Rick Neuheisel quotes - 4/24 PM

After wrapping up the final practice of the spring, Rick Neuheisel took some time to address some issues including Saturday's annual Spring Game, overall feelings about the spring, and some new injuries.

On the back-up quarterbacks for the spring game: I think we're going to go live again. I think it was great work for them and I don't want to retard that progress. Obviously there's a risk involved but it's more important to me that they play football and realize how much time they have in the pocket and all that kind of stuff other than having a false sense of security there.

On how the teams will be divided: We're going to split it up into a white team and a purple team and there will some guys who will switch jerseys. The special teams will be a mix of white jerseys and purple jerseys and we'll have a demonstration team wearing green vests. It'll be mostly ones vs. ones and twos vs. twos.

On the status of all the red jerseys: They're all ready to go as soon as spring is over. We can't have contact anymore until fall camp and they'll be ready for contact. Everything the team does, they'll be doing once spring ball is over. They just can't have contact, but we can't have contact once the last day is over.

On Clay Walker's injury: We put a red jersey on him today for precautionary reasons but he'll be ready to go on Saturday. He was suffering from a sore shoulder.

On what he is looking for on Saturday: More of the same and a lot of physical play. We're certainly not going to trick each other. It'll be come after each other and have the quarterbacks experience how to manage a game. It'll be good for sideline communication where we have coaches up in the box and all that kind of stuff. Hopefully entertain the fans a little bit with some good play but really just keep after what's really been the mantra of spring, which is to be physical.

On if he's worried about giving away too much on Saturday: We haven't really done much this spring if you think about it. There hasn't been exactly a lot of intricate offense and defense. What we've tried to do is practice fundamental football and try to create a mental and physical toughness about us that hopeful we've accomplished and Saturday will be another day in trying to make that a cornerstone.

On his overall feel for the spring: I feel good about it. Now it's a huge challenge to everybody involved coaches and players alike to do everything we can from now until August to do everything we can to be the best possible player or coach we can be.

On his post pep talk to the team: I gave them all the schedule for Saturday and told them all we have one more chance to put a great finish on what I think has been a very productive spring and we cant squander it. Don't get too hung up on who's coming to the game to watch, get hung up on knowing what to do so coaches are watching for the next month which is the case when you don't have a scrimmage to show them what you want them to watch.

On Derrick Johnson's status for Saturday: I'm hopeful he'll make it. We're going to have to wait and see on his sore ankle and knee.

On Scott Pelluer: Scott does not have any role with the team. Obviously he's got family here in town and he and I are talking about any possible opportunities that may arise in the future but he was here today just hanging out.

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