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Washington is 4-1 and coming off of a bye week. Waiting for them on Saturday will be the struggling Colorado Buffaloes, with just one win under their belts this season. Washington looks to make another step up the ladder to respectability while the Buffaloes look to stop the bleeding. Here is what the staff feels will happen on Saturday.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru (5-0):

I still remember the Willie Hurst game & his TD. Hand on the ground to dive into the end zone. Unfortunately Colorado is not having a very successful season. I feel pretty good that this Husky team is starting to click. Sark has them working hard with confidence. We are getting good at forcing turnovers (15th in the nation). Colorado is a physical team. They just seem to implode occasionally. An untimely turn over here, or penalty there. We should win this game.

Prediction: Washington 37, Colorado 23
Shane Pahukoa – Former UW safety Extraordinaire (4-1):

Coming off a bye week and at home….Dawgs win this all day long! Colorado's defense is giving up 133 yards on the ground per game. So I'm expecting Chris Polk to run crazy this Saturday in Husky Stadium. I'm predicting a 200+ game for Mr. Polk. No way will Colorado's defense contain Polk or Keith Price. Our defense had a decent game against Utah 2 weeks ago and I'm seeing improvement. I do think Colorado will try to attack the secondary and find those holes in the zone. My advice to all coverage guys would be to tighten up to receivers running through their zones and an occasional forearm to their chest would be nice. They'll think twice about coming through your zone next time.

Prediction: Washington 41, Colorado 17
Scott Panitz – Dawgman.com intern (4-1): The last time Washington was favored by more than two touchdowns at home against a conference opponent was in 2009 for the Apple Cup. The team emphatically won that game 30-0, as I'm sure you all remember. The spread for Saturday's game is 14.5 points and I'd be supremely disappointed if the Dawgs didn't cover. The Buffaloes' best player on offense, receiver Paul Richardson, is out with a knee injury, so this game looks to be a nice confidence builder for an improving defense. The offense will keep rolling and a healthy Keith Price will show us some fancy leg work to go along with the precision passing to which we've become accustomed. The Buffs haven't won outside of its Colorado in their past 21 tries and that streak certainly won't end on Saturday. Price racks up at least another three touchdowns (one of which will be on the ground!), Polk keeps the engine of his bulldozer churning, the defense has another solid game, and the Dawgs win a blowout.

Prediction: Washington 45, Colorado 13
Eric Dore – Dawgman.com Intern (4-1): The Huskies are 3-1 under Coach Sarkisian coming off of bye weeks the past two seasons and I expect them to continue their winning ways. It will be key for Washington to avoid complacency this week as a bye week last week and Stanford looming next week could potentially provide the team with a lack of focus. The Huskies are the favorite at home so starting quickly will be crucial in sending a message as to who is the better team. We all know what underdogs can do if they are allowed to hang around in a game into the second half – they gain confidence and the favorite tightens up. Fortunately for the Dawgs, the Buffalos have been outscored 40-6 in first quarters this year so look for Keith Price and the Husky offense to keep rolling early. A couple of things that Coach Sarkisian mentions over and over about good teams are turnover margin and third down efficiency. Fortunately for Washington, Colorado isn't good in either category with a turnover differential of 0 and a third down conversion rate of 34% (while yielding a 47% conversion rate to opponents). Without Paul Richardson in the lineup for Colorado look for the Husky defense to take another step forward this week.

Prediction: Washington 38, Colorado 20
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director (4-0):

This one is straight over tackle. Buffs abandon their running game early forcing the tempo and turn this one into a dizzying yard gobbling and points affair with the Huskies coming out on top easily. My hope is that in the yards and points bonanza Keith Price can once again fill the skies with TD's generating some national buzz heading into a showdown the The Luck-y Ladies of Stanford. Polk runs wild, Price tosses 4, Dawgs pull away and we see Montana for all the right reason.

Prediction: Washington 45, Colorado 23
Joe Kaiser – Dawgman.com stud (4-1): Colorado will get in the endzone on the opening drive, just to scare everybody in Husky Stadium. But from there, it will be an offensive explosion by Keith Price, Chris Polk and the Huskies' stellar receiving corps. Look for the Buffaloes to have no answers for the Huskies' offense, and for a big day on the ground by Polk. It will take a little while to knock off the rust from the bye week, but once the UW defense settles down (this will be Sean Parker's coming out party) it will help spring the offense to life. Huskies in a route ...

Prediction: Washington 54, Colorado 20
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru (4-1):

The only way this game is close is if Washington comes out flat after the bye week. By all accounts, Keith Price is nearly back to full strength and with the week off, the Huskies have had a chance to rest and heal up. Then throw in the fact that the Buffaloes are starting former walk-ons and wide receivers at corner and this game could get out of control early. This game should be a blowout, but I expect Colorado to make this closer than some expect, although it won't be that close in the end.

Prediction: Washington 42, Colorado 20
Dick Baird – former recruiting coordinator and LB coach (4-1):

My prediction is Washington wins by 3 scores, or 17+ points. As long as they stick to the task at hand and aren't looking ahead, they'll take care of business. I believe a score isn't even necessary to put in this week's prediction.

Prediction: Washington LOTS, Colorado 3 scores less than UW
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (4-1): Right now Colorado is losing by an average of 33-21, so that's my baseline score prediction. I'm adding a touchdown due to the fact that UW is back at home, riding high after a solid road win, and are healthy again after a bye week. Chris Polk should be able to run wild on a rush defense that allowed a combined 205 yards on 34 carries against the two opponents common to both CU and UW - Hawaii and Cal. UH's Bryant Moniz torched CU for 121 yards, and with a healthy Keith Price I'm sure the UW coaches took note of how a running QB could do damage against the Buffs' pro-style defensive attack. I'm subtracting a CU touchdown because of the loss of Paul Richardson, their key WR - leaving basically Rodney Stewart as their go-to guy on every down. Four of CU's top-10 longest plays this season belong to Richardson, so to lose 40 percent of your big-play capability will do the Buffs no favors. And speaking of Stewart, he's run 42 times for 125 yards against Hawaii and Cal. That's less than 3.0 yards per carry, and the Huskies will take that. Being able to focus on just one offensive skill player should pay dividends by putting the away team in lots of third-and-long situations.

Prediction: Washington 40, Colorado 14
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations (5-0):

I don't see the blow out that some are talking about. The bye week may help in getting healthy, but the momentum from the Utah game is in the rear view mirror and there's some rust that will need to be shaken off. Look for Ground Sark to take it to another level as they look to just pound the ball and establish physical dominance and ball control against Colorado. Once that happens the play action then over the middle and over the top will kick in. The Dawgs will pull away in the fourth quarter in a closer game than most anticipate.

Prediction: Washington 30, Colorado 17
David R. Samek – Dawgman (4-1): It's time to make a statement, and that statement on Saturday will be that the Washington Huskies are ready to steamroll an opponent from start to finish. The special teams will get it going with a big return and the offense will lock in early behind Chris Polk's 150 yard game and Keith Price surprising the Buffaloes with a couple of long runs on his own. Washington will be up by 20 by the end of the first quarter and will coast home to 5-1.

Prediction: Washington 47, Colorado 20

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