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The weekly Dawg Blog is your one-stop shop for all things UW football, as well as notes, quotes, and general information about the Huskies' next opponent. For the second game of the season, the Dawgs welcome the Warriors of Hawaii to Husky Stadium. The game will be played Saturday, September 10th, at 12:30 pm. The game will be televised via ROOT Sports, and radio through the IMG College Network.

Chris Fetters
3:20 pm

Steve Sarkisian Thursday Quotes:

On young guys and big jump from week one to week two - "They're all different. Every guy's growth is different. Some guys do, and some guys, it might take two, three, four, five weeks. Some guys start right off the bat. You saw that two years ago with James Johnson, who almost declined a little bit as the year went on. I think they're all different. I'd like to think there's steady improvement with the young guys, and that's what should happen."

On how ASJ and Kasen Williams did last week - "I thought they functioned. They weren't perfect, but they functioned. First college game, new atmosphere, coming out of the tunnel and all that, I thought they functioned fine. They'll get better, though. They're better than that, I know that. That's for sure."  

On practice this week - "It was good. Really intense. I enjoyed it. There was a little bit of on-edge going on out there, which I thought was good."  

If it was a by-product of butt-chewing Monday? - "I think the guys were probably tired of being harped on by coaches, and they're probably a little upset about hearing about it all week long: what happened, what happened, what happened. By the end, they just wanted to go play."  

On injuries - "James Sample has got a shoulder deal that's just not healing as we would have liked. He's one guy who's in danger."  

On when his injury happened - "It happened late in the game. It was something that he had prior, and then he re-injured it late in the game. I want to say maybe the second-to-the-last play. Yeah, second-to-the-last play."  

What's behind Kearse's quick recovery? - "I think the want-to. There's a want to get back out there. And he's had a great week of work. I mean, a really good week of work. So I'm excited to watch him play Saturday."

On unknowns becoming knowns from week one to week two - "We try to do the mock game, we try to simulate as much as we can with these guys. But even that, you can't hit it all and make it perfect. There's so much anxiety for guys, especially leading into the game, for the guys because of the unknown: what's this gonna be like? What's that gonna be like? All that. So when it finally comes and you go through it all, I think a lot of it isn't as bad as you thought it was going to be, but the game just passed by and I didn't play as good as I could've. The unknowns, that helps. They know what to expect now, and that should be helpful."  

On if that also works with the younger players - "That can be two-fold. One, it can be, you get on the field and, ‘oh, my gosh, this is it, here it is, let me survive.' And you kick into survival mode and lose some of the details and fundamentals and techniques. I think the other thing that can happen is there's a little bit of a different fatigue that kicks in in game mode. As much as we practice, as hard as we practice, extended practice, when the game kicks in, there's a little different fatigue. And that's when we can have some breakdowns as well. It's not just the physical breakdown; mentally we can break down when we get fatigued. We have to learn to play that way and the best way to do that is by actually playing. So I think those two things help as we move forward."

On Ducre and Glenn with cramps - "It's learning our people. That's the most those two guys have played for us - especially Glenn - in a long time, and obviously Ducre playing that extended period of time…you learn your people. We know that we have other guys on the team that have a potential to cramp, and we can do things to prevent that beforehand. So we'll add those two guys to the list, now that we know."

On Chris Polk's role on the team - "He's kind of the bell cow. He's a guy that we try not to lean on too much, but we're definitely going to lean on. He understands that, and embraces his role. I think his teammates really respect him for how hard he runs. That's one of the best traits he can have - the respect of your teammates. And he definitely has that. I think his role as a player is pretty well defined on the field - his role off the field is still growing, still maturing. This is new for him. This is a new arena for him. He's accepting it, but still feeling his way through it a bit."

On closing practices and things showing up on message boards - "Moreso, I wanted this to be a hard one…This Thursday practice, I wanted it to be a hard one. I wanted it to be hard-nosed. Sometimes our Thursday practices have a tendency to be a little bit light - not light in the sense of we're not going hard, but just light-hearted. And I wanted to make sure it wasn't that. I didn't need people out there with our guys. I wanted us really locked in and sharp and hard, and it was. It was exactly what I was hoping to have happen."

On taking anything away from last year's opener and the adjustments made for the second game - "The differences are where are my areas of concern were about our ball club. Last year after BYU, I was worried about catching a kickoff after we had fumbled around three of them and not running into the punter and all those things that kind of happened on special teams last year. This year that wasn't the case. We still focused on special teams, but there were some things offensively and defensively we definitely had to focus on. So different in the sense of actual schemes, but not so much the approach of mentally of - you're opening the season, you have high hopes, you come in and you don't perform to the best of your abilities. We've got to fix that. That's the mentality - so now it's like, what do we need to fix? And I think we've addressed it."

On Moniz and what makes him good: "As you are in a system and the more and longer you are in a system you have a much better idea of what is going on and the adjustments being made and where to attack based on coverages and blitzes and what not. And I think we saw that last week with (Bo Levi) Mitchell. One of the differences I see is that Mitchell had all of his receivers back so they were really boom, boom, boom, sharp and on point. Where I think  with Hawaii they had to break in some new receivers and some new O-linemen and that is why he got to using his legs a little bit more because maybe things weren't as clean as he is used to seeing it and having it. So hopefully they don't get clean this weekend for him.''

On Darius Bright's return: "But he is new too, he didn't play with them last year, either.''

On the players responding to the hammer: "It's been a little bit of on edge, I guess would be the best way to describe it. I think myself included. I've been a little on edge because I just don't, I know we are better than the way we played last week and it starts with me and it's got to go through everybody in the program and we need to get right and we need to get right as fast as we can. We only have 12 more opportunities to do this thing and I just don't want to accept mediocricy around here. I think the on-edge mentality has been throughout, all week long.''

On personnel changes for Saturday: "The biggest thing is we will be more with some three corners on the field with Quinton being in the slot some and Ducre being in the slot and some different things, which you have to be. It's no secret, they are in four-receiver sets on every snap, so you've got to get as many DBs and corner types as you can on the field. So having Quinton back is big for us because it allows us to do a few more things and mix coverages a little bit more.''

On the other DE spot and who might emerge there: "You're going to see more of Andrew Hudson. I think that he's earned it, he's worked hard, he's done some nice things when  he was on the field last week and brings a little bit more of a pass-rush and suddenness and yet strength to still play the run and so hopefully we can get him some opportunities.''

On what it means to have Quinton Richardson back from a mental standpoint: "I think he brings a real attitude to the game and we saw that last year in some ball games. He plays with a great deal of emotion and passion which I think we lacked a little bit last week, so it will  be good to have him back out there.''

Anything else new about the game?: "No, no, we'll play hard.''

On any new looks?: "No, we'll be fine.''

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Chris Fetters
4:14 pm

Doug Nussmeier Wednesday Quotes:

On offense bouncing back - "I think the guys have worked extremely hard. We talked about a couple of things - our first being our pad level and how physical we're going to play. We have to be a more physical football team on the offensive side of the ball. We've had a good week of practice, very spirited - and we're looking forward to this one."

On the OL and physical play - "They are getting there. There's a lot of young players, and they are working together - I thought we had a really good camp. Our communications been pretty darn good, but there's always room for growth, as it is with every position on our offense. We have to play better everywhere."

On Keith Price - "I think it was a pretty good first outing. It would have been interesting to see how the flow of the game would have gone if he hadn't gotten banged up a little bit. But he's feeling good. From a read and progression standpoint, he did a nice job. He got off rhythm and was late on a couple throws, but that's to be expected for a guy in his first start, or second start."

On how much it compromises the playbook if Price can't run - "He's looked good running the ball so far. He looks good."

On the Hawaii DL - "They are very physical on the front four, and they present some challenges because they give you multiple looks. But they play extremely hard and they've got great speed in the back end - so it's going to be a really good challenge for us."

On ASJ and working him in more - "Every time you have a player the caliber of Austin - and yes he's young and he's going to grow and learn - you want to get him touches because he's such a great young talent. We have to continue to bring him along, and he has to continue to improve. He's done that."

On if you can give the ball to Polk 25 more times this week - "They create some different matchups for us, so you have to be very matchup-conscious. And obviously Chris is a big part of what we do, and obviously I think they know that - so it'll be interesting to see how things play out."

On Bishop Sankey and more touches - "Yes, obviously. Once again, another young, talented player that will grow as we go through the season. He's getting better each and every day we come out here."

On Kasen Williams - "Any time you get the production of a touchdown reception your first game, that's a great first start. He's got a lot of things he can get better at, but once again - very, very talented young man. And every day is a learning experience…just getting the timing of his routes, understanding the adjustments. And for him, he's got so much from that receiver standpoint - we have to be very conscious of how much we give him. But once again - very, very excited about what he brings to the table."

On not getting a pass over 10 yards against EWU - "I can honestly say - and we've talked about it - everybody takes ownership. It's all of us. It's not just the quarterback. It's not just the coaches. It's not just the receivers or the running backs or the o-line. It's all of us. We're all in it together. I can honestly say, we had 28 called pass attempts, and to have zero explosives from this group of coaches and players is very unexpected. We know we have a lot of work to do, and we have to get better."

On improving from game one to game two: "It's about the process. I don't think you can get caught up in a one-day result. No team is judged by one day or one game. And you have to be process-oriented in my opinion and in the mindset that every day we come to the practice field we continue to grow as a unit and get better and then that will show. Does it show in game two, does it show in game three? I don't know. I can't say that. What I can say is that I believe that we are continuing to improve every time we come out here.''

On the lack of explosive plays and why that was: 'It was one of those things. It was a matter of circumstance at times - maybe we had it and we are off rhythm a little bit. Maybe we are a little late or we don't get the depth of the route, we have the opportunity and we can't quite make the play, or maybe we are not calling the right play at the right time. So there was when you look back at the game there were a lot of different situations that created that.''

