Progress Q&A - Drew Schaefer spoke this week with Washington center Drew Schaefer during the Huskies' BYE week to find out about the progress of the offensive line. UW is one team that's been able to keep their starting five in place the first five games of 2011, and Schaefer talked about their chemistry, as well as blocking for Keith Price, Chris Polk, and his take on how the freshmen linemen are faring.

On what's improved from game one to game five - "I think they've gotten a lot better. Each week I learn from my mistakes, and I continue to work on the things I need to improve on. Coach Cozzetto has done a nice job of catching our flaws, and then spending the next week during practice improving that, and it shows up the following week."

On the starting five, and the chemistry - "It started off the field in the off-season. The good thing about us is that we're all friends too. We hang out on the weekends and after practice, and I think that brotherhood and comraderie between us just carries on from the football field."

On what clicked for them the second half of the Utah game - "There were some adjustments that we made schematically that definitely carried over into the second half that worked, and I think it was just the confidence between Chris (Polk) and us. Once we saw him break off some pretty decent runs that motivated us. He always runs his heart out and he makes us look good even though we're not always perfect. I think it just kind of clicked in the second half."

On if he saw this coming from Keith Price - "It's hard to always predict the first season, but we've watched that confidence in him and he's been awesome. His attitude is probably the thing people don't get to see the most of, but that's what we like the best. In and out of the huddle, he doesn't change. We know that, no matter the situation, we can always expect the same Keith. That's what we all like in him."

On his elusiveness putting more on the plate of the offensive linemen - "For the most part, we'll know where he'll be. If he's running out of the pocket, it's probably our fault anyways. We have the most confidence in him, and I think he'd definitely say the same thing about us."

On Polk asking the OL at Utah to hold their blocks for one more second, and if it's that easy to just do that - "It is, because we respect him and we want him to perform at the top level - same as us. The funny thing about football is that it feels like whenever you do miss a block, that's always the guy that makes the tackle. And if you just stay on him for one more second, he doesn't make that tackle and Chris can get out into the open field and make some plays."

On responding to the coaches' challenge at Utah - "I think we were a little slow in the first half, just kind of figuring things out. They showed us a couple of looks that we weren't exactly expecting, but during halftime we made the adjustments and came out strong and finished the game."

On going up against Utah DT Star Lotulelei, an NFL prospect - "He's very competitive, very strong player, smart. He played like an NFL player."

On already being an upperclassman and helping the younger guys out - "The clock's ticking. It goes pretty quick, but you just have to take advantage of these moments and help the freshmen along. You can remember back to when you were looking at the playbook and knowing how lost you were. Sometimes it's nice to hear it from us instead of the coaches."

On what he's seeing from the freshmen, like Dexter Charles and Siosifa Tufunga - "Competitiveness. That's the biggest thing. You can't really coach that. That's just in them. They'll learn the playbooks and the defense and how to read that as time goes. But what they bring physically and mentally is something you can't coach."

On Nick Montana in the huddle - "He's very calm. It's very impressive. He makes the calls and he gets everyone lined up. There's not very much fall-off between him and Keith in the huddle."

On his attitude compared to Keith's - "No drop-off at all. I think he still treats every week coming in Monday like it's an open competition. He got a lot of reps this week, and I think he did a lot of good things." Top Stories