From the coordinators

We know how Washington Head Coach Rick Neuheisel saw Saturday's spring game, but how did Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson and co-Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow see it?

Co-Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow

On the spring game in general: The thing that was glaring to me was that we're still missing too many tackles. That's an area we are going to have to address this summer. The key areas that we grade are execution, eight seconds, and tackling. Eight seconds wise, we were OK. I saw some incorrect things but that was OK. You can't miss tackling in two-point stance plays like linebackers and defensive backs because they lead the big plays. So we've got a lot of work still to do in tackling.

On the defense's big day: Early, they (the offense) hit a fade on Chris Massey to keep the drive going. On another drive, we jumped off-sides three times but it's a game of momentum. Early, I think they had momentum on the offense and we took it over but in a 60-minute game, there are ups and downs so I think out guys did a very nice job of that.

On the depth and the development of the cornerbacks: I didn't get to work with Nate (Robinson), but I watched him on tape. Losing Nate no matter what our depth was hurt us. He is really an athlete. But guys have been coming on well. They are certainly doing the things we've been asking them to do. Are we good enough yet? No. The thing that we need to continue working on is our mental toughness. Every play is an important play and could be the play that wins or loses a ball game. So we're still a work in progress with that but we'll get it taken care of.

On the "Cover-Two": We've gotten a lot better. You can see that we've mixed it in. When you play "cover-two" well, it can present some problems offensively and I think it did.

Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson

On going live for backup QB's: I think it's been good for Isaiah but we give Isaiah a way to play but al we have are walk-on receivers. We only have two solid receivers who've been regularly playing sp the backup quarterbacks kind of got their backs against them.

On depth at wide receiver: We need more receivers. We don't have enough guys to throw the ball to, so we've got to identify our third sixth receivers. We don't have a lot of one-back, four receiver plays so we don't have a lot of variety.

On the teams needs: We've got to find a tailback because when you don't run the ball, you struggle. We need a tailback who is a dominant guy. And we need some more depth at receivers. That is a pressing need so those two things are what we really need right now.

On injuries to the offense: Well your top tight end, top offensive linemen, and your third wide receiver are injured and you lose two tailbacks at the start of spring football so you're limited. So we don't have a lot of variety right now. I think we're going to have to see in the summer and fall what our offense is really going to look like next season. Top Stories