On if the playcalling was conservative because UW was in the lead and Price was injured: "I think  it's natural. The object of the game is to win --- everybody knows that. So anytime you have a lead and your quarterback is not 100 percent and it's his first start and you've got a proven tailback and a good offensive front, you are going to do the things you need to do to get out with the win. Obviously, though, we are very disappointed in the result from the standpoint of what we doing in the explosive plays.  We've got to get better.''

On if the offensive line had some particular issues: "It's just like everybody on offense. I wouldn't point  just to the offensive front. Everybody on our offense  has to play better and we have to coach better. We had a big heart-to-heart meeting about it and it's not about pointing the finger at one guy because it's about all of us. It's everybody that's involved.''

On if you just never  know until gameday: "Believe it, you prepare yourself that it shouldn't matter how many people are in the stands and what day of the week it is --- we should make the same plays on Saturday that we make today. It shouldn't be that I have to get up to play in this game or get any more excited than I do the rest of the week. So it's about us focusing on doing things right and continuing to get better.''

On Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins: "Young players, obviously very talented. But any time you take a step up into the level of play whether it's junior high to high school or high school to college or college to the NFL, whatever it may be, it's a different speed and things happen at a different pace and they happen in different ways. It's a learning process and Bishop (Sankey) is going through the same thing as is Colin Tanigawa starting his first college football game, and Michael Hartvigson not playing a lot --- you can go around the room of the guys --- Keith  (Price) really only having one start and (Jonathan) Amosa it's his first start, you've got a lot of guys there that were in their first game and it has to be the same way that it is on Saturday.''

On Hawaii's offense and Mouse Davis: "He's a beauty. He's one of a kind. I've known Mouse for a long time since his days at Portland State and he is a very, very good offensive mind. The guy is extremely sharp and has a very, very good system, a lot of  people look at it and just say it's madness and chaos and just guys running everywhere, but it's not. There's a system there and it's an extremely effective system to do what they have done over time. And he has a really good grasp of that system and how to do things.''

On Hawai's defense: "Very, very physical up front. They play extremely hard and the strength of the back end is in their speed. They are very, very quick at the corners --- they run well and they fly around. They don't hesitate, they come after you and they go.''

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Eric Dore
3:54 pm

Steve Sarkisian Wednesday Quotes:

On how the team has responded: "It's been a good week of practice so far, still got one more really good practice to go tomorrow."


On how Keith looks: "He looks fine."


On Hawaii's defense: "Really good up front, they're led by their defensive front.  They're an aggressive, passionate group, play hard that's really the cornerstone of their defense but they fly around all together as a group."


On what they saw when recruiting Hauoli Jamora: "Exactly what we see today – amazing effort.  Down after down after down he's relentless that way but then we saw the talent, the speed, the strength, and all that but the effort is what jumped out."


On Jamora staying after practice to put in extra work: "That's him, this isn't just something he started when he got here, that's how he's been.  He brings a real mentality to our team that way, the passion that he brings because of that."


On recruiting in Hawaii: "There are good players there for one.  We don't go across the country recruiting, but that's a pretty good trip and really an easy trip from Seattle with the flights and all that to get there.  We also have ties there with Johnny Nansen and myself, been recruiting there for years.  Then three there's something to the style of play that's over there.  It's a tough hard-nosed brand of football there that we're trying to build here.  The more players you can get that play that way it's easier to get to that point."


On the camera used on Price's helmet during Spring: "It was pretty effective in that we could analyze him in the huddle, what he sounded like then what he was looking at then where his vision was at, at the line of scrimmage, to make sure his eyes were in the right places.  You can't always tell exactly what he's looking at.  Obviously I can put my head in one direction and my eyes can be in another, but it gives you a pretty good general idea just to make sure his eyes are to the right side of the ball."


On if playing the QB position gives him a better understanding of what he's looking at: "Yeah I think so and just where his eyes are at in the huddle and making sure he's looking at the right people when he's making the calls to emphasize those things."


On if the camera is useful enough to use again: "I think so, there'll be some things that we'll try to tweak with it that we've given some real constructive feedback to that hopefully it will improve even more:


On if he would use the camera during the regular season: "I don't think so yet.  I don't want the distraction during the regular season, but it's definitely worth it during Spring football."


On Hawaii having five new guys on the o-line: "I think it's difficult in the sense that everybody knows and has known for years that they're going to throw the ball so they get a lot of exotic looks and fronts and blitzes that they have to prepare for so it is challenging I think.  They've done a nice job of bringing in five new guys and now they've added the wrinkle of the zone-read and the speed option with the quarterback runs I think to alleviate some of that, to try to get a little more generic looks up front.  You have to prepare for the quarterback runs, the zone-read, the speed option as well as trying to attack their protections."


On the different body-type receivers Hawaii has: "I don't know, I think they get what they can get.  I think they like guys that are really good at getting in and out of cuts and breaks and they have quite a bit of choice routes going on so they like guys that are very quick and nifty to make those cuts.  If a guy was really big and could do that, I think they would play with him too but you play with the guys that you can get and then you teach them and coach them really well and they have done a great job for years of doing that."


On if he has hope that the pass defense will be better this week after a few days of practice: "I hope, I like to think we will be.  Ask me on Saturday after the game."


On Polk admitting that he wasn't 100% reading blocks and such: "I think he's much better.  I felt that right after the game, I've seen him better at really making decisions and understanding the blocking schemes based on the front he's seeing and exploding through holes and I thought that a couple times this past Saturday that he was a little bit indecisive that way.  That's just from lack of reps so now getting him back going and practicing every day, I've definitely seen a difference – more explosive cuts, decisive cuts that are showing up in practice."


On Polk's knee: "It's not an issue."


On the reason for the closed practice tomorrow: "We just got some things that we need to work on as a team that we need to focus on without any distractions."


On if closing practice will be a long-term thing: "I don't know I'm going to feel it out.  It's the first time we have done it in season this way and so I'll feel it out, see where it's at.  I'm not sure yet, I have to see what it feels like tomorrow."

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Chris Fetters
3:45 pm

Joel Thomas Wednesday Quotes:

On Polk - "If I had to give a percentage, I'd say he's at about 90 percent - from a game-shape standpoint. He's starting to get his wind back. As the game went on, he started to actually get better. It's that initial 5-10 carries where he was playing ball again. I think he mentioned that after the game on Saturday. That's been the point of emphasis this week - let's get back to finishing runs. You're 100 percent, so let's roll and get back to the Chris we're accustomed to seeing at the tail end of the season and during two-a-days as well. But I think he's fine now…just need to get a little extra in to get the legs back. If you ask any player that starts camp, football legs are a little different than conditioning legs, and I think he's got his legs back."

On what it says that he gained 125 pounds two weeks off of surgery - "I think it says he's determined. He trusts the system and there's a will about him. That's why he's the starter and the last couple of seasons that he's had."

On Polk carrying a bigger load - "I don't think it's a load he has to carry. He has to keep on having his consistency. We can't have the missed opportunities. I don't know you can say as a running back that you have to carry the load. The game goes as the game goes. He just knows that he has to be very consistent in his play. Career-wise he's a little over five (yards) a carry, and he's got to continue to chunk out yards, and when things aren't there - let's go ahead and get back to the line of scrimmage. And when they are there, we have to exploit it and have big runs."

On Bishop - "I have to get him in the game a little more, which we'll do that on Saturday…get him in a little more and play ball. He's very capable and ready to go. He's an explosive player, we just have to get him in there earlier in the game."

On being surprised he's ready this early - "I wouldn't say surprised. When you look at it, I'm excited at the fact that he responded to the challenge. From Day One it's been hey, here's your opportunity. Here's what's going to happen, and if you follow this, you've got a chance. And he's followed it. He's very coachable. That's been the cool thing, especially coming from the system he was in, where he was the quarterback, and basically took every snap as a quarterback up till now, where he has to line up in different sets and…he does a really good job."

On Johri being 100 percent - "I think he is. There's a role for Johri. That's something, week-to-week, that we'll find for him. I think he had a nice camp, one of his better camps. But the injury set him back, quite honestly. We talked about it as a staff, we're real pleased with how he's playing, Then he got injured, and unfortunately it's been the third year in a row that something like this has happened. I guess that's the way it goes sometimes, I guess."

On Amosa getting the first touchdown - "I joked with him. I told him that I got texts from Austin (Sylvester) and Paul (Homer), and they were both mad at me because they didn't get a touchdown the year they were in. No, I really didn't - but I was fired up. Actually as we had been going through our preps for the game, I mentioned I bet Amosa gets a touchdown in the game, and fortunately enough he got the first one of the season."

On his blocking - "He did a nice job. There's room to improve as far as targets…a couple of plays where we target a little tighter or wider, and that play might have busted a little longer. I think that comes from game experience. He played his first college game on Saturday, if you look at it…that's pretty cool."

