Trip Report - Martin Breunig spoke Thursday with Brian Richert, Head Coach at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisc., and Richert had just spoken to one of his players, 6-foot-9 forward Martin Breunig, after Breunig returned from an official visit to Washington. Did Breunig enjoy his visit? What's next for the former Maryland signee?

"I picked him up this morning from the airport," Richert said of Breunig. "He and I talked for about 45 minutes on the way. He loved the visit, no doubt about it. He loved everything he saw. He really loved the interaction with the head coach, coach (Lorenzo) Romar. He loved the players. The players were very nice to him and knew his name already when he arrived on campus. He loved playing against them. He loved it.

"Did he want to commit? That's something he's really considering right now. He wants to go on one more visit to compare. He had a tough situation with Maryland and the coaching change. Now he wants to be able to go through the recruiting process to see what he missed, because he committed to Maryland early and liked Maryland and that situation, but he didn't really go through the process."

So what is Breunig's plan now that he's visited Montlake? "He wants to visit one more school," Richert said. "I don't know the school yet; he's got a lot of options, a list of 15-20 schools that he could go on. He hasn't shared with me what visit that's going to be yet. I told him to do his homework, do his research, figure out which one you want it to be, let us know and we'll get on the phone and make it happen. Then he'll compare them and make his decision."

There's a current Dead Period for basketball recruiting that ends May 27th. Coaches can take and make phone calls, but they can't visit prospects on or off campus. So that leaves Breunig as the lone girl at closing time, with 100 guys waiting at the bar she gets to choose from.

"Exactly," Richert said with a chuckle. "Coming from Germany, being an international, he had no idea about this process. At least in the United States, at least you know about the differences between schools and you hear about the different programs. Everything is new to him. When he got to Maryland, he fell in love so quick he wanted to get it over with and figured it was a great place.

"We've got 10 kids that have signed scholarships from our team. One kid is going to Seton Hall, and we have others that are going to the Horizon League…they keep talking about the process as he went through it. He's hearing this from his teammates, and he's like, I never went through any of that. I want to compare. He's hearing it from his teammates, so he wants to experience some of that. So if Washington is a place I really love, let me go to one more, and we'll see how much I love 'em."

The Dead Period comes at an inconvenient time for Breunig and where he currently stands in the decision-making process. "I know he wants to get it done quickly," Richert said. "He'd go on another visit this week if he could, but he can't. Once the Dead Period is over, he wants to go on one more. I have no idea which school that is. I handed him a list of 15-20 schools that have shown a lot of interest. Do the homework, and tell me which one on that list you want to visit and make your decision.

"But he might come back to me and say the heck with this. Right now he's tired. He's mentally a little drained. My only advice to him was to take some notes down, put all the positives that you saw out there, and then when you go on your other one, compare 'em, and whatever you think…you put down the top-five things you like in a college. I don't give advice to my kids as to what I look for. It's not my life, it's theirs. But whatever their top-five is, compare 'em."

One aspect of Breunig's recruitment has already decided. "He had his chance with Maryland, and it didn't work out, and he wants to explore other options," Richert saying, confirming the Terrapins are now completely out of the picture. "He saw Washington as a very good option to explore, and he's very happy with Washington. He loved his visit, but he didn't want to jump into a decision because of the Maryland situation. He didn't want to go on another visit and commit right away like he did the last time. I'm not saying Washington would make that mistake, I'm not saying that at all…we're just being careful."

With UW fans yearning for some positive news on a big man joining the Hoop Dawgs, Richert is patiently waiting for more definitive news from his forward. "When is a decision going to be made? That's 100 percent up to him," Richert said of Breunig. "That could be a day, it could be a week, it could be two weeks…whenever Martin in his mind and in his heart says this is the school, that's what we go with."

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