seems to be pushing the ball a little bit and the youngster spent time after practice, along with walk-on Thomas Vincent, throwing the ball to certain points, working on his release points and footwork.

At the annual Spring Game, Price was solid, throwing for 212 yards and three touchdowns while Montana went went 9-20 for 146 yards including a 70 yard touchdown completion to WR Cody Bruns.

Throughout camp, Montana showed flashes of why the Husky coaches are so high on him, making some nifty plays as spring went along, but he also appeared indecisive at times and still seems to be swimming with some of the concepts and defenses being thrown at him.

Where they differ the most is in the area of mobility.

Price is very mobile and even a threat to run with the ball, while Montana is more of the pocket-passer who has the feet to move around in the pocket, but won't keep defensive coordinators awake at night worrying about him running the ball.

Derrick Brown recently received his acceptance letter from Washington and will arrive this summer to take part in the LEAP program for incoming freshmen.

Brown's size and mobility make him a very intriguing cog to the Husky quarterback machine and he has told he plans to thrust himself into the mix early on with the hope of earning playing time as a freshman.

While that is something the Husky coaches probably hope doesn't happen, the fact that Brown is ready to come in with the mentality of earning early reps can only bode well for the future.

Post-Spring Depth Chart
Keith Price (RS So.)
Nick Montana (RS Fr.)
Derrick Brown (Fr.)
Erik Wilson (So.)* or
Thomas Vincent (Fr.)* Top Stories