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Chris Fetters
7:30 pm

Hawaii Depth Chart Released:

X 2 Allen Sampson 5-7 145 So Tampa, FL
18 Darius Bright 6-4 230 Jr Fayetteville, NC

H 5 Billy Ray Stutzmann 6-0 175 So Honolulu, O‘ahu
13 Justin Clapp 6-2 195 So Concord, CA

LT 72 Clayton Laurel 6-2 310 Sr Wahiawa, O‘ahu
59 Jordan Loeffler 6-5 315 Fr Hilo, Hawai‘i

LG 54 Brett Leonard 6-5 310 Sr Hollister, CA
69 Andrew Faaumu 6-3 315 Sr Kihei, Maui

C 56 Matagisila Lefiti 6-0 285 Sr Santa Ana, CA
61 London Sapolu 6-0 290 Sr Costa Mesa, CA

RG 69 Andrew Faaumu 6-3 315 Sr Kihei, Maui
62 Chauncy Winchester-Makainai 6-4 325 So Kailua, O‘ahu

RT 68 Sean Shigematsu 6-4 305 Fr Kapa‘a, O‘ahu
53 Levi Legay 6-3 285 Jr Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i

Y 80 Jeremiah Ostrowski 5-9 175 Jr ‘Aiea, O‘ahu
85 Corey Paclebar 5-7 170 So Pleasant Hill, CA

Z 81 Royce Pollard 6-1 175 Sr San Diego, CA
7 Terence Bell 5-11 180 Sr Santa Rosa, CA

QB 17 Bryant Moniz 6-0 205 Sr Wahiawa, O‘ahu
10 Shane Austin 6-0 200 Sr Camarillo, CA

RB 30 Joey Iosefa 6-0 240 Fr Pago Pago, American Samoa
27 Sterling Jackson 6-0 220 Jr Stone Mountain, GA

LE 9 Zach Masch 6-2 285 Sr Nevada City, CA
53 Marcus Malepeai 6-1 260 Fr Honolulu, O‘ahu

LT 95 Vaughn Meatoga 6-2 295 Sr Kalaheo, Kaua‘i
99 Haku Correa 6-2 305 Jr Honolulu, O‘ahu

RT 49 Kaniela Tuipulotu 6-2 300 Sr Lahaina, Maui
51 Geordon Hanohano 6-1 300 Jr Wai‘anae, O‘ahu

RE 42 Paipai Falemalu 6-3 245 Jr Hau‘ula, O‘ahu
98 Liko Satele 6-2 250 Sr Honolulu, O‘ahu

STUB 57 Art Laurel 6-0 235 So Wahiawa, O‘ahu
56 TJ Taimatuia 6-3 235 Fr Fagasa, American Samoa

MAC 41 Corey Paredes 6-0 235 Sr Kane‘ohe, O‘ahu
55 George Daily-Lyles 5-11 230 So Long Beach, CA

BUCK 1 Aaron Brown 6-1 225 Sr Puyallup, WA
6 Darryl McBride, Jr. 6-2 200 Jr Philadelphia, PA

CB 4 Tank Hopkins 5-10 170 Sr Marlin, TX
10 Kawika Ornellas 5-9 175 Jr Kapolei, O‘ahu

SS 19 Richard Torres 5-8 185 Sr Kahuku, O‘ahu
22 Leroy Lutu 6-2 205 So Mercer Island, WA

FS 33 John Hardy-Tuliau 5-11 165 So Temecula, CA
37 Kenny Estes 6-0 210 Sr Waimea, Kaua‘i

CB 2 Mike Edwards 5-10 180 So Cleveland, OH
23 Dee Maggitt 5-8 170 Fr Tacoma, WA

P 31 Alex Dunnachie 6-4 220 Jr Heidelberg, Australia
27 Tyler Hadden 5-11 180 Fr Whittier, CA

PK 27 Tyler Hadden 5-11 180 Fr Whittier, CA OR
47 Kenton Chun 5-6 150 Sr Honolulu, O‘ahu

KO 27 Tyler Hadden 5-11 180 Fr Whittier, CA

SNP 45 Luke Ingram 6-6 235 Jr Mililani, O‘ahu
92 Beau Yap 6-1 260 Fr Pearl City, O‘ahu

H 10 Shane Austin 6-0 200 Sr Camarillo, CA
31 Alex Dunnachie 6-4 220 Jr Heidelberg, Australia

KOR 2 Mike Edwards 5-10 180 So Cleveland, OH
29 Scott Harding 5-11 195 Fr Brisbane, Australia

PR 29 Scott Harding 5-11 195 Fr Brisbane, Australia
2 Allen Sampson 5-7 145 So Tampa, FL

Eric Dore
4:13 pm

Taz Stevenson Tuesday Quotes:

On any added significance for Hawaii game: "Not really, we are going to go out there and do the same things we've done each week, last year, and go out there and just play as hard as we can."


On playing against the hometown team: "That's going to be exciting, that's going to be fun for me, playing against the guys I played with in high school, guys I played against so that's going to be pretty interesting."


On if Hawaii was in mix for him as recruit: "They were actually the first school to offer me when I was back in high school."


On why he chose Washington: "I wanted to get away and I felt this was the best fit for me knowing what other guys were coming here as well and I really bonded with the coaches so I think Washington was a better fit for me."


On if the large number of Polynesians on Washington influenced his decision: "No that had no influence on me.  The influence was where I want to go and what's the best fit for me and how I can help the team the most."


On if there are any high school teammates playing for Hawaii: "Yeah, there's two, the long-snapper, Luke Ingram and cornerback, Kawika Ornellas."


On the pull of Hawaii, and if people get mad when recruits like him leave: "That's exactly what it is, everybody wants you to stay home and play for your hometown especially if you're a good player and everybody was kind of mad when I decided to leave, but it was my decision."


On if he had a favorite player growing up at Hawaii: "Leonard Peters was my favorite UH player back when I used to watch him."


On if there is a bond between the Hawaiians on the Huskies: "Yeah we are, we're like another family, we hang out all the time. Hauoli (Jamora), Micah (Hatchie), Lawrence (Lagafuiana), we're always together."


On if they will do the Haka on Saturday: "Probably not, if we had time to teach the team we probably would if coach allowed us to."


On if he knew how good Moniz was before this year: "Yeah, I played against him my freshman year in high school and he was pretty good.  He scrambled on us a lot and he can throw the deep ball well.  He's a good player."


On if he knew he was good enough to throw for 5,000 yards in a season: "I knew he was a good player but I didn't know he would be like that."


On if it will be a tough trip for Hawaii to come all the way here to play: "I expect them to come here and play to the best of their abilities just like they would going anywhere else to play and play just as hard as well."


On if he's back to 100% health wise: "Yeah I feel good, I'm ready to play."

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Chris Fetters
3:59 pm

Lawrence Lagafuaina Tuesday Quotes:

On noting that UH and UW would play when he got recruited - "I thought it was a great opportunity to play some guys from Hawaii, guys I know. It's great to see them come here."

On how many players he knows - "Probably 40 percent. There were some players from 'Aiea, but they all graduated. But there's others I played against in high school, and in track too and all the other sports."

On if it mattered in recruiting knowing he would be able to play UH - "Yeah, it made a difference. Coming here, I expected something different, so it helped."

On the decision coming down between UH and UW - "Washington - I just loved the coaches, everything - the academic support. I could tell they were really serious about that. It was really a high standard, and I thought Hawaii was lacking on that. I thought Washington was a great place to be at."

On the Hawaiian players wanting to play on the mainland - "We just want to get off the island. The island will always be there. The Polys will always be there, but I just wanted to get off the island and experience something different. The community wanted me to stay back, but it came down to my decision and what I wanted. And I wanted to leave the island."

On wanting to play for UH growing up - "When I was little, that was the only team, the state team. I looked up to them. I always wanted to be a part of them. But as I grew up, different things came into my perspective, and I thought Washington was for me, and I wanted to try something else."

On trying the Haka, with UH coming in - "We're thinking about it, thinking about having a little Haka with the team. We just have to talk to the players it, see if they agree about it and explain to some of the football players what it means and they approve it…it's a team thing. I can't just tell the team to do the Haka. If the team says yes, I can teach them how to do it. The Haka means a lot. It motivated us in the beginning before the game starts. It brings the warrior out of you. It helps you in the game."

On getting the rest of the team to do the Haka - "I think if I talk to them, they would probably do it. I think they would be into it. I brought it up a couple times to the Poly guys on the team, and they said do it, sounds good. You should do it. But I haven't asked in front of everybody. If UH can do it, we can do it too. They have some other guys on there too that picked it up really fast."

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Chris Fetters
3:38 pm

Nick Holt Tuesday Quotes:

On what he saw on film - "I saw it out there when we were playing…couple of major mistakes on long yardage, that's what really killed us was third down and long and a couple of the fourth down plays."

On playing tentative - "There was a couple guys that had never played in a game, or hadn't played much, and we expect some mistakes. But we made some real blunders that cost us touchdowns. Two of which…their first touchdown, really totally blew the assignment. And then on the 3rd and 26 touchdown, just a real poor job by us coaching a couple guys of not having awareness of the situation and not having them deep."

On positive things: "I thought there was some good things as far as first down and second down, some good stuff. The problem was the third downs just killed us. We just weren't consistent and we were playing tentative on third down, and we'll address that. We have to get better.''

On Ta'amu and cast: "I think it affects him as far as trying to grab and pass rush. I think it affects him quite a bit. It's not an excuse when he has something like that on his hand. He has to go to some different techniques and maybe just push and  just stay in front of the quarterback as opposed to taking sides, and letting the ends do a better job.''

On using Shelton: "We tried. We wanted to get him in, but it was one of those games where they weren't running the ball and we didn't need a big run-stuffer and Danny is going to be a good at that. But we need to keep those inside guys a little more fresh and hopefully we will get Danny in there in a better manner. We wanted to get him in but we never felt comfortable. Lawrence went in before Danny and he did a good job  but it was a only a couple of plays and then we got a turnover and the other guys were resting and they didn't want to come out. But we've got to do a better job with our substitutions.''

On Josh Shirley: "Very young, very green, still has a long ways to go.''

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Eric Dore
3:20 pm

Alameda Ta'amu Tuesday Quotes:

On if he's seen a different attitude this week in practice: "Today's weather is pretty hot, but they ran today's practice like it was cold, like it was nothing, so I see it changing."


On facing a similar system again on Saturday: "Thanks to Eastern we can watch film and correct our mistakes."


On watching the Eastern film: "A lot of mistakes, little mental errors between our defenses but these things are fixable.  We knew we could do better so hopefully this week we do better."


On how tiring it is when they throw 70 times: "It's pretty frustrating because I like to feel like I'm a run stopping type person.  It was a lot of running, we ran a lot that game, but I thought we were in good shape."


