Smith continues to hold firm on timeline

One of the top tight ends in the Northwest continues to maintain the timeline he has set for a decision, but that doesn't mean that Kentridge (Kent. Wa.) Caleb Smith isn't thinking about the recruiting process. caught up with the athletically gifted prospect and he updated us on where things stand and about the minor procedure he had on his leg earlier this month...

"Things are good," Smith told Sunday night. "I'm just getting ready for my senior season and relaxing a little bit.

"I thought I might have torn my meniscus, but it turned out one of my bones was 'roughed up' a little, so they went in and smoothed it out and now it's healing up and feeling a lot better."

Smith said while he's progressing nicely, he will probably have to take it easy at the beginning of camp and ease his way back into things.

"It's my senior year so I need to be healthy," Smith said. "This is my last chance to play high school football and I don't want to injure myself more by going too hard, too fast."

Smith still maintains 10 offers from the likes of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon State, Purdue, UCLA, UNLV, Washington, Washington State and Eastern Washington and said he's still sticking to his original timeframe for when he'd like to make a decision.

"I'm still looking at after my season for when I will make my decision," Smith said. "It's a big decision and one I need to be sure about."

The Huskies have been keeping close tabs on Smith and the talented prospect spoke recently to one of the coaches.

"I talked to coach (Mike) Cox for a while the other day," Smith said. "We just talked about how life is going and how my summer is coming along.

"It was a good conversation, but it wasn't really about anything in particular. We just caught up and I'll call them again real soon just to keep in touch."

Smith and his teammates begin fall camp in the next few weeks and the Chargers kick off the season against Auburn on September 2nd.

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