FNL: Kennedy/Arch. Murphy (Thursday Edition)

At Highline Stadium on Thursday Night, two of the power programs in the state, Kennedy and Archbishop Murphy renewed their rivalry with the Wildcats getting a second-straight victory over the Lancers by a final score of 41-14. Here is a look at some of the top prospects on the field, who looked good and which prospects have a ways to go...

Kennedy had more size with players like Desmound Thompson and Cole Madison up front.

Both look great walking on the field, but Thompson looked a bit lost and didn't dominate like a player his size should.

He started on offense and played a lot on defense, but he rarely exploded into the man opposite him and he seemed to be more of a body out there instead of a player who projects to the next level.

Madison could be a beast, but it appeared the coaches at Kennedy have not figured out how to use him because there didn't seem to be a cohesive plan.

They lined Madison up as a tight end, H-Back, defensive end and outside linebacker, but he appeared to be reading and reacting, more than he was aggressive, so it will be interesting to see how he comes along this fall.

Both juniors have a ways to go to be considered Pac 12 type recruits, but they could easily be different players by the end of the season.

Jason Thompson was exactly what we thought he was -- a good athlete playing quarterback or better yet, a safety playing quarterback.

Archbishop Murphy harassed Thompson all night, hitting him almost every time he dropped back to pass and forcing him into an intentional grounding penalty in his own endzone that resulted in AM's first two points of the night and then he was under heavy pressure when he threw a ball up for grabs later that was intercepted and returned 50 yards to set up another score.

Orion Prescott, a senior running back for Kennedy who had 121 yards and four touchdowns on only seven carries in Kennedy's 47-6 last week over Decatur, was bottled up most of the night and really didn't contribute much.

On Archbishop Murphy's side, there weren't a lot of noteworthy players, but you can see the talent of LB Sam Shober, but I just didn't see him in on a lot of plays.

With the offense that Kennedy runs, it's tough to get a read on where the ball is going and the outside linebackers don't get many chances to make plays.

The game was over pretty early and it was sloppy. Hopefully both teams improve in the coming weeks and they make deep runs in the playoffs.

Only time will tell.

I will be at the Mercer Island/Newport game tomorrow night to see UW commit Jeff Lindquist face off against Isaac Dotson, a 2013 athlete who could play a number of positions at the next level.

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