On the pipeline between Hawaii and Washington: "We recruit from Hawaii, we have a lot of players like you said; Hauoli (Jamora), Semisi (Tokalahi), Lawrence (Lagafuiana), Daniel (Te'o-Neshiem), Kalani (Aldrich).  There's a lot of good players from there and a lot of connections between the two (states)."


On if he feels a connection to the Polynesians although coming from Washington: "Always, there's always a connection with the Polynesians."


On how fired up the Hawaiians on the Huskies will be to play Hawaii: "A lot of people want to stay home and they came here instead so it means more just to show the home team where you're from and what you can do out here."

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Chris Fetters
3:15 pm

Quick Tuesday Practice Notes:

Two players in red today - Gilliland and Sample.  Gilliland participated in some things; Sample was on the sidelines pretty much the whole day.  

Keith Price looked pretty good, but didn't participate in the full team period.  He has a smaller knee brace he's using, one he can tuck inside the bottom of his practice pants.  He came off the field smiling, saying he's good to go, and he looked fine.  He didn't go 100 percent, but I suspect he'll ramp that up as the week goes on.

It was clear the defense was happy having Quinton Richardson back.  He helped tip a pass during the team period that was picked off by Nate Fellner, and the whole defense rallied around him.  

Greg Ducre and Justin Glenn appeared to be 100 percent too.  Thomas Tutogi got looked at by the trainers during practice, but was cleared to go back in, and flowed right back into the action without a missed step.  

In general, the defense looked pretty animated; the chatter and shouting pre-snap was definitely evident, as was the yelling of the coaches.  Everyone is trying their best to be on the same page.

Offensively, Jermaine Kearse looked great.  He had one 1-1 play with Desmond Trufant where he was able to sky over Tru to get the ball, and was very happy about it.   

Spoke with Lawrence Lagafuaina after about trying to introduce the Haka to the team this week, and he said he's thinking about asking. I'm advocating dueling Hakas at mid-field pre-game Saturday!

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Chris Fetters
12:08 pm

Steve Sarkisian Pac-12 Teleconference Notes:

On expansion rumors - Don't know, worried about Hawaii.

On DE play - Good play out of Jamora, but didn't get enough out of the other side. Whether Crichton, Shirley, or Thompson, have to get more out of that side, and they are working on that this week.

On offensive tempo - Only speak for us, as you go through camp you try you simulate some game day activities, but until you actually get in the game it's a different feeling. It was a concern coming into the EWU game, and it's a concern coming out of the game too.

On relationship with Norm Chow - Don't need to get into personal side, but Carroll wanted to bring me back and Norm had a chance to go to Titans, so that's how it worked. Fortunate to not only play for Norm but also work for him. He set the standard for being able to continuously throw the ball, as well as using trick plays. It was good to allow two OC's at USC, because in the end it helped both him and Kiffin.

On what it's like for an opponent to play at Husky Stadium for the first time - As a player, only loss in '96 came at Husky Stadium. It's a great home field advantage. It can be challenging for a QB. I got sacked eight times that day. It can be a real challenge.

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Chris Fetters
5:45 pm

Steve Sarkisian Full Coaches Show Recap:

Gas opens the show - bunch more people at the DJC than last week, guess it's because of Labor Day? - talks about concerns and questions - but they did win, right?

1-0 for the first time in his UW career.  Applause.

Gas talked about getting the W at the end.  Sark said you can look at the stats, and they weren't in their favor except for the only stat that matter.  Found a way to win, four TO's, great special teams, but still a lot of work to do and it starts today.

Gas talked about playing too cautious.  Sark said as the game went on, and the stress mounted, the team played with the attitude of not losing, instead of winning.  When you do that, you can see the difference in the two teams.  That's what happened Saturday.  EWU came in with a great mentality, and UW - Sark and staff included - didn't respond.  They are the hunted now, and they have to get used to being the team that is the hunted instead of playing the underdog role.

Rondeau talked about human nature, and he talked about Bo Levi Mitchell and how he said that UW will say the right things, but in their hearts they knew they were the better team, and they think that will be enough.  Sark said there's some truth to that.  They didn't play well.  It's not the style of play they've played the last two years.  Didn't have the energy, excitement and relentless mentality they've played with before.  He didn't push the right buttons to get them going.  It wasn't about talent or scheme.  They didn't come in with a tenacious mentality to go in there and rip people's faces off.  And they didn't do it.

Bob said all of Sark's worse fears came to light Saturday.  Sark said EWU is a 'dang good football team'.  Reason why they won the FCS National Championship.  Good scheme, well-coached, and a QB that can make plays.  Talked the 4th and 10 where he scrambles and finds the wide-open player for a TD.  Then the 3rd and 26 for another TD.  Not easy plays to make.  They would have given a lot of Pac-12 team headaches last weekend.

Bob talked about the mood Sark was in during his Monday press conference.  Not happy.  Sark agreed. "At times I was embarrassed."  From what they've gone through, to assemble the team and then to go out and play the way they play - it's not who they are.  It's not the characteristics of a team he wants to be a head coach of.  Very open team meeting today, very frank.  

He imagines they'll practice very well and play well Saturday.  

Bob talked about the open meeting, and how it was probably more a one-sided conversation, and Sark said he opened it up, but no one wanted to say anything.  Laughs.

Gas brought the show back in with Desmond Trufant's play at the end, and how credit to EWU to go for the win.  Sark said Desmond got better as the game went on, having to defend a 6-6 WR.  He set up the TD on the first punt by forcing the fumble.

Gas talked about special teams, especially with Folk.  Set up a score on a big KO return, Folk's field goals, and great punting by Rasp.  Forced two fumbled on punt cover.  It's been an emphasis.

Bob brought up the defense, lack of it, etc...what did they dissect after the game?  Sark said that he agrees that they played too cautious, too soft.  When they are in zone it's one thing, but when a player comes into the zone, he becomes your man.  Have to be 'stickier' in the zone.  The coaches have to coach that better.  Some were zone pressures too, and guys came unblocked.  But those guys weren't playing 100 percent.  They have to make it so the QB feels the pressure every time someone comes clean.

Bob talked about one sack in 69 passes, and Sark said he can think of two other times where UW came completely unblocked, and the QB avoided them completely.  You have to rush the passer with the intent of sacking them or hitting them, not with - am I doing it right?  It can be an issue with the younger players, but it's being addressed starting today.

Bob said he was more disappointed with the offense.  250 yards against the EWU defense.  No real sustained drives.  53 yards longest drive.  Sark said it was by far his biggest disappointment, especially lack of physicality up front.  They were OK, which is not close to good enough.  Second series they lose Kearse, the next series Price gets dinged up, and it just started to not feel right.  They started to get pushed around, and that's not right.

Gas talked about Polk, and how if he doesn't play, they might not even be talking about a win, and Sark agreed.  Said many thought when he came here he couldn't be an every-down back, but he's proven that.  And once he gets into full game shape, he could have broken some of those longer runs into touchdowns.

On the run game, Sark said they need to sustain blocks.  They get the ball with four-minute offense, and you're suppsed to get two first downs and kill the game off.  That was the most disappointing part of the whole game for him.  We're running it, you know we are - so what.  And they didn't get the job done, and it's simply not acceptable.  

Sark said that he'd run the ball every down if he thought it would work, but he strives for balance.  But when you don't have a completion over 10 yards, that 'is a joke'.  "It's embarrassing.  For the players we have here, it's not OK."

Gas talked about Keith Price.  Sark said the game wasn't too big for him.  Few jittery moments, and he'll get more comfortable.  Opportunities for bigger plays - Smith pass in the end zone.  All in all, proud of the way he took care of the ball, and how he did in the red zone.

Bob talked about the moment when Price had to put the brace on.  Price said that it changed things.  Big part of his game is 'having his wheels underneath him'.  Price said he landed wrong, and that's what caused the injury - it wasn't because of a hit.  Sark said he always tries to assess himself as a play-caller, and he said the worse call he made was right after Gilliland's pick.  He called a bootleg, and you could tell with the brace he wasn't the same.  They got a FG, but that gave EWU a visual that he wasn't as mobile as he needed to be, and Sark said he started to think about how he needed to protect him.

Bob talked about pass protection lacking, and Sark agreed.  They are better than that.  Gave up two others in 1-1 rush stuff.  "This is a great wakeup call for us."  Said he thinks about Frank Beamer and how he responded after losing to James Madison.

Bob talked about the WR's, and how they threw the ball to 10 different WR's.  Too many?  Sark said that it's great to have depth and versatility and two TE's, and RB's.  If Kearse had been healthy, he would have caught 6-8 balls.  With him out, Johnson catches more balls.  But Kearse is still the go-to guy.  But UH is going to have to defend five guys on every snap, not just 15.

Bob talked about ASJ.  Sark said his one catch was a run-pass option.  In a perfect world, like to have seen more of him.  Price had ASJ for a pass for a TD on the play where he checked down to Hartvigson when the drive got stalled for their final FG.  Said they want to include Evan Hudson more into the game, so that all three of the TE's can be fully involved.

Gas talked about the crowd, and Sark said he felt it better.  Went along with the theme - everything was just a little flat. Said he challenged the team earlier today, and he's challenging the fans now to get behind the team and bring it on Saturday.

Gas talked about OSU, and whether or not the gap is closing between FBS and FCS teams, and Sark said the scholarship restrictions are having a big part on that, as well as players like Mitchell who transfer down from an FBS school, and can play right away.  

Sark said FCS teams like EWU, Montana, Delaware, Richmond, James Madison, App St. - 25 teams that can play with anybody in the conference. 

Bob asked about Bo Levi Mitchell, and Sark said he was good.  They were good as an offense. When you return all WR's, the QB', and four out of the five OL, it's a good sign they are going to be good.  Big plays on 3rd and 4th down, ordinary guys don't make the plays he did.  We'll see how he does the rest of the way.

Bob talked to Cort Dennison, and Cort said first game there were nerves.  Played a lot of players that had never been in games before. Guys may have been nervous, but that's no excuse for not playing hard.  Expects the coaches will have them playing hard this week.  Bob talked about they spoke last week about EWU taking advantage of their young OLB's, and Sark said they definitely had trouble when UW went to put help on the outside with the bigger receivers.  The OLB weren't 'sticky' enough in their zone, but that will improve.

On Bishop Sankey - 'He'll play more.'  As the game got tense, Sark said he probably leaned on Polk more than he needed to.  But Sankey will play.

Gas asked about tightening rotations, and Sark said he wants to see them evolve and grow. You need to have depth, so there's answers late in the year.  Have to develop them now.  

Bob talked down-and-distance, and getting EWU in third-and-long.  Sark said it didn't matter.  Did some good things to get them in ideal situations, only to get deflated by a big conversion.  Supposed to be off the field.  Going to be key to get off the field on third down.  Big for the psyche of the defense, and it also helps with field position.  Got better at it last year as the year went on, but they want to get better at it right now.

Bob talked about the last punt, fair caught at the 5.  Annoyed to give up a 15-yard play right off the bat.  Sark said they didn't match up correctly.  They tried to be conservative, and that's what happened.  You can keep throwing it to them, if the defense lets them.  Wasn't how he wanted it, but that's what happened.

Garth on the phone - 'Party on Garth' from Bob.  He asked about what halftime was like in the locker room.  Sark said it was one of disappointment.  They could have gained possession to go up three scores - 24-10, and settle for a field goal, and they get a TD right before the half.  Little bit of tension.  Have to play four quarters.  They were in a football game, so whatever they thought was going to happen, it's time to strap it on and play the way you're capable of playing.

Sark said there's a time and place for 'browbeating' to wake them up, but there's time to make sure they understand scheme.  It wasn't time to beat them down to build them back up.

Chris in Redmond - Said there's been grumbling about it not being impressive enough, but just talk to Riley and Neu about being 0-1.  Asked about quick pass rush, and trying to jam the WR's.  Sark said he would have love to press more, and times where they were supposed to press and didn't.  Have to get their mentality right.  But when you play big, tall WR, you have to really be good in technique.  Wish we would have challenged short routes better, and they'll see something similar in Hawaii, but the WR's are smaller.

Nelson in Gig Harbor - Lot of negativity following the game, but the Huskies are 1-0, and that's a beautiful feeling.  Don't always perform to your best all the time, but he's happy with the win.   Asked about the playbook, and how open it was.  Sark agreed, probably more than 10 percent the caller suggested.  But when Price got hurt, he probably became more cautious to a fault.  At times he got too conservative.  The best player on the field was Polk, and he wanted to give the ball to him as much as possible to get the win.

Gas brought in the last segment talking about Hawaii, and how they look similar to EWU.  Sark - they are a good football team, won 10 games last year, picked to win the WAC this year.

Bob talked about their QB - threw for 5,000 yards - big numbers.  Sark said they have a new WR's corps and some new OL, so hopefully they have some growing pains.  But Moniz rushed for over 100 yards too.

Bob said they are trying to tout him as a Heisman guy, but he had more rush yards against CU than he had all season long.  Sark said they are running more with a pistol look, so running more than in the past.  

Bob talked about the coaches at Hawaii - Greg McMackin, Dick Tomey, Mouse Davis - lot of experience and offensive and defensive firepower there.  Sark said they run an offensive system that has stood the test of time.

Bob talked about the Hawaii influence on the UW team.  Jamora - he's talked to friends and family, and he's been looking to this game for over a year.  Sark said they've made it a real point to recruit HI extremely hard to become part of the Husky tradition.  Very prideful, tight-knit community, so it's great that they get to have their friends and family be a part of it, so they'll try to keep playing Hawaii as much as possible.  He has family there - wife Stephanie is from there - and it's his favorite place to vacation.

Injury update - Richardson back, Gilliland back Tuesday.  

Gas said HI is coming in Wednesday and will stay on the mainland through next Saturday to play UNLV.  Sark gave one last plea to Dawgfans to bring it on Saturday.

End of Show.

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Scott Panitz
2:32 pm

Hauoli Jamora Monday Quotes:

On the added importance on playing against Hawaii:

"It does, it does. I have a lot of family coming out and being from Hawai'i, I feel like I have to show up and can't embarrass myself out there, and the team."


On the recruiting process:

"I feel like everybody's home team has an advantage, and they just recruited me late and Washington was there a lot longer. Pac-12 has a better standing, so I was here all the way."


On the pull to stay on island:

"Actually there's a lot of people in family and friends that push us to go somewhere else and become men and be on our own, and things like that. I think just within ourselves, there's something that makes us want to stay in our comfort zone and with our family and friends, it's definitely hard to get away from that."


On UW having Hawaiians:

"That was a big help coming out here on my trip. I met Kalani, Meda, and all the Polynesian boys. It's good to have them around."


On the importance of UH football on islands: "Everybody loves football in Hawai'i, I can tell you. All my family, all my friends, everybody's into it and from when I was a little kid, I wanted to play for UH because we went and saw them all the time and I watched them on tv. Not anymore (laugh)."


On being disappointed when didn't get recruited early on by UH:

"Yeah, I was kind of disappointed. But everything's all good now. I just wasn't blowing up or anything early in my high school years."


On it being motivation:

"Just a little bit. It was still ultimately my choice, I could've went there. I'm not angry at them or anything, it's just another game that we have to bring it. It doesn't matter who it is, just because I'm from there doesn't make it any different."


On how close he is with players on UH:

"I have in-laws on the team, I have a cousin on the team, former players from our high school that were close and we still talk once in a while, on their team."


On his in-laws:

"Cory Paredes and Alema Tachibana." (Cory is married to Jamora's step sister and Alema's sister is his sister in law pretty much, they're going to get married soon supposedly)


On knowing Paredes pretty well: "Yeah, we're pretty close."


On his cousins: "Kamalani Alo. And then Paipai Falemalu went to school with me, so did (Alema) and Richard Torres and some of the other guys."


On whether there was any talk of game over summer:

"Yeah, went home and people were pretty nice about it. We were talking trash a little bit to each other, but it's just fun and jokes. We all want each other to play to our best ability and see what happens."


On which UW coach recruited you first:

"Coach Holt and Coach Nansen. It was before my senior year. It was late in the season (commit)"


On whether UH coaches aggressively pursued you at that point:

"Towards the end of the season my senior year they did, but other than that, not really."


On a push to go somewhere else:

"It was very difficult, I just felt like the coaching over there won me over, but that kind of helped it along, that everyone was behind my decision to leave."


On making me feel unwanted:

"Nah, not at all. I know if I stayed home, everyone would have accepted me and been happy for me and I would be there right now with my friends and family. But it's all good now."

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Scott Panitz
2:28 pm

Cort Dennison Monday Quotes:

On what his responsibilities dealing with Hawaii's running quarterback Bryant Moniz:

"He threw for over 5,000 yards last season so he can obviously throw and then you can't just, you know, play all pass coverage because what he did to Colorado, he can also use his feet, he's a great athlete.  When you play players like that you're just going to take what you can get, you know, those kind of kids are really hard, you can't really contain kids like that because  they're such good football players so, you know, we're going to have to do the best we can of not allowing big plays."


On what he's going to do personally to ensure that this games is plated with high energy:

"I'm going to make sure that we're, you know, all into the game and it's not going to be just the players on the field, you know, it's going to be the players on offense that are on the bench, it's going to be all the players on the defense that aren't on the field.  It's gotta be a team effort, it's can't just be 11 guys, it's got to be a whole group thing and I think when everyone's in tune to the game and everyone's more enthusiastic the team on the field feeds off of it and we play better as a football team."


On starting that in practice:

"Everything.  We take pride in our practices and I think everything that we do in this program starts with practice.  We try to make practice as hectic as possible and as hard as possible so the games are easier and, you know, I think if we're more enthusiastic and more upbeat at practice I feel like it will carry over to the game."


On what he expects in practice this week:

"I think there's going to be a really uptempo, high week of practice."


On getting a sense that Sarkisian is a little ticked off this week:

"I really haven't talked to him, so I wouldn't know, but we're about to meet in about 15 minutes so I'll get a better feeling in about 15 minutes."


On what he expects from the meeting:

"You know, Sark's a high octane guy, he's very passionate so I expect him to bring a lot of passion today and all this week and me being one of the leaders on this football team, I'm going to carry out his passion on the field as well and make sure all my teammates are upbeat too, so I'm expecting a really passionate week of practice and a passionate team on Saturday."


On sense a bit of hesitancy on defense Saturday against EWU:

"You know, we had a lot of young guys out there and I think anybody would admit to you that we had a lot of first-game starters and when you put some of those guys out there that don't have a lot of experience in games, you know, it can get to the point where it's a little overwhelming.  I think anybody who's ever started a game as a freshman or a redshirt freshman can tell you that, so I think some people it was just nerves and not wanting to mess up.  I think the coaches, this week, are just going to tell us, you know, we're here for a reason, we're all good football players, all we need to do is go out and play and do your job.  And when you do your job you play free and not worrying about thinks, we're altogether as a group a better team."


On whether it takes time to get to the mentality where you go out and play and not worry:

"I think the biggest difference in a season is the carry over between game one and game two.  You learn a lot about who you are as a football team.  You're going to learn from mistakes you made in game one and correct them for game two so I think there will be a big difference between last week and this week."


On feeling more frustrated after last week than he would be after a typical win:

"Obviously a win is a win, I'm going to take it.  I was frustrated with myself because I wish I could have done more.  They weren't doing a lot of things in the middle of the field, so I wish I could've helped my teammates out more on the sides, but we'll take it.  A win is a win no matter if you win by 60 or if you win by one.  We'll take the win and all we can do from now is just learn from our mistakes and try to get better this week."


On getting banged up a little in the game:

"I'm alright, just doing treatment.  We've got a great training staff and treatment operation facility downstairs so I just gotta keep working on my leg this week.  I'll be alright."


On what he thinks other linebackers, specifically John Timu and Princeton Fuimaono, learned from last week:

"The games, you know, you're going to see some things that you know, you didn't see in practice and you just have to adjust on the fly and, you know, you need to make plays.  You just have to be a playmaker and do your job and try and play as fast as possible because you're going to see things, you know, that you didn't see in practice during a game.  I think they did a good job.  Obviously they're young and they're going to learn from some things but I'm really excited to see what they're going to do this next week."

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Eric Dore
2:20 pm

Desmond Trufant Monday Quotes:

On the first game from an individual standpoint: "I did some good things, did some bad things, just got to get more consistent in my technique, just little technical things I would say, but overall I'm happy we won. Definitely I got to get better and have a lot to work on.


On Coach Sark saying they played cautious: "It was kind of a shocker with the game being that close you never want to be in a tight game situation like that, but of course you never want to lose.  We could have had more energy and had a more dominant frame of mind, but I don't think we were playing not to lose."


On the difference between the performance of the defense against Nebraska in the holiday bowl and the Eastern game: "It was the first game, people sometimes can be thinking too much, it could be anything.  It could be outside distractions, you never know what could be going through players' minds.  As the game went along I think we calmed down a little bit but we just got to learn from this film and continue to get better."


On if the young guys are thinking too much: "It could be like that, I went through a lot of that as a young player, you're not really 100% sure of yourself with your assignments so it makes you play slower, but it was the first game, we're going to get better, going to work hard this whole week and we'll be ready for Hawaii."


On what brother Isaiah told him after the game: "He just heard I got an interception.  He was happy for me, just happy for his brother pretty much."


On brace he's wearing on his wrist: "I just sprained my wrist a little, nothing major."


On if Eastern was good preparation for what they might see against Hawaii: "Definitely, Hawaii does some of the same 4 wide, 5 wide formations so they're going to throw the ball a lot, but they can run the ball too.  It was good preparation definitely, but we just got to go into this week and just grind.  We have a hard week of practice and I think we'll be ready."


On similar feelings between the interception he had to end the game against Arizona in 2009 and this past game: "Same kind of feeling, but I think this was different because the game was so close, it was the opening game, they're were a lot of emotions, there was just a lot of stuff going on.  I think it was a gasp of air like we got this one.  I think we'll learn from this game a lot.  It was humbling because we know we didn't play as well as we could, but we got the win so we're happy about that."


On if there will be a change in attitude against Hawaii: "Definitely, we just want to have more of a sense of urgency.  Come into the game with a dominant frame of mind, we want to dominate the game, we just got to me more aggressive, we got to come into this week with that attitude to be aggressive in every phase of the game and I think we'll be alright."

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Eric Dore
2:15 pm

Jonthan Amosa Monday Quotes:

On his first touchdown: "It was really exciting, I didn't even know what to do after I scored.  The first thing that came to mind was to celebrate with my teammates.  We all work hard together so we get to all celebrate together."


On being a fullback and getting a touchdown from a "blocking" position: "The o-line does a lot of blocking as well so it was good to try and find them in the midst of all the excitement so I could celebrate with them as well."


On the inconsistencies on offense: "I thought we had a good gameplan going in at practice from Monday through Thursday.  Saturday I thought for the most part we accomplished that and there were mistakes that offenses are going to have every game, but for the most part I thought we handled it pretty well and when adversity popped in terms of penalties I thought we handled it pretty well as a team."


On Coach Sark saying the team played cautious: "For me personally I tried to hit the linebackers as hard as I could and I know that was the same sense for the o-line and Chris (Polk) had 125 yards on the ground and every time he gets the ball he's trying to run and go for a touchdown.  I think we can definitely clean up some things and in terms of our tempo I think we can get a little faster for the most part but I thought we did what we planned on doing."


On if they will Haka back at Hawaii: "I don't think they do the Haka anymore I think they stopped doing that, but we're just going to talk with our pads, prepare physically and just play as hard as we can."


On the Polynesian presence that there will be on both sides of the ball this Saturday: "It really just comes down to how we prepare.  Coach Sark say preparation will set you free and as long as we worry about ourselves it really doesn't matter who we play.  As long as we worry about ourselves and play Husky football then we're going to be alright."

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Chris Fetters
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Steve Sarkisian Monday Press Conference Quotes:

Opening Statement - "In review of the ball game this weekend, I'd like to kick it off first by giving Eastern credit. They played a nice football game. They came prepared mentally, physically, emotionally - they played a nice game. On our end, after evaluating the film, I really feel like we played not to lose. And that's disappointing to me. We played much too cautious, much too cautious a brand of football. Examples of that would be…maybe some play calls. Examples would be our inability to come off the football on the offensive line and attack and be physical the way I know we're capable of being. An example of that would be when we're calling pressures and the guys that should be coming on the blitzes coming too hesitant, too cautious - not letting loose and attacking the quarterback and allowing him to throw the football down the field when we have rushers unblocked. That shouldn't be the case. If you're not blocked, we should at least get a hit on the quarterback as he delivers the ball, and that didn't happen.

"I thought we lacked energy. I thought we lacked enthusiasm. I didn't think we were physical at all, especially on the offensive side of the ball. So ultimately that stuff has to start with me. I need to coach better. I need to motivate better. We need to be better prepared than we were Saturday, from an emotional standpoint for sure.

"I will say that I thought the game had a couple of opportunities to really almost go in our favor. That didn't happen. That could have maybe changed the complexion of the game. I think to two of their touchdown passes - one on a 4th and 10 where the quarterback scrambles and we cut a guy loose for a touchdown, and then another one coming on a 3rd and 26 where he scrambles and throws another touchdown. You get two stops there, and maybe it's a different game. Offensively, we take a shot there to Kevin Smith, and it's just off his fingertips in the end zone. We get a sudden change after Gilliland's interception, and not a great play call by me rolling Keith out, giving up a sack and have to settle for another three points there which could have been seven. And an opportunity to hit Seferian-Jenkins for a touchdown there in the fourth quarter to put the game away…didn't quite see him and threw it to Hartvigson and had to settle for a field goal there. I thought the game had some opportunities for us to really take it over and get grips of it, but that didn't happen. So that was disappointing as well.

"I will say areas that I was very impressed with our team…one was taking care of the ball offensively, and two creating four turnovers. It's been a huge area for us since Day One. There is no more telling stat in the sport of football than the turnover margin - when you win that battle, the percentages tell you you're going to win the game. We were able to do that, and it obviously played a huge impact. I thought our special teams were fantastic. A year ago this Monday sitting in front of you guys, talking about how poor they were at BYU…it's a great feeling to come in here a year later and talk about how well they played in all phases.

"The goal for us is to now become a complete football team, to utilize the fact that we're good on special teams, that we have the potential to be a very good offensive and defensive football team - and to put 'em all together.

"It's obviously good to be 1-0. It's obviously good to continue the win streak of five straight wins. But as always -- and I said this last year and I will say it this year -- one game does not define a football team. This one football game is not going to define the 2011 Washington Huskies football team. I look back at teams in the past to draw comparisons to. We won the ball game, but I look back to Virginia Tech last year losing to James Madison and starting off the year 0-2 -- and then still finishing in a BCS bowl game.

"So there's a lot of work to be done with this football team in all three phases. But I know we are better than how we played, and it starts with our style of play. We are a much more physical, much more relentless football team. And we didn't show that, we didn't exude that, on Saturday. So we've got to get back to that brand of football.

"On an injury front, Keith Price with the sprained knee, looks much better yesterday and today. Will probably be limited early in the week but we expect him to play. We expect Jermaine Kearse to play, he looks much better. Quinton will play. Garret Gilliland coming off the concussion, looks like he will be fine. The doctors cleared him today. He has to sit one day, and then he can go back at it tomorrow. And Chris Polk came out of it great. So an injury front we look very good.

"Our young players, we need to really learn from this game. This is going to be a great teaching week for us as a staff, to elevate the game of our young football players. We talk about starting a true freshman SAM linebacker in Johnny Timu, we talk about a true sophomore in Princeton Fuimaono, Sean Parker making his first career start at safety, a lot of guys -- James Sample, getting out there for the first time at safety -- Greg Ducre really getting his most significant playing time. They are did some good things. They all were relatively sound. There weren't a bunch of missed assignments. Where we need to get better is, when we are in our zone coverage we need to be much more sticky in our zone coverage, to understand that 'Yes, this is my zone. But when a man enters my zone he essentially becomes my man.' We were playing a little too much 'textbook' football on Saturday. (They) will get better at that when they see themselves on film and understanding that. But it's going to be a challenge to our coaching staff to really teach and coach this week, on offense and defense. The likes of a Kasen Williams, Seferian-Jenkins, those guys elevating their games, because this obviously another challenging week coming up with Hawaii.

  "Their quarterback, I mean the guy last year threw for 5,000 yards. And they didn't return a bunch of receivers and offensive linemen, so what did he do last week? He rushed for 100 yards and had a 50-something-yard touchdown run. He's a very good football player. We are going to have our hands full with him. They run an offense that is proven, has withstood the test of time. Mouse Davis is back on staff. They are doing all the things they need to in the run-and-shoot. They make it challenging on you, so we are going to have our hands full there.

  "Very aggressive defense, really led by their defensive front four. These guys get after the quarterback. I think they had seven sacks against Colorado last week. So the game's going to start there. It's going to be a real challenge for our offensive line, and they need to respond. We didn't play very well up front last week, not up to the standards of the University of Washington, that's for sure.

