Visit to Montlake goes well for Seymour

The sidelines for Washington's Spring Game on April 30th were lined with several top prospects and one that was there was Muir (Pasadena, Ca.) CB Kevon Seymour. The talented DB spent 24 hours in the Emerald City and said he got a 'special feeling' while he was there...

"It was a really great visit for me," Seymour told "I loved the city and the campus and when I got to meet and talk to the coaches, that was really a good moment for me.

"I also really felt comfortable with Gregory Ducre and Kevin Smith. I had never really met either one of them before, but I hung out with them a lot and they were real cool and showed me and Tairen (Owens) around."

Seymour is widely considered one of the top corner prospects on the west coast and he said the Huskies have vaulted themselves into the upper eschelons of his favorites list, although he hasn't really named any yet.

"I have a great relationship with coach (Demetrice) Martin," Seymour said. "He's from (Pasadena) and he went to Muir, so we have a lot in common and he's really easy to talk to.

"We didn't even really talk much about football while I was up there. We just talked about my life and how school is going.

"Washington felt really comfortable for me and that's something that I'm looking for in the school I end up going to. I want to feel like it's a good fit and that I can feel at home and I definitely felt that way when I was there."

With his teammate and friend (Owens) already committed to Washington, many expect that to play a role in where Seymour ends up, but he said that won't be the case.

"We're practically brothers," Seymour said. "I mean, Tairen and I are real close and we will always be close, but I'm not going to choose a school just because he's there and that really won't play into where I end up.

"I need to feel comfortable and know that I can stay at a school for four years no matter who is there."

Speaking of recruiting, Seymour now has 14 offers as Oregon and Boise State recently joined Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico State, Oregon State, San Jose State, SMU, UCLA and Washington as programs who have extended offers.

"Boise State and Oregon just came in recently," Seymour said. "I feel blessed to have this opportunity and I'm not going to waste it, so I want to take my time and take my visits and I'll decide sometime in January."

Seymour is 'Mr. Everything' for Muir, posting 47 tackles from his corner position while throwing for over 200 yards including two touchdowns and rushing for another 200 yards and he hauled in 18 receptions for 350 yards and five touchdowns as a junior last season.

We will have more in the near future as Seymour continues on through the recruiting process.

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