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Husky Hoops fans are wondering; what the deal is with big man Richard Peters. Is the 6-foot-10 Canadian going to enroll for college in 2011 or 2012? Dawgman.com got a hold of Peters and asked him a few questions on his recruiting situation.

Why did you decide to reclassify for 2012?:
"I was always a part of the 2012 class, but I was planning to reclassify for the class of 2011 to enter college early. My mind state has always been - why wait? The problem was that this decision was made at a wrong time, and I just felt uncomfortable rushing a big decision regarding the most important four years of my life."

How often do you and coach Romar talk, and what advice has he given you to get better for college?:
"We talk quite a bit. There have been times we have talked a lot and then at times where we don't for a week or so. Every time we do chat, I feel the relationship is always growing. Strength and conditioning has been most of the aspects we speak about. When he visited me at my open gym I was hitting jump shots and working outside, out of the post. He expressed that I need to keep working on those skills, and also go to moves in the post to be more of a threat on the offensive end."

With UW being your leader, what other schools are you interested in?:
"Washington is clearly my leader, but to be honest I have looked at my list and I am interested in them all. I'm grateful for catching the eye of all these great schools."

Do you have plans on making decision soon?:
"Not anytime soon. I'd really like to go through the recruiting process that I've missed out on. It's an incredible experience, and I want to take some visits."

So it's possible that you will not choose UW?:
To answer that question right now…yes. There is a 35 percent chance I choose another school other than UW, but that can always change."

What other schools have gotten into the mix that could challenge UW?:
I like Clemson, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Marquette, and Washington State.

Any big man camps you plan to attend this summer?:
I'll have to ask my AAU coach, Michael George. He handles all that stuff. I ‘m pretty sure I'll be attending the Pangos All-American camp out in Los Angeles, and the Dwight Howard camp out in Orlando."

There you have it, folks. Peters is wide open. Although Washington is the leader, anything can happen in the recruiting game. Stay tuned for future updates on the Westwind Prep star.

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