Husky practice opens Bafaro's eyes

One of the top linebackers on the west coast was in Seattle Wednesday preparing to play a double-header at Safeco on Thursday. Because he was already planning to be in the Emerald City, Liberty (Hillsboro, Or.) LB Brett Bafaro decided to drop by Montlake to take in one of Washington's fall camp practices and he told that what he saw really opened his eyes...

"That practice was so fast-paced and so intense, it was great to be there and see it first hand," Bafaro told shortly after the two-hour workout. "It was great to watch the players go through things and the coaches coach them up.

"You always hear these stories about how crazy coach (Nick) Holt is and he's real intense, but you can tell they are getting their guys ready for the regular season and they have them ready to play.

"This really opened my eyes and really made me think about things."

With that in mind, is Bafaro close to making a decision?

"I've loved U-Dub since the beginning of the recruiting process," Bafaro said. "My baseball coach is a huge Husky fan and he's always talking to me about them and I've really fallen in love with the program, but I'm still wanting to give schools that are interest in me as fair a chance as possible to show me what they have to offer and if I make a decision now, that won't let me see some other schools so right now I'd say I'm still planning to hold off on things for a while."

Other schools have started to come into the mix for the talented linebacker prospect including two schools from the midwest.

"Nebraska really has started to recruit me pretty hard and Oklahoma State told me I was a guy worthy of an offer and they could be offering soon," Bafaro said. "I have family in Oklahoma and I could go out there and stay with my uncle who isn't very far from Stillwater.

"Washington's practice was the only fall camp practice I've been to and I would like to get down to Oregon State's and Oregon's practices, but I've missed so much time with my own team while I was going to different camps that I really wanted to be part of what my team was doing, so I'm not sure I will be able to make it to their practices, but we'll see."

Bafaro and his Falcons teammates will begin the season on September 2nd against Century (Hillsboro, Or.) High School.

We will continue to keep in touch with Bafaro as he gets closer to the start of his season and we will update news as it happens.

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