"I firmly believe that this game is more about us than Hawaii, and that's by no means disrespectful to Hawaii. They are a tremendous football team, tremendous program. Coach McMackin has done a great job. But this game is about us getting right, getting back to the brand and the style of football that we are accustomed to, and that's a physical brand and one that we believe in, in all three phases, with the energy and the enthusiasm and effort it takes to play that brand. So that will be the focus for us this week."

On starting to already address the energy and enthusiasm issues with the team - "We'll address things. That's part of football. That's part of it. We need to understand when things are acceptable and what things aren't. There are standards that have been set here – by them, because they have shown us what they're capable of doing and the way they're capable of playing. And those standards were set by them. And now we're held to those standards. When we don't play to those standards, we need to be accountable to that. They'll be addressed accordingly about that."

  Was lack of energy surprising? - "It was one of my major concerns throughout the week. You don't know. Our offensive line, three of those five guys are second-year players. That was one of my concerns: what would we really be like when the lights came on? So now that's coaching, now that's motivating, now that falls upon me. Because it's not about talent. I think we're plenty good enough. The other side of it is, as I said earlier, I think the mentality of the team was off. For us to play a cautious game like that is disappointing to me. That is something that is the last thing I want our teams to play with, a cautious mentality. We should be aggressive, we should be relentless, we should be going for it mentality. For a team that I'm coaching to play that way is one of the most disappointing things that I've seen around here. And so we'll address it and we'll get right."

Did you have to call the game differently when you saw the lack of energy? - "I don't know, maybe a little bit there. I just think, as the game wore on, and as the game was close and the stress and tension of the game could have played a factor in that to your guys. All of a sudden, maybe we missed it with them, and maybe they thought that this game was supposed to be easier than it was. By no means did we tell them that it was going to be. But the game got hard, and to Eastern's credit. They played a nice football game. Maybe we got too stressed, I don't know. So we've got to figure that out because that's not our style of play."

Were young guys thinking too much? - "Potentially. Potentially we could have been over-thinking, trying to be so right that you're not playing fast and free football. ‘Am I right? Am I right?' Well, geez, by then, the play's already halfway done and now I'm just trying to catch up. There is the potential of that, for sure. Hopefully as they see themselves on film and realize that we weren't necessarily wrong, we just weren't doing it with the energy and the passion and the explosiveness that it needs to be done at. I don't think we had a bunch of missed assignments on the other side of the ball. We had some, but that's football, you're going to make some mistakes. But at least if we're making mistakes, we're doing them at 100 miles and hour. And we were playing at, like, 75 miles an hour."

On how much of it was just guys playing first games - "I guess. I don't know. We'll assess it. This is two years in a row where I've been disappointed after Week 1. We'll have to look at training camp and what we're doing and maybe get ourselves more prepared mentally, and emotionally, for the ball game. But I'll worry about that next, y'know, June. Right now we've got five days to get ready for a team that won 10 games last year, and they're 1-0."

Was Hawaii's quarterback running an anomaly against Colorado? - "They've got some designed runs. They've got some speed option stuff they are utilizing with him. But the bulk of them are when they're covered well down field and he's tucking the ball and running. And he's been doing it since he started against USC last year, and he keeps doing it, and he did it this week. If it weren't for the sacks, I think he rushes for almost 150 yards in the game. He's a real threat."

  This guy threw for 5,000 yards in a season, but is he a product of the system, or is he really good too? - "I think they've got a system and there's been a lot of quarterbacks that have played in that system that have thrown for a lot of yard not just at Hawaii, if you follow Mouse around and June was there before, alumni here have played in that system and thrown for a lot of yards – Warren Moon in the NFL was one of them. "It's a great system to allow quarterbacks to throw for yardage when he's really in sync with his wide receivers. There's a lot of route reading, understanding of coverage and you need to be on the same page. Last year, they had a veteran group of wide receivers and he got into that system and played a very fast, mentally fast, brand of football where the ball was out, the anticipation was there and he's an accurate passer. This year they are breaking in some new guys at the wide receiver spot, why he pulled the down a little bit more last week, I don't know. Maybe the sync – they weren't quite there yet. But they will get there. He's too good of a quarterback and they are too good of coaches not to get there."

How similar is what you saw last week from Eastern going to be from what you see this weekend? - "I wish I could give you a percentage to really nail it, to say it's 75 percent of it or not. It's similar. Hawaii is a pistol formation team. So they are going to be in four wide personnel like Eastern was. But instead of that back being offset, the back will be behind the quarterback. It gives you a few more options in the run game. Obviously the protection will be a little different. From a route concept, they both are efficient in the underneath to intermediate passing games. I thought Eastern did a great job of that Saturday of when we were in zone coverages finding the soft spots and getting completions on first and second down. We'll see quite a bit of that this week. As I touched on getting sticky in zone coverage, it's going to be critical for us because they could become very similar if we allow the game to go that way. Hopefully we can get them out of that mode dinking and dunking down the field."

How important is it to play maybe a team that some similar traits from one week to the next - "You'd like to think so. Generally it should tell you should get better playing against that stuff. I wish scheduling were that easy that you could lump together the styles of play you are going to get in weeks at a time. This week it just happened to be what it is. We've got to improve."

On calls he'd like to have back - "I had a few calls especially the one after the interception by Gilliland knowing Keith was a little banged up with the knee injury that wasn't a good call, that was a bad football call right there of rolling him out of the pocket and we end up giving up a big sack and have to settle for a field goal right there. I really feel like I potentially was a little bit cautious especially after keith had the knee injury. If we put him back on the field to play that means he's good enough to compete and play and we should have stayed more aggressive than we were. With that coupled with Jermaine being out it didn't taste right. It didn't feel great watching the film, the rhythm of what we wree doing offensively didn't' feel right to me."

On if you'd run it again at the end of the game - "I think so. The goal there is to get there timeouts out of their hands and in a perfect world you end the game. You end the game on offense and again, another bone of contention with me. That one doesn't sit well with me, that we weren't able to finish the game on offense when we got the ball back. We had gotten one first down and needed one more to end the ball game and weren't able to do it. That being said, especially it being a third and 11, running the ball felt right to me to get them out of their last timeout and put our punter on the field who is a tremendous player and do what we needed to do. If it was a third and five different scenario there. Different scenario. Now we're going to call our best play to get us a first down to end the ball game but to risk giving them one more timeout, potentially a sack on third and long I didn't want to do that."

On when you start talking to them about the energy and enthusiasm it's going to take to play on Saturday - "Oh, it's going to start at 1:15 in our team meeting."

Can you do a little bit more than what you showed on Saturday - "We were going to do that. What happened to me in the game is he got banged up and then you lose the guy that's your go to guy wide out and you've got a new quarterback and you lose his go to wide receiver (because we all know that Keith can't throw to anyone but Jermaine) and the flow of the game just didn't go great to me. You're going to have games like that as a play caller. I'm not going to put it on keith being a sophomore. I'll put it more on a quarterback who got banged up and you try and protect him that way. I wasn't trying to protect him mentally at all. I was trying to protect him physically, especially after giving up the sack there after the interception."

How much of Keith is getting him physically right versus getting him mentally right? - "That's what the week of practice is going to have to be about. Our doctors have assured me he is going to be fine. He is a little bit sore still today but he's fine and he'll be ready to go. The week of practice is about his mentality of believing he's healthy and ready to go. From a mental confidence standpoint and how he played, I thought Keith was very sharp mentally in the ball game. I didn't think the game was too big for him by any means. I thought he was on point where he wanted to go with the ball and his eyes were in the right place outside of a couple here and there, but that's football, that's part of playing the position of quarterback. I think if anything I would have given him more opportunities to making more plays."

  The lack of a pass rush: "Their quick passing game challenges you that way to get pressure on the quarterback, but also when we're calling pressures and they don't have anyone assigned to block you, you've got to get there and we weren't getting there. This has been something we've had to deal with early in seasons the last couple of years and I think we have identified it much quicker this year and we should improve at it much quicker this year."

On Quinton Richardson being 100 percent - "I would imagine. I'll have to assess him today but I would imagine so. What I don't want is to have him go really hard Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday and later in the week he is sore again so we'll have to assess exactly how much practice time we will give him.''

On Ta'amu not being able to play with a cast, and being told the refs would call a penalty if he used the cast: "They won't call that (a penalty for using a cast).  I didn't see any affect. I thought Alameda played hard and with really good effort. That style of a game is not really conducive to Alameda Ta'amu's strengths. He played hard and he played with good effort, he got downfield and made tackles. But you are talking really 70 times they called passes in the game. As a 340-pound nose tackle that's not your cup of tea as I like to call it. I think we will see a better Alameda Ta'amu as the year goes on but hopefully we can continue to push the pocket with him in the middle. I would like to think we will rotate some guys a little earlier in the game to keep him fresh. But by no means was I disappointed with Alameda. I thought he played hard.''

On what the Huskies trying to do on defense Saturday: "I just thought, the best word I can describe it is cautious. We can play, we can cover, we've got good athletes, we can rush the passer. We don't need to be cautious or concerned with what might happen if I'm wrong --- go play. And we'll fix it on the sidelines if it's a scheme thing or something we will fix it. But it's hard to fix something if we are not believing in our abilities  on the football field. If I'm a corner and I run 4.4, I don't have to play 10 yards off all the time - I can get up in games and believe in playing the fade route, and I thought Desmond got better as the game wore on, and he's the best example. He settled in and started making more plays on the fades and getting his hands and ultimately got the interception. I thought Greg Ducre got a little better as the game went on before he cramped up and had a couple PBU's. But it's got to be everybody. It's got to be Sean Parker, it's got to be Johnny Timu, it's got to be Princeton Fuimaono, it's got to be James Sample, it's got to be Josh Shirley. We can't play with hesitation because when you play with hesitation, that's when you get beat, especially against a team like Eastern who is a veteran group and really believed in what they are doing and have been doing it for so long. They have been doing it for so long, it didn't matter what we were doing, they knew what they wanted to do and get done.''

On whether Trufant's interception was due to scheme or an individual play - "It was both. It was something that he was trying to work some more changeup on the Kaufman kid, who is a very good player --- tall, long, rangy guy. And he started changing up on him in the second half. It was a nice play by Desmond --- we needed  it.''

On Erik Folk and restoring his confidence - "I don't think he's missed a field goal beyond 50 since training camp has started and it carried over into Saturday. We obviously had a couple days there when we made the transition (in holder) from (Cody) Bruns to (William) Chandler where maybe he got a little bit out of whack. But he's come right back. I mean 53, 47, 40 and none of them were really in doubt. He's striking the ball extremely well, he's confident, so I feel great about him and happy he's Pac-12 Player of the Week. It's a great honor for him.''

On the return  of Quinton Richardson - "The  more good cover guys you have on the field the better off  you are obviously and hopefully it will allow us to do a few more things from a man-to-man perspective. Quinton's experience and what he brought to our football team at the end of last season will only be beneficial from a confidence standpoint as far as believing in the calls and in what we are doing and in playing a fast, furious brand of football.''

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WALNUT CREEK, Calif.--Wide receiver Robert Woods of USC, linebacker Desmond Trufant of Washington and place kicker Erik Folk of Washington have been named Pac-12 Players of the Week in football.

Woods, a sophomore from Carson, Calif., In No. 25 USC's season-opening home win over Minnesota, Woods caught 17 passes for 177 yards in No. 25 USC's season-opening home win over Minnesota. The 17 receptions broke Johnnie Morton's school mark of 15 (set in 1993). It was the second-most receptions in a game by a Pac-12 receiver (2 shy of the record). Woods hauled in three touchdowns (7, 43 and 2 yards, all in the first half) to tie a school game record. He also returned three kickoffs for 73 yards. He had 11 grabs for 115 yards in the first half.

Trufant, a junior from Tacoma, Wash., led all both teams with a career-high 11 tackles in the Huskies' 30-27 win over reigning NCAA FCS champion Eastern Washington. Trufant also had perhaps the most important play of the game as he intercepted a pass in the end zone with just 29 seconds remaining in the final quarter. Additionally, Trufant forced a fumble that was recovered by the UW in the first quarter.

Folk, a senior from Woodland Hills, Calif., was a perfect 3-for-3 on field goals in the Huskies' 30-27 win over defending NCAA FCS champion Eastern Washington. All three of Folks field goals came from outside of 40 yards, as he hit from 53, 47 and 40 yards. His 53-yarder was just a yard shy of his career best.

Also nominated for offensive player of the week honors were quarterbacks Nick Foles of Arizona, Brock Osweiler of Arizona State, Andrew Luck of Stanford, and Marshall Lobbestael of Washington State, running backs Malcolm Agnew of Oregon State, John White of Utah and Chris Polk of Washington, wide receivers Marvin Jones of California and Paul Richardson of Colorado, and tight end Joseph Fauria of UCLA. Also nominated on defense were defensive end C.J. Parish of Arizona, linebackers Vontaze Burfict of Arizona State, Mychal Kendricks of California, Shayne Skov of Stanford, Brian Blechen of Utah and Alex Hoffman-Ellis of Washington State, and cornerback Torin Harris of USC. Also nominated for special teams play were returner Jamal Miles of Arizona State, tackle Matt Kalil of USC and place kickers Jordan Williamson of Stanford and Coleman Petersen of Utah.

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Chris Fetters
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UW Weekly Depth Chart Released

Washington's Depth Chart vs. Hawaii


WR - Jermaine Kearse 6-2 208, Sr., Lakewood, Wash./Lakes
Kasen Williams 6-2 212, Fr., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

LT - Senio Kelemete 6-4 301, Sr., Seattle, Wash./Evergreen
Micah Hatchie 6-5 285, RFr., Haleiwa, Hawai'i/Waialua

LG - Colin Tanigawa 6-3 297, RFr., Pasadena, Calif./Loyola
Nick Wood 6-3 303, Sr., Poway, Calif./Poway

Center - Drew Schaefer 6-4 301, Jr., Sammamish, Wash./Eastlake
Mike Criste 6-5 280, RFr., Mission Viejo, Calif./Mission Viejo

RG - Colin Porter 6-4 322, So., Bothell, Wash./Bothell
Skyler Fancher 6-6 301, Sr., Costa Mesa, Calif./Huntington Beach OR
James Atoe 6-6 337, RFr, The Dalles, Ore./The Dalles-Wahtonka

RT - Erik Kohler 6-5 298, So., Camarillo, Calif./Oaks Christian
Ben Riva 6-6 300, RFr., Seattle, Wash./O'Dea

TE - Austin Seferian-Jenkins 6-6 258, Fr., Fox Island, Wash./Gig Harbor OR
Michael Hartvigson 6-6 254, RFr., Bothell, Wash./Bothell
Evan Hudson 6-6 260, RFr., Bothell, Wash./Bothell OR
Marlion Barnett 6-2 224, So., Corona, Calif./Santiago

QB - Keith Price 6-1 195, So., Compton, Calif./St. John Bosco
Nick Montana 6-3 203, RFr., Thousand Oaks, Calif./Oaks Christian
Derrick Brown 6-3 236, Fr., Winchester, Calif./Vista Murrieta

FB - Jonathan Amosa 5-11 230, Jr., Seattle, Wash./Rainier Beach
Tim Tucker 6-1 240, So., Harbor City, Calif./Narbonne
Nick Holt 5-11 220, Fr., Seattle, Wash./Seattle Prep
Dezden Petty 5-11 214, Fr., Carson, Calif./Gardena

TB - Chris Polk 5-11 222, Jr., Redlands, Calif./East Valley
Jesse Callier 5-10 200, So., Downey, Calif./Warren
Johri Fogerson 6-1 205, Sr., Kent, Wash./O'Dea
Bishop Sankey 5-10 193, Fr., Spokane, Wash./Gonzaga Prep

WR - Devin Aguilar 6-0 195, Sr., Denver, Colo./Mullen OR
Kevin Smith 6-0 209, So., Compton, Calif./Centennial

WR -
James Johnson 6-1 198, Jr., Valley Center, Calif./Valley Center
DiAndre Campbell 6-1 195, RFr., Oakland, Calif./Oakland Tech


DE - Talia Crichton 6-3 255, Jr.,Lakewood, Calif./Lakewood
Andrew Hudson 6-3 231, RFr., Redlands, Cailf./Redlands East Valley

DT - Alameda Ta'amu 6-3 337, Sr., Kent, Wash./Rainier Beach
Danny Shelton 6-1 334, Fr., Auburn, Wash./Auburn
Lawrence Lagafuaina 6-0 329, RFr., Aiea, Hawai'i/Aiea, Hawai'i

DT -
Everrette Thompson 6-6 272, Sr., Renton, Wash./Kennedy
Sione Potoae 6-2 276, So., Fort Lewis, Wash./Lakes
Semisi Tokolahi 6-2 334, Jr., Hilo, Hawai'i/Hilo

DE - Hauoli Jamora 6-3 247, So., Laie, Hawai'i/Kahuku
Josh Shirley 6-3 229, RFr., Fontana, Calif./Kaiser

OLB - John Timu 6-1 220, Fr., Long Beach, Calif./Long Beach Jordan
Jamaal Kearse 6-2 224, RFr., Lakewood, Wash./Lakes
Cooper Pelluer 6-3 225, So., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

- Cort Dennison 6-1 234 Sr., Salt Lake City, Utah/Judge Memorial
Thomas Tutogi 6-1 244, So., Chula Vista, Calif./Southwestern JC
OLB - Princeton Fuimaono 6-1 215, So., Long Beach, Calif./Long Beach Jordan
Garret Gilliland 6-0 226, So., Anaheim, Calif./Orange Lutheran
Jordan Wallace 6-0 237, Jr. Sacramento Calif//Grant

FS - Nathan Fellner 6-1 201, Jr., Fresno, Calif./Clovis West
Justin Glenn 5-11 206, Jr., Mukilteo, Wash./Kamiak
Taz Stevenson 6-1 203, So., Mililani, Hawai'i/Mililani

SS - Sean Parker 5-10 202, So., Los Angeles, Calif./Narbonne
Will Shamburger 6-0 192, So., Compton, Calif./St. John Bosco
James Sample 6-2 191, Fr., Sacramento, Calif./Grant
Greg Walker 5-10 203, Jr., Bellflower, Calif./St. Bernard

CB - Quinton Richardson 6-0 203, Sr., Renton, Wash./O'Dea
Gregory Ducre 5-10 173, So., Los Angeles, Calif./Crenshaw

CB - Desmond Trufant 6-0 184, Jr., Tacoma, Wash./Wilson
Anthony Gobern 5-11 187, Jr., Fair Oaks, Calif./Del Campo
Marcus Peters 5-11 185, Fr., Oakland, Calif./McClymonds


Punter - Kiel Rasp 6-3 225, Sr., Seattle, Wash./Nathan Hale OR
Will Mahan 5-11 196, Sr., Bakersfield, Calif./Bakersfield College

PK - Erik Folk 5-11 185, Sr., Woodland Hills, Calif./Notre Dame

Long Snap - Brendan Lopez 6-0 231, Sr., Bellevue, Wash./Michigan

Holder - William Chandler 6-0 191, So., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

KOR - Kevin Smith 6-0 209, So., Compton, Calif./Centennial
Jesse Callier 5-10 200, So., Downey, Calif./Warren

PR - Devin Aguilar 6-0 195, Sr., Denver, Colo./Mullen OR
Kasen Williams 6-2 212, Fr., Sammamish, Wash./Skyline

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