FNL: Curtis/Auburn

Heading into their game against Curtis, Auburn had lost three in a row for the first time in over a decade and when it was over, they were on the short end of a 20-17 score to the Vikings. Dawgman.com's Scott Eklund was there and gives his thoughts on some of the top prospects for both teams including Auburn OL Cory English who has an offer from the Huskies...

First off, this was not an exciting game offensively as each team relied on the fly sweep and zone-read heavily in the game.

Curtis was able to throw the ball a little, to keep the Auburn defense honest, and got two of their three touchdowns off of passing plays and got a key first down to close out the game through the air as well.

The Trojans got close when RB Darnell Hagans, a 5'5", 150 pound scat-back, took it over the left side and raced untouched 60 yards for the score and then they got a two-point conversion to get within three, but Curtis was able to get one first down and run out the clock to get a 2017 win.

As far as recruits who I saw there, at least at this point, Cory English was the only one who looks like a big-time D-1 recruit.

English played center for the Trojans and was physically dominant the whole night against a pretty good sized Curtis defensive front four.

On one play deep in Curtis territory, English blocked the nose tackle for the Vikings, a 6'0", 250-pound player, from the line of scrimmage (the 12) into the endzone.

On another play, English got the second-level and pancaked a linebacker who was in his way.

The last play I highlighted on my notepad was where English got out in front of a sweep play and took on a cornerback in space and showed great footwork taking him out of the play allowing for a 20-yard gain by the back.

English projects well inside and he told me after the game that he loves to play center and make all the calls.

DE/TE Kevin Shelton, Danny Shelton's younger brother, had the big night statistically, posting 12 tackles, a sack and at least four pressures.

Shelton is rangy, possessing long arms and a good frame to add more size and muscle.

My one critique would be that I'd like to see him be more aggressive in attacking the line of scrimmage. Too many times, I saw him hesitate to make penetration and instead made the tackle down the field, when it appeared he could have stopped the runner behind the line of scrimmage.

He is a very good athlete and showed great pursuit, so he will be a player to watch in the 2013 class.

Another athlete I really liked was Demotra McNealy. At 6'2", 215 pounds, the junior defensive end/linebacker made a nice bookend to Shelton and he too had a big game, posting 8 tackles and really mucking up several running plays.

He too wasn't as aggressive as you'd like to see, so it might be more of a scheme thing than he or Shelton's personality.

McNealy is rangy and lean, so he has a lot of room to grow over the next year and could be a monster as a senior in 2012.

Curtis had quite a bit of size up front and were led by Zach Budnick (6'4", 270) and Chris Coffin (6'5", 285).

Both aren't the most athletic guys out there, but they get good push, play with good pad-level and both are physical at the point of attack.

Both are 2013 prospects as well, so it will be interesting to see how they develop over the next few